Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meet Me In St Louis!

Come on in and get a cup of Christmas Tradition coffee and lets visit. I will share with you where I have been. It has been a wonderful time and I am now ready to stay home and finish getting ready for Christmas. Over a week ago Deb and I left to go to Beths. It was during the time all the bad weather was moving in our direction and we were torn about what to do. The baby sitter needed to be off for Thanksgiving, so we had no choice but to go. So off we went! We had absolutely no trouble, it turned out to be a beautiful day when we left Nashville to go on to Illinois. What fun we had with Amelia. She is growing  and the happiest baby! Laughs out loud and coos, and is just a joy to keep. Deb and I cooked Thanksgiving dinner because they both had to work on Thanksgiving Day.  So we had two Thanksgivings. Our family one had been on the Saturday before.We got home last night and what a difference a day makes. We spent Tuesday and Tuesday night in St Louis, and today it is icy and 28*!
I want to share some pictures from our St Louis stay. Beth surprised us with a suite at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel. It was beautiful. The best part it was in walking distance of some quaint shops and restaurants. We had such a good time and Amelia was an angel Apparently she too, likes girl
Here is the hotel and it was decorated so pretty. I was just in awe. The country mouse went to the city.
A view from one of our windows. It was just beautiful.
We walked to lunch. We ate at a place called Culpeppers. I had a hamburger, that was delicious.
This is it. The building was beautiful. Afterwards we took a walk and just looked around.
I love these street lights. They are so pretty and even prettier at night.
This is a row of homes on the street. Aren't they just gorgeous? I think I could live
We went to the Candy store, Bessingers! Oh the chocolate was delicious. I found all the merchants and shop keepers to be so friendly.
Amelia loved the walking. she was so good, never once cried and we were out and about nearly all day.
We went to the Arches too and toured the museum, Deb and I chose not to go up in them this time.
This lady was finishing up the Gingerbread House in the lobby.
It was so festive you had to get into the Christmas spirit.
Some outside and inside
shots at the hotel
We ate Italian for dinner. One of the best meals I have had. Scallops and shrimp pasta. Ummmmmm. Afterward we went to The Cup and got cupcakes to take back for dessert. Hey after all that walking, we deserved this. Amelia went to bed and we sat around and talked and laughed like we hadn't seen one another in ages. Then we ate these. Can you guess which one was mine?
You are right if you guessed the peppermint! It was red velvet cake and peppermint icing. Oh my! Beth chose the pumpkin one and Deb the Gingerbread. They were delicious and I certainly could eat one now.
Yesterday morning we went to A French restaurant for Crepes for breakfast.

They were as good as they look. We were sitting here, eating these delicious crepes, drinking coffee, listening to Christmas music, and looking outside at this.
I told the girls I felt like I was in a snow village.
Well I hope you enjoyed the visit to St Louis with us. Next time I want to share some more trip pictures, plus some Christmas here. You know I am always glad when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Lets promise not to get so busy that we forget the real reason we celebrate Christmas, okay.
PSS: Please continue to pray for our friend Angela. She needs to get well and we know God can heal
PSSS: I hope your days before Christmas are filled with more love and joy and much less stress


  1. Great pics, Betty! So glad you had a safe trip and a good time with the girls! Welcome home! :)

  2. Oh my...if those cupcakes had been here, mine would most likely have been the "Gone" one! LOL Looks like such a great time...glad traveling was good and all are safe home and ready to settle in for the holidays! ♥

  3. Good Morning!
    What a wonderful post and trip.
    I feel like you took me along.
    So much fun, beautiful sites and such love.
    And the cupcakes!
    Beautiful family love.
    Merry CHRISTmas Friend!

  4. Morning Friend, Awesome post and photos! Have a great day!

  5. Thank you for taking me to St. Louis with you. I loved the trip even though it was only in blog land. So glad you had a lovely trip with your beautiful family.

  6. Oh Betty, It looks like you had such a wonderful time! So glad you had safe travels!!! I want one of those yummy cupcakes too!
    I am working on not stressing out... OLM is stressed and I am not enjoying... so I am working on this!!! hugs! OLM

  7. Wow that is a very lovely hotel and you are right those houses are beautiful. That little Amelia is a doll baby. Love the little striped socks.

    Thanks for sharing your pics.

  8. Sounds like such a fun time. I know Amelia will grow up enjoying her girl time with all of you. She is one lucky little girl. Love the hotel. How pretty. The town looks so neat. Would love to explore it too. Thanks for taking us along. Thanks for continuing to pray for Mama. She is going to get better soon. I know it.

  9. One of my all time favorite movies is, "Meet me in St Louis" with Janet Garland....LOVE! Yes, you are so right. I do believe you were in a snow globe village...It was just beautiful! I loved the houses....I think I could live there too... Well, It looks as if you had a great time as usual. I think you could be a great travel agent. You do such fun and wonderful trips....Blessings!

  10. Hi Betty, Looks like you had a wonderful time! Amelia is a cutie also. I wanted to stop in and wish you a Merry Christmas. Great photos and Thanks for sharing!


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