Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013, You Weren't So Bad After All

Hello and welcome Through My Back Door. I am so glad you chose to spend the last of 2013 with me. We have had a little discussion, 2013 and I, and I am happy to say it wasn't all bad. We spent a lot of  good times together too. I think it started in January when Sandi came over to visit and pick up her high boy. She was back in February along with Nicole to get another one.Also Angela and Holly along with their families dropped by to visit.

 Then in came March and a  trip to Williamsburg, a place I love to visit, with Dodd and Renda. What a good time we had and I as usual learned a lot. Dodd teaches history and always has interesting little tidbits to share.
We had a wonderful time and they brought me home in time to go to visit Beth and Ryan with Deb and Michael. They took us to this neat pizza place(they know lots of unique places to eat, and we love going to them)
Beth was pregnant with Amelia who wasn't due until August. We didn't have any idea she would come so early.I love this brick street. I have enjoyed visiting Springfield since they have lived there.
Deb and I had a trip planned to West Virginia, in May, to visit Sandi but didn't get to go because  Curtis took a quick turn for the worse. After 6&1/2 years of being ill, he was called home. It was so much harder than I ever anticipated, it would be, because he hadn't known us for a long time. Actually the last time he called me by name was in July of 2012, on his birthday, and it had been years before that. Then in September of 2012 it appeared he recognized Beth and Amanda as he told them to back up(back to back, as they had always done this growing up to see who was taller) and see who was "the biggest". Needless to say we all just cried.I firmly believe these moments were gifts from God. Our family celebrated his life by the children and grands, even Andrew,doing the eulogy. I was so proud of them.

Of course we had planned a trip to the beach in June, but Amelia disrupted Deb and Michael going. They took off to Il and stayed with Beth and Ryan for a couple of weeks.Dodd, Renda, and I went on without them. Amelia gave us all a scare, but again God blessed us and she is thriving and happy.
 Our first 4 Generation picture, in the NICU. We were all so happy and thankful to God
Here she is this week with her first gift from Santa! See, 2013, I can't be mad at you, you have not been all bad at all. I am so grateful for this little girl, and cannot wait to make cookies with her.
In July I got to meet my friend Linda Rebtoy from Ohio. She and I had met on a decorating forum and became friends. She and her daughter Carrie met Deb and I for lunch and a wonderful visit. We are looking forward to getting together again.
We made a few trips back and forth to Il when ever Michael's schedule allowed. I took a couple of girl trips and then in the fall we went back to the beach. This time Andrew, Mollie, Amanda and Clay got to go. What a wonderful time we had. There is just something about seeing the vast ocean through children's eyes. We had fun on the Pirate Ship and the high light of that trip was Amanda won the Mama's  hula hoop contest.lol
Now it does my heart good to see her looking so good and so happy.
After coming home from the beach I hit a bumpy road. My fur baby was sick and was diagnosed with renal failure. He lived 9 days and you all know that story, so we won't go into it again.
November brought yet another girl trip with my card group. It was perfect timing for me as my heart was broken. Then came the holidays, another trip to Il and to St Louis, and they were perfect.I had all my children and grands with the exception of Olivia here for Christmas, and you can't ask for more than that.
So 2013, I have looked on you with disdain,  but after seeing this in writing, you weren't so bad to me after all.In fact you were a good friend, I just didn't see through the grief. I apologize to you and think instead of the heartache from the losses, I will celebrate the good things that happened through out your reign. There was a lot more good than bad and oh my the good could have ended bad. So I thank you 2013 for not being all bad, for being so good in fact. I am happy we are parting on good terms, because this is forever. But go forth knowing I forgive you and in fact will remember you with warm feelings. And thank you my blogging friends for coming Through My Back Door where life is good. Even when I think it isn't.
PS: Stay safe tonight New Years Eve
PSS:I am looking forward to 2014, are you?
PSSS: Lets vow to pray harder for our blogging friends who are still going through some of the most difficult times


  1. How truly blessed we really are when we continually give the hurt and ugly to HIM!
    The blessings are amazing!!
    Beautiful love.
    With thankful woolie heart :)

  2. As good as 2013 was, Betty, I wish you an even better 2014! Happy New Year, my friend! ♥, Lynne

  3. Looking forward to 2014... I have a few things I want to change....improve... not going to be easy but I am determined... So many things happened in 2013 for both of us.. lots of change we could not control but I agree, I choose to see the positive and just how truly blessed we are....Always a pleasure to visit with you.. Have a great New Years and may the upcoming year be joyous and truly blessed once again! Blessings!

  4. Maybe in 2014 we can meet. Muddy Pond perhaps???

  5. You did have a busy 2913 and life brings us ups and downs.. The ups help get thru the downs! You have a beautiful new baby in the family and lots of memories! I have missed visiting w you but its a new year! Hopefully i will be more organized.. Enjoy Betty!!

  6. Betty, a Happy New Year to you ! Wonderful post my friend! There are always blessings if we choose to look for them.I thank you for the reminder.May 2014 bring great things for you and your family!Blessings,Jen

  7. Betty, love this post...........and I am so happy that Carrie and I were able to meet you and Deb to shop a little and have a great lunch with you. I sure am hoping to get together again. Maybe this year you will be able to get to Ohio for sure. Hugs!

  8. Love this post! Happy New Year, Betty! Hope to visit you again soon!

  9. I'm so glad that you and Deb and Michael got to come visit Daryl & I in 2013!

  10. My sweet blog friend you have gone through a lot in 2013... a lot of sorrow and a lot a blessings. I'm glad that you can see all of the good along with the sadness. You are a good example to me and all of your blog readers. I'm sending love and prayers your way and my very best wishes for 2014. Hugs, Lura


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