Monday, December 16, 2013

Ahhh, The Joys of Christmas

Good Monday morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It is so good to have you drop by for coffee this morning. It is Kona. I don't know but DD has kind of lost its flavor for me. I found this Kona at Marshalls and I love it. Am I the only one who feels DD has gone down? Deb doesn't. Maybe it is just me. Anyway I know its Monday and I am not doing laundry. It will get done, just not today. My friend Sandi has come and gone. Time flies when you are having fun. Friday we stayed home all day in our pj's as it was rainy and dreary. That night we had to dress and go to Debs for dinner, as Lisa and Cindy were driving up from Athens and Sweetwater. After a delicious supper of soup and homemade bread we went to the livingroom for cake and coffee. What a wonderful evening we had. Debs house is beautifully decorated as you can imagine. Saturday we went to Clinton as she wanted a lantern like Carol got me. She found a few things, I didn't get anything. I have no When we came home there was a package on my porch. I wasn't expecting anything, so I couldn't wait to see what it was. It was from my friends Pam and Frank Hendrix. (They have a blog, just haven't updated it in a while) Oh my! You won't believe the goodies in it. I was soooooo excited as I tore into it.
This pinkeep is beautiful. Pam made it. They are not only the most talented people I know, but they have to be the most generous.
The pinkeep. I will share the other goodies in this little cupboard too. The oil lamps were a gift from Curtis. The marbles, are antique and  Curt and Seth played with them when they were little. Okay I will confess. My rottie Hillary ate a  hole in the carpet behind the couch. Curt and Seth loved it! It was perfect to play marbles and they were both upset when we replaced the The shoes we bought and the little red tennis shoes were Curts. I can still see him wearing those and I thought he was the cutest. The pewter candlesticks and the crocks were just things we bought.
A close up of the pin keep. See the bone buttons she is wearing?

This sign was in there too. Of course Frank made it. He said he made it for me when they had visited me and I used this expression. It is something I say often. Probably too often.
It says, "It is what it is". That became associated with me and I even have a casserole dish, given to me by Sharon that says it!
Little white house ornaments and another homemade Moravian star. I love their stars.
Then there was this gorgeous sheep. Yes they made it it. It is covered in real wool. I immediately placed it in the manger. I love it. So see why I was so excited? Wow! See why I say they are so generous?
I want to share my favorite picture of my  twig tree.
See my OLM snowman. Everyone recognizes her work.(her genius) Ignore my house
I will show you a few more Christmas from around the house.
I have to change the greenery every 5-6
Do you see the woolie angel from Trace?
Several months ago Sandi found me some pewter chargers and she brought them to me.
We played with them. The Christmas dishes looked good in them and so did the mustard ones. Even the paper plates looked good in I now have to find a place to store them, but don't you love them?
Well I have to get busy. Mollie  and Amanda are coming by. I have to wrap a few more gifts, and assemble my stack cake this morning. But I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good and the Joys of Christmas are evident.
PS: Thank you for the prayers for Angela. Her procedure worked.
PSS: There are other bloggers, however who need your prayers. Will you pray for them?
PSSS: How about joining me over on FB to share in the gifts I am giving myself everyday until Christmas> I would love to have you join in.


  1. Lovely! I sure enjoy visiting you!

  2. Everything looks so cozy. Sure hope we can come visit soon now that Mama is better! Thanks for your prayers.

  3. Great post! Love the pics. It was wonderful seeing you, Sandi and Deb again. Good news on Angela. Prayers continue for all in need.

  4. Always such wonderful displays. It's like stepping through the door of a old friends house. Warm Blessings! Amy

  5. Evening Betty, always enjoy your visits to my blog.......Your home looks so warm and inviting, so beautiful all your Christmas all the greenery, Merry Christmas, Francine.

  6. So enjoyed visiting with you Betty. Had to pass on the coffee, that's one thing that don't taste right with all the antibiotics I have taken.. And I really miss it. Everything looks so pretty , seems you are ready for Christmas. I have so much to do yet, but thank the Lord, I feel well enough to do a little shopping now. Thank you so much for asking for prayer for me on your blog. Prayer and the knowledge God has given doctors is what brought me through. I love those charger plates. I want some pewter and I told Holly we need a trip to the mountains. I have seen some new in one of the dish places up there. Take care and have a great evening.

  7. What wonderful to send such a generous package of goodies. What a great surprise to come home to... You do have such dear friends... Your home is beautifully decorated for Christmas.. Love your twig tree. Have a great day and so happy for Angela... Have a great week and Christmas blessings!

  8. Oh Betty your home is just soooooo beautiful. Such wonderful memories with some of your things.


  9. As always, Betty, your blog fills my heart with joy and peace. Have a wonderful Christmas season!

    Mary Ballester

  10. Betty, Always love coming through your back door!
    So love all your decorating!!!! AND! Oh my such a fun box you received!!! Alittle Christmas cheer early! Hmmm.. genius you say? I am not so sure..hehe... but I do believe Mr. Snowman is right at home!!! hugs! OLM

  11. I think we all love visiting you and your home ,because you and your home are filled with such great love!
    Woolie Christmas Blessings

  12. OMG, when my computer crashed a while back I lost all my favorite blogs, yours was one of them, so happy I found it again, by accident! Merry Christmas to you!

  13. Betty you are so good at decorating. I love all of it. It is so unique and from a humble heart. Prayers for a Blessed Christmas, Trisha

  14. Hi Betty, I saw where you stopped by to visit. Your blog is so warm and inviting. I can imagine myself sitting with you having a cup of coffee. LOVE the treasure you received!
    I find it so funny that you and I both use the "it is what it is" saying....ha! Have a very Merry

  15. Such pretty things. I just love your pictures. What a lovely home. I'm sending you best wishes for the Holidays. May they be filled with love and family. So glad that Angela is doing well. Merry Christmas dear.


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