Monday, August 12, 2013

A New Day, A New Week

Good Monday morning and is it good to see you! It always is, and so many of you take time to visit and have coffee with me. There is just something about the morning to me. Do you feel that way? I love my morning routine and always have. A new day, a new beginning. Coffee, devotion reading, prayer, it just gives me peace and fills me with gratitude, that I have this opportunity to correct my wrongs from yesterday, do something good today, and begin with a clean slate. So that being said, I will get you a cup of coffee, (a cinnamon roll too if you like. Not healthy, but so good)lol
Last week was a busy week for me. I had something every day and every night it seemed, but since I hadn't been doing much, I enjoyed it all. One of the things I did Saturday night, was go to a  Gospel Singing. I was raised on Gospel Music and still enjoy it so much. I hadn't been in a long time, but a friend invited me and I went, and will say what a blessing. There was even a family of bluegrass gospel singers.  Do any of you enjoy Gospel Music? I am a lover of all music and yes, can even enjoy an opera. My music of choice is Country.Old country.
Last night I went to Deb and Michael's for supper, along with Amanda, Clay and the kids. Well, Mollie and Andrew are into old Shirley Temple movies! Can you believe that? Clays Grandmother gave them a couple of old ones, and they are hooked. So, yes, that was part of our entertainment. Mollie loves to dance, and she always tries to do what "Temp" is doing. Such fun and I am so blessed to be a part of it.
These two are just so much fun.
Well it is the time of the year, at least for me, when you are tired of summer decor and not ready to put fall out. I will wait closer to Labor Day this year. I am so ready to do a few things, but am going to control When are you going to decorate for fall? I am not an over doer with fall, but nothing is better than mums, gourds, and fall colors, is there? I think I will share a few of last years pictures, then see how I can change it this year.

Guess it won't be too long until Labor day, huh? Can you believe we are in the middle of August? I get pleasure in seeing the school buses go by my house. I think of all the happy children anticipating the new school year. Sometimes I say a prayer for God to supply each child's need and to bless them, the bus drivers, and the teachers that day. Teachers can make or break a child with one statement. My niece, who is now a teacher, had a teacher hurt her feelings badly, and in her mid 30's still remembers the humiliation of her statement. I know that is not as common as all the teachers who nurture, mentor, and love the children, but we need to pray for teachers everywhere. I have so many in my family and circle of friends. It took a while after I retired not to feel sad because I wasn't going to be part of the "first" day anymore. BTW, I am over that now!!!!lol
I just have to tell you a funny. I love my granddaughter in law, Lindsey, so much. The girl is a ray of sunshine. She makes me smile thinking about her. Well, the blog I did on Christmas in July, made her think her grandmother in law, had lost her mind. Curt called Amanda and she was in the car. Christmas music blaring, because Mollie wanted to sing Christmas songs. Amanda apologized to Curt for it. Curt's answer was, "I guess doing Christmas early runs in the family. Mom(that's what they call me) already has her decorations up!" Amanda assured him I did not, that those were last years pictures! I got such a kick out of that! I can just hear Linz saying,"Curt your grandmother has lost her mind" I have gotten a lot of laughs over that one. Love you Linz! At least she reads my blog! I am trying to get her to start one. She has had so many new beginnings the first year of marriage. A new home, a new job, as an oncology nurse, and keeping her home going, because Curt is still in Pharmacy School. I think it would be interesting. Don't you?
I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good. Let's make this the best new day and new week we possibly can.
PS: I want to say Happy Belated anniversary to Deb and Michael, and Amanda and Clay. They share the same anniversary day, the 10th of August. Also a belated Happy Birthday to my friend Anna Ruth Thompson, who had a birthday on the 10th. We laugh and say we know where she spent 2 of her birthdays!(at the weddings)
PSS: Also I want to say happy new beginnings to my friends Carla and Daryl Herron. They are embarking on a new life in Mo. Redoing a house with beautiful view and a stocked fish pond. Join me in wishing them many happy years in their new life.
PSSS: Hopefully I will have more to share soon. I know my blogging hasn't been very exciting lately, and I apologize, but I still enjoy having you visit.


  1. Good morning Betty, yes mornings are the best part of the day, starting on my second cup of coffee now. Glad you have been busy.

  2. Happy Monday morning dear :)
    Here it's afternoon time..
    Sending you hugs

  3. AH! A new week... Everything is moving so fast... I have started picking and taking a few things down.. I think I started too early last year... I am trying to hold out but it's hard... I love all the fall colors, so I think a "few" more things might sneak out... LOL. Love your story on the Christmas in July!!! Such a hoot, always good to know family does pop in! OLM

  4. I so enjoy your blog ! You are such an upbeat lady. Love the Christmas story. I love fall decorating and 2 pumpkins have already snuck in. Lol

  5. Good morning Betty. I was up before the sun this morning and have gotten quite a bit done up in the craft room. Why the smarts this morning,,, well I am about to be out the door to meet friends at Holly's.. Darbee is showing off her playhouse today and we are all ordering lunch. Sounds like a fun day, and I will be glad for the break from sewing. Mollie and Andrew are too cute. Hope Andrew is having a good year at school thus far. Hope you are feeling much better and a good week is ahead for you.

  6. Morning Betty. Love your cheery post and your fall touches. I will soon decorate for fall too. Love to find bunches of bittersweet.


  7. Thank you, Betty! See you soon!

  8. I love coming through your back door where life is good! Reading your blog always gives me a lift. You definitely have a gift with words. Love you Betty!!

  9. Your blog is always so interesting to me! Makes me feel like I have to get going! Enjoy Betty!
    So this is good. Keep it up. Have a happy week, Betty.


  10. I always love to visit through the back door! I love coffee, but the company is even better. I love looking at your beautiful home, the fall decor is nice. I love a pot of mums by the door. So simple and festive.Have a great week. Blessings~Sara

  11. Love visiting you friend.
    Oh how precious are your sweeties.
    I love old movies so cute they do too.
    I will spending the night with my Aunt tonight.
    For old movie night. The movies are always great but her laughter is the best.
    Woolie Blessings to you

  12. I am so over the early school bus runs I just love reading about your family...such a close bunch.. that is truly a blessing these days. So many families are disconnected and disfunctional. Your home is always a pleasure to look at. I hope I can have things done around here so I can decorate for Fall. Love Fall decor! Have a great week and enjoy these wonderful cool temps we are having for the next few days...I will be in the attic in London while it is cool. I will be cleaning out all the "STUFF" I have put up there..I guess I can be thankful the house has has sold.. Blessings!

  13. You are wrong dear blogs HAVE BEEN INTERESTING! I love reading about your friends and sweet family.
    I also miss new year school beginnings since I retired.... But I don't miss all the stress that went with teaching high school. I'm ready for the rest. Teaching wore me out.

    I appreciate your sweet comments on my blog.

  14. My iPad froze up before I could say bye and send you hugs..... Have a great week.

  15. I think of you often and love popping on to read your blog! I love the comfort it always gives me, always upbeat. Sure wish you were part of my family!! I have started sorting through fall decor now, although most of it is actual Halloween. Been sewing some dolls, and that always makes me want to put everything out! LOL!!
    Take care of you and I will be back soon for another cuppa. Hugs, Dolly


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