Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door where the coffee is on and you can have a doughnut too. It is so good to see you and it is so pleasant this evening. I cannot believe how beautiful the weather is. Do you want to sit on the porch? Today was a lovely day for me, as I went to my friend Carol's for lunch, and spent the day. We had such a wonderful visit. Deb calls Carol my kindred spirit. We, as you know have been friends for many, many years. It was to her I ran when Curtis had to go into the NH and I was having a meltdown. (My children were out of town) It was Carol who moved her car several times one day when he thought trees were falling on it. Anyway this shows you the kind of friend she is, but I digress. We had a wonderful lunch of hotdogs and macaroni and cheese. Just what I wanted. I ate so much I couldn't eat the ice cream for dessert!!!!! During our day we talked about the over use of the words "awesome" and "love." I am so guilty of this. I just LOVE everything or everything is AWESOME, but I do think they are drastically over used.  Do you? When I was a young girl, visiting my grandparents in Ohio, my friend Ruth, whom you have read about before, informed me one day,"you can't love an inanimate thing!" I said I could.(My grandfather agreed(to my dismay) with Ruth. Well, I continued and still do to just "LOVE" everything. But you know I think she was right. And the word AWESOME, I have decided needs to just apply to God and things He has done. Amelia doing well is a God thing and is awesome. I love her so much. What do you think about these two words? When I see pictures of your homes and new items I am quick to say I Love That! Or that is AWESOME! I am going to try hard to use another word or words. (Try being the key word here). So in the future if I don't use those words frequently, please know I really, really, do like it so much. Our God is truly an awesome God and I am going to work hard  not to use the word, awesome, so often, except when it applies to Him or His works.
I thought you might like to see pictures of Carol's new buttery. Her husband Jim, did it.
This will be the ceiling light, that will be hung soon. Isn't this awesome wonderful?lol
These are some pictures of her laundry room.
Now I will take you into her dining room. You are going to enjoy the eye candy
In the fall this cupboard will be changed to red ware. Christmas it will be something else.
Now just a cupboard in the kitchen.
Isn't this so refreshing? Her home is so sunny and full of peace, joy, and love.
A small section of the livingroom.
I hope you enjoyed your visit today, Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I will be curious if you too begin to think about your use of "Awesome and Love".
PSS: Most of you don't know that I have been sick again. I will be fine, just the meds had some side affects. Anyway Monday the mailman dropped a package off at my door. I was expecting a cookbook, so I didn't hurry to get it. When I did I was SHOCKED! It was a gift from OLM. An RAK. RAK's are something I have started sending. But this truly cheered me up.
One of her handcrafted "jacks". I will turn him around and keep him out until Christmas goes up.(I hope he won't think he is in time out)
 She also sent this beautiful angel doll. I put her next to the crow angel, Amanda and Beth gave me for Christmas one year, while they were still in high school. She will watch over me in the kitchen.
This RAK really touched me, as well as brightened my day. I am so blessed to own two of Marie's
fabulous creations. Thank you my friend, so very much.
PSSS: Before I stop using these two words so commonly I just have to say, I think blogging is awesome and I just love it!!!!!!!!


  1. You are NOT an inanimate object and are definitely one of God's finer works...therefore I love you to pieces and think you are awesome, Miss Betty! Glad you had a nice visit with your friend and her home is beautiful!

  2. I think you are awesome and I love you.
    Couldn't help myself,lol. Your blog really makes me feel like I am welcome to come sit with you over coffee.
    I want to tell you about our angel grandson, Nicholas. He was born way too early and was so tiny barely a pound due to a blood clot on the placenta. He was a stinker. Born flailing his arms and squeaking as loudly as he could, when the doctor told my daughter that he would probably be almost gone as the placenta was disintegrating as they got him out.He lived 9 days, all of which he was pulling out wires and tubes, and grabbing the nurses and his mother's fingers. I feel God let him live his short life exuberantly doing everything he could to enjoy life.
    Your Amelia is blessed to live a wonderful long life here on earth and I pray every day for her.

