Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Just Warms My Heart

Good afternoon and come on in Through My Back Door. We are having White Christmas coffee, from Door County, coffee today. Also have a piece of nut bread or some fudge. Or both!lol  I am so happy to see you today as Christmas makes you want to visit with friends and family, doesn't it?
Where do you want to sit? Here is fine and you will be warm.
 Before we go any further let me clarify I KNOW the true meaning of Christmas as do you, but this post is about fun, decorating and enjoying time with good friends. Jesus is the reason we celebrate and I believe with all of my heart, that He wants us to be hospitable, enjoy friends, and love the season. I believe He likes to see us full of joy and Christmas fills me with it. It always has. Now I have to admit this has been a bit different. Our family hasn't had the privilege of Curtis being home in 7 Christmases, but he was "there". Know what I mean? We did his Christmas and saw, when he could have food he had dinner from home.(We couldn't bring him out) So, this year we don't have that privilege. It is different. It hurts but we are realists and know we have to make the best of it. God has blessed our family so much, I will NOT dwell on the sad. So on to why Christmas warms my heart. I love decorations. I love lights.(Remember when I did the post on the over use of love and awesome? Well we are ignoring it today.LOL) I love the sappy Hallmark Movies, I love the Christmas Carols sung over and over again, it just warms my heart. I love the cooking, the baking, the wrapping. Well I got a little carried away there, I do NOT like wrapping and I am not good at it.lol This year my trip to St Louis was just exactly what I needed to get me in the spirit.Remember I  said I felt I was in a Christmas Village.Saturday night I went to see my daughter in law Renda's, production of "Yes, Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus." Wow it put me in the Christmas mood!! Last night I was invited by my friend Susie Blaizer to go to the Tennessee Theatre to see White Christmas. Oh what joy. I love(there goes that word again) that awesome (lol) movie! It is better on the big screen than on my tv. I left there with my heart truly being warm in the Christmas spirit. People were saying to one another, "Merry Christmas", it was magical.Friday night I went to a Christmas party and came away with a whole new perspective on the 12 Days of Christmas. Okay, you want to hear my confession? I have always hated that song. I knew it had Christian meaning, just never knew what it was. Well when Nita Buell Black gave the explanation, I took it to heart. Wow! Now I like it. Sometimes we just  need to be enlightened. So, yes I have been busy and yes I enjoy it. There are several more parties and get togethers planned and I am looking forward to them all.
I sure miss this boy being in the middle of all the festivities. He can never be replaced.
I will share some random decorations around the house.
Yes, Michael carved the santa and yes Deb painted it. I am so blessed to have these. Also my portrait of Mother, sent to me by by my friend and fellow blogger, Marshal. She is a favorite.
Well I am so happy you have come Through My Back Door where life is good and I hope your heart is just a bit warmer after our visit. Why don't you make it a special heart warming season for someone?
PS: I have a special prayer request and bloggers I know we pray. My friend Dottie's son in having some serious eye problems. He is a young man and needs his vision. Will you help pray for a miracle?
PSS: Angela's procedure worked! See God hears us
PSSS: I am having company this week if the weather cooperates. I am so excited. Sandi(Daybreak Place) is coming for a visit. We are so hoping the weather permits it. Know what we have for breakfast when we visit one another? Do you give? Yep, BIRTHDAY CAKE!!!!lol and NO it isn't ever either of our birthdays!


  1. So glad I read this this morning. I also love the season, and like you, I am not the best gift wrapper...thank goodness for all the pretty bags out there. My big Family Christmas is this coming Saturday here with most of my family...6 of us siblings, spouses, children and grandkids. My Mom and her husband will drive in from NY as well. God Bless them both as they are in their 80's and still able to make the 6-7 hour trip "home" Lots of noise, fun and love heading our way! We will also have a few 'missing' at the festivities, but good memories do help with that. Much love to you and your family with the fun, happiness and love of the season! ♥, Lynne

  2. I love this post and as always it warms my heart when I visit with you. I know what you mean about it being different with out all of our loved ones but as you say ,we have to make the most of it. I do have much to be Thankful for this year, a few months ago I did not think I would have Jim with me this year and that thought was unbearable but he is here! Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Betty! I am in the same boat about loving everything about Christmas...I feel God is smiling when He sees His children so happy and enjoying His Son's birthday! I do wish I had friends to celebrate with but I am thankful for my family. Thanks for such a warming visit...oh and I had BOTH! LOL
    Be blessed,

  4. Hi Betty! Everything looks wonderful! Merry Christmas! Carmen

  5. Hey Betty! Your post sure put me in the Christmas Spirit! I see the sun and am hoping it holds on all week! :)
    Praying for Dottie's son. Keep us posted.

  6. Hi Betty, What a wonderful post! I will pray for your friends son. God Bless, Anna

  7. Afternoon Betty, your home is so warm and inviting, coffee smells wonderful, :)......I love all the decorating, Christmas is magical, Blessings Francine.

  8. Love your post today Betty. Thanks for sharing.


  9. Hi Betty, So good to read your lovely post. You make me think of things with a better outlook than I sometimes do. I appreciate you and all the things that you write.

    Blessings from Susannah

  10. Hi Betty! You're welcome to come visit us whenever you want to. We know you miss Dasko.


  11. Morning Prayer Buddy
    I knew I just needed to visit you.
    See the blues try to sneak in and I could swear we are family.
    I visit you and get encouraged. (just like family)
    God is good and blesses us so.
    And the coffee oh my.
    Lets keep our eyes on Him in the manager but keep enjoying all the Christmas window dressings too. (its fun)
    Woolie Christmas Blessings

  12. Betty,
    Always love coming through your back door! It's just want I needed! I am working really hard on less stress and more enjoying the season. Hard task for OLM... :) Love your Santa's!!! They are wonderful, and Dasko, oh Dasko! OLM

  13. Thanks for the Christmas cheer and for visiting my blog. Standing with you in faith for Dotties sons miracle. Mark11:24

  14. Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!
    Bring you Good wishes of happiness.

    Sorry for greeting you earlier,, just don't want miss saying this.
    By the way, I'm clotee. I am blogger too, and now try my best luck to open an e-store. Nice to know you.



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