Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Through My Back Door, Goes Glam!

Good morning and come in and have a cup of coffee. I am so sorry, but I ate the cake! Next time maybe, okay? It is about time for Pumpkin Spice coffee, is it not? Anyway I am glad to see you and want to share a wonderful home with you. We are going on a field trip to Springfield, Il.Yes, we are going Glam!!! Let me first explain, that I have always loved antiques and "Early American" decorating, as it used to be called. Now I try to lean toward Colonial, which I love. However, last week when we visited Beth and Ryan, Beth introduced us to Lolo Moore's Interiors. She had hosted Beth's baby shower at her house and Beth had commented, she wished her Mom and Grandmom could have come up for the shower, as "they would love your house." Lois kindly invited Beth to bring us. Her husband is an author and had written this book for Grandpa's and grandson's, entitled,"50 Things That Make Me Sad". After reading it we decided Michael needed it for he and Andrew to read, so we went to her shop, Lo Lo Moore's, and purchased several. I purchased one for the church library, but instead gave it to Curt, in memory of his CoCo. (They were very close). The day we visited her shop she reissued her invitation to come see her home. Need I say we jumped at it!lol It is a church they converted into a home. I am telling you it is gorgeous! I have never seen so much color and I LOVED it. I could have settled in here and been quite happy. Who woulda thunk it?lol I hope you enjoy the visit as much as I did.
These are the outside pix I took. Isn't is wonderful?
She has several sitting areas through out but her livingroom is just beautiful. I liked the pinks she uses, and her reason for that is, people live in a non colorful work environment and need color in their life at home. Makes sense, doesn't it?
Yes, they have a fire pole in this room. Ryan  has the distinction of being the first one to go "UP" the
And a carousel. It is a crank one and Lois is giving Deb and Michael a
This has several seats behind it.
They left the podium in the Sanctuary.
And the Baptistry.
This is blurry but I wanted you to see the color. I love it. It is so warm and inviting.
dining room. I hope you have enjoyed the tour. Next visit I will show the bedrooms and a bathroom, as well as some other pictures. I know most everyone who reads my blog is prim,but thought(hoped) you would enjoy these. I certainly did.
Thank you Lois for allowing the tour and thank you all for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Don't you love my fall header? Slip over to the Blog Fairy on my sidebar and view what she has. She is so good at creating headers and back grounds. I like to tell her she makes me look
PSS: My granddaughter in law, Lindsey, (yes the one who thought I had decorated for Christmas in July)lol has started a blog. It is Jenkins Journey, and is on my side bar. Will you visit her and tell her I sent you? She is a delightful girl and just a joy to be around.
PSSS: I have my fall decorating done inside. YEAH!


  1. Thanks for sharing Betty. The home is beautiful. Neat how they left the pulpit and baptistry in there.


  2. The home is so beautiful....
    Thank you for sharing...big hugs
    Love you x

  3. Wow how fun and beautiful.
    I love many styles myself.
    Their home is truly a very happy home.
    So cool.
    Woolie Hugs

  4. That is a unique home and really has a beautiful designer's touch! There is an abandoned church near us and I always thought it would make a unique home...of course Al looked at me when I said that as if I had lost my mind! LOL! I enjoy many styles of decorating...not just prim....Jan

  5. If our homes were all exact, it would be a boring world indeed. Altho not my style nor yours, what a fun and happy place that looks to be. How fortunate you were to have gotten to visit. ...Thanks for the visit and the coffee.... (I didn't need cake anyway.LOL) Enjoy your day, my friend... Lynne

  6. Wow...lots of color..what a beautitul home...I have always teased my husband about how I would like to redo a barn or church into a home...what fun!!! Can't wait to see the rest of the tour. Have a great week..Hot here! At the end of August we are finally having Summer temps...Blessings!

  7. That IS a lot of color...I like the pink room but I don't think it would be for me to live in. I love the outside. I will have to look for that book for my dad and Isaiah.
    Be blessed,


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