    God is awesome in his mercy and majesty.

  3. Betty, I think blogging is AWESOME!!! I have made the most wonderful friends!!! So glad you had a wonderful oops I mean AWESOME time with your gal pal! We all need someone we can run to!
    I am so glad my lil RAK made your day! Thank you for your kind words, hugs my friend! OLM

  4. Well you are an awesome lady and loved by lots. Not just saying that lightly.

    Hope by now you got your copy of CS and have checked out the paint color on page 51.

  5. I think you are correct Betty. Awesome can be used in relation to God and miracles He performs but I also think it can be used in relation to some other things too.

    Love your crocks. I hope you feel better real soon.


  6. Hello Betty.....I am so happy that you are feeling better. The meds I take for diverticulitis are almost as bad as the sickness itself!! They make me even sicker. I hope we (you and I) never get diverticulitis again!!!!!! It is hard not to eat seeds... this time of year, especially.

    Your friend's home is beautiful. It was nice to be able to see it. Will you thank her for me? I love the buttery. That is one thing I wish that we had here.

    I hope the rest of the summer is happy and enjoyable.


  7. Glad you had a nice visit with your friend and her home is beautiful...
    you area dear friend and i love your posts so much.
    i love the little doll and birdie so much.
    big hugs x

  8. Morning Friend
    Yes I am guilty!!
    I over use those words alot.
    Especially love love love.
    I cant help it.
    Do I think I will ever change probably not but I so do think GOD is awesome.
    And wish I could.
    Your friends home is beautiful.
    Nothing better than a good friend.
    SO happy God has answered all our prayers and your Sweetie is home.
    Continued prayers for you Friend.
    Woolie Blessings

  9. Morning Betty!
    Well I for one can not stop saying those If I feel it I say it.
    But I do have to agree with you on God being awesome...he truly is.
    So happy Amelia is doing great - she's a blessing from that man above isn't AWESOME!
    Wonderful home tour of Carols home - thank you so much.
    Oh my that Marie is such a sweet heart isn't she - and her Pumpkins are my favorite of any designer...I have a sweet one coming sometime in a swap with her - I can not wait.
    Well again I enjoyed my stop here this morning but I must be on my way up the road to other dear friends....have a great day.

  10. You are just too cute for words! I too use the words Awesome and Love a's better than some other words I hear a lot lately! ;)
    I think you and Marie are 2 of the sweetest most generous people I have "met" in blogland! You both are there for everyone else regardless of what you may be going thru. I admire that!
    Have a wonderful day!

  11. I am guilty of overusing love and awesome too. Something I try to work on but it is a continual battle for me.

    I adore your RAK. How nice of your friend!

    Your other friend has a lovely home and it sounds like you had a great time together. She has such a pretty home.

    I do hope you continue to feel better!

  12. I think "awesome" says it all and I do use it a lot. I think it means "better than great or wonderful" and it seems to work at the right time. Love this post (as usual) and your writing is awesome could write a book.

    Love your friend's home and thanks for sharing...oh to start all many blogging friends home's are only to love.

    Feel better soon; I just took myself off some Cholesterol-lowering meds that are really BAD for your liver and body. YUK!

  13. What a grand blog post! I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)
    I'm glad you are getting back to yourself and so happy Amelia is doing well!
    Lisa (who uses exclamation points too much.) ;)

  14. You always have the nicest blog posts and I thoroughly enjoy coming through your back door. I overuse smiley faces and exclamation points!! :-) I'm so glad that you are feeling better and that Amelia is thriving. I know how much you truly love her. I am going to be more careful with "love" and use it only for things that truly matter. Now I'll probably overuse "I really, really, really like..." :-)

  15. I don't think I use the word awesome that much but I certainly say I love things...especially your friend's is so homey! Thank you for the visit friend!
    Be blessed,


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