Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Longest Yard Sale

Good Saturday morning and a good one it is here in East Tn. It is beautiful and has been all week. The weather has been so nice and not rainy here. Anyway, come in, have a cup of coffee and a cookie and we can sit on the porch if you like. I cleaned it, so it is nice out
Tuesday I went on the LYS with Deb and Michael. We go every year and I look forward to it. I don't need anything, but it is so much fun to see all the wonderful things you see. Michael's Aunt Sis was supposed to go along this year and we were all happy about that, but she didn't get to go. Disappointing to all of us. Well I have been sick again but was feeling better, so off I went. Let me tell you, I had a hard time keeping up and actually went to the car early a couple of times! (That is SO NOT me) I did find a few really good bargains. I couldn't believe the prices on what I bought.
I found this small redware pitcher. Don't know what I will use it for, but something. I have 3 more from very large(heavenly tea) down to this size now. The redware glass is an old one. I didn't have one, but I really like it. Maybe put some daisies in it?
These pewter tankards were a find. 3.00 a piece! You can't have too much pewter.
Another mug. I love serving hot mulled cider in these in the fall and winter. 2.00
Little red tote. I envision 2 bottle brush trees and a Santa in this at Christmas. I couldn't resist it as it is small and RED! For some reason I am drawn to totes and wood boxes. I have several and some are even stored since the house is on the market.
I didn't spend much money at all, but bought some things I will enjoy. If you have never gone on the LYS, make it something to do some time. It is so much fun. BTW Deb and Michael went back yesterday! Deb got some treasures too.
This week has been a good week. LYS, lunch with a good friend, dominoes, then Friday I kept Mollie and Andrew. You won't believe what fun that was. Andrew is a good reader and he read me several books. Mollie loves to be read to, so there was a whole lot of reading going on. Andrew cannot wait for school to start.
Today is my Grandson Curt's birthday. He almost was born on his CoCo's birthday, but missed it by a week. So Curt, I wish you the happiest of days. I am very proud of you and what you stand for and I love you.
Clowning with Andrew on the day of his wedding. He always takes time for others. I miss him.
I am glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Amelia is over 6lbs!
PSS:The house is dead on the market. It comes off in 2 months.
PSSS:This week is going to be such a fun week. Wednesday one of our friends from our high school group is coming into town. She lives in Pa, so it has been years since any of us have sen her. We are having a "mini" reunion at Lulu'sTea Room. What fun that is going to be. I will share, you can count on Alice and I have found some old pictures to take and share.


  1. Just so much to write about!! I just love the pieces that you bought.....and how reasonable. As for the picture of Curt and Andrew. He seems a lovely person. Sorry to hear you've been sick again. I do hope there's been no reoccurrence? Please take care. Joan

  2. I went on the LYS on Thursday....found a truck load of if I needed Praise God for Little Amelia...if she keeps growing she will be Big Amelia before long.. Bless her Mom and Dad and the whole family..I know it has been a long journey. They were chosen for it...God trusted them with this little blessing. I am so sorry about your home..I am praying for you Ms Betty. Praying you get your energy back soon and things fall into place just the way you need them too. You have been so faithful to pray for all of us. Have a great weekend. Blessings my Friend!

  3. Wow,What some neat goodies you found Betty. I so want to start a pewter collection but can't find any around here. I got 2 pieces the first time we came to visit with you at a Goodwill store. Love the old wooden tote. Yes, I would have Christmas in mind with that one too. I have already started with gifts. Guess who was #1 one the list? Yes, Darbee Rae's is on order and should arrive in October. I am so excited about it. Sorry you are not "fit as a fiddle" yet. Hoping you will be good as new soon. Take care.

  4. I love the longest yard sale. Stacy and I went once several years ago before Darbee was born and had a blast. I would love to do it again. Love your finds. Happy birthday to Curt! So glad to hear Amelia is doing well. I hope you are feeling better and are back to normal soon! Have a good weekend.

  5. wowwwww super sweet goodies you found :)
    i hope you feel better soon..
    big hugs x

  6. Hi Betty, so glad you got to go on the big yard sale trip again this year. You have found some treasures. Sure hope you are feeling better soon.
    Hugs and prayers, Trisha

  7. My friend Connie and I did the longest yard sale once and it was so much fun! Hope to do it again - maybe next year. Enjoy your Sunday, Dawn

  8. Oh what fun to go to that "garage sale." I can't imagine what treasures I would find! (I,too don't need is going on the market next winter.) I love the pewter you got and the redware pitcher. Happy that Amelia doing's God's work, you know!
    Isn't it frustrating to have to work so hard to "keep up" with the younger folks! I am in the same boat and really don't like it. You take care of yourself, love you! {{HUGS}}

  9. Wish we had cool events like LYS around here.

    Hooray for Amelia.

    Hope you have tons of fun on Wednesday.


    PS love your finds.

  10. Morning Betty!
    LYS sounds like so much fun and you did find some great prim items. The red tote will work perfect for prim trees and a santa!! We have the 127 sale coming up and I plan on going and can't sister will proabably go with me.
    Handsome guys you have there.

  11. Betty,

    You found some wonderful treasures there! OH MY! Handsome grandson's you have!! I am sure Curt had a most wonderful b-day! OLM


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