Monday, August 26, 2013

Home Again

Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. You are welcome to a glass of sweet tea and a cookie. I have to have my sweets! It has been such a wonderful last week. Deb, Michael, and I went to see Amelia! There are no words to describe the joy of being able to hold her any time we wanted. Well, not just anytime because there were three of us fighting over and that didn't count her Mama and Then on Friday her Uncle Curt and Aunt Lindsey drove up from Nashville. So, more competition. LOL!(Actually, we were all good to share) She is just the sweetest little baby and growing so fast. She smiles whenever you talk to her, and sometimes when she is asleep, she will just be smiling. We had a nice trip up and back, The visit while we were there was just perfect. Lots of good food, card games, and just enjoying one another and being so thankful this little miracle baby was home. Her Granddad was the first to keep her other than her Mama or Daddy. This is the way we left him and this is the way we found him, when we came home. He said, "he was angel sitting."

Now is this contentment or not?
We took a lot of pictures

This was taken at a friend of Beth's beautiful home. It was an old church and they transformed it into the most gorgeous home, ever. I cannot wait to share it on my next blog post. I can't even describe it.
We also went to see our friends the Herrons. They live over an hour from Beth, but she let us Carla, Deb, and I met on a forum. They drove to Beths one time to meet us. We met again when the TPP Forum had a Gathering in Lexington a few years ago. Since then they have visited us and we all met last summer over at Sandi Stephens. This is a case of the internet being the foundation for a close friend ship. She has the cutest prim house, ever. We had seen pictures of course, but pictures just don't do prim homes justice.

Here are just a few pictures of her house. We had the best visit, along with a delicious lunch. BTW, when her husband Daryl and Michael met a few years ago, they bonded too. They have similar interests and both just the nicest men ever! I want to show you a few more pictures I took at Carla's.

Those boots were her daddy's. Are they not just the sweetest?

The guys on their screened porch. It was wonderful to sit out there. When Carla posted a picture of it once on the forum, I said I would love to sit out there and visit. Never in my wildest dreams expected to ever do it.

Don't pay any attention to my picture, just look at the dry sink behind us. I am so grateful we got to have the chance to visit. You see they are moving to Mo. and starting a new adventure. This  house will be such a wonderful place for someone.
On the way home Michael had to stop in a little town and pick up a beautiful apple ladder he had bought, when we went up last month. We were in Debs car and couldn't take it back. This time he drove his Flex and forgot his luggage carrier to go on top. This is how we looked driving for 8 hours!

BTW I am sitting to the right of this ladder. We had made a few redneck jokes about how we looked.

This is looking to the back!  What a lot of laughs we had. Actually it didn't bother me at all. I had plenty of room.
Well, this week is fall decorating time. I am so excited to see my fall stuff. lol Cannot wait to get it done. The house comes off the market next month, so I am going to do what I want and not be worried about it.
On Sunday before we left for Beth's, Douglas brought Gabe over. We don't get to see him often, as they live out of town, but this little red headed boy just acts like he is with us all the time. He is just precious, I am so blessed to have these little people in my life.

He is playing with the old hot wheel cars his Daddy played with here when he was little.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I CANNOT wait to show you the house in my next post! I will let you see a peek now.


Yes, an old Carousel inside! Are you excited yet? I asked her if I could take pictures and she said of course!
PSS: We celebrated Amelia's "due date" while we were there!

She was sleeping through it, but we enjoyed her cake! What fun and what a blessing.We give God the glory for her.
PSSS: I cannot wait to see everyone's fall pictures! When are you decorating?


  1. what a blessing!! A new baby in the world...what a sweetie.
    Drooling over the house.
    I'll take a cookie please ;0)

  2. Sounds like you had a real fun time, and so glad you got to celebrate the baby's due date with her. I love the collection of sheep in the cabiniet being a sheep collectore myself. Take care and have fun decorating for fall .....

  3. Oh Ms Betty you have such wonderful family and friends.....which always takes you on such great adventures....I am so glad Amelia is doing so well. I know she has been bathed in much prayer! I am excited Fall is here....I hope I can get some decorating done...Still so much work to do here. Please pray for our house in London... The young couple who are buying are having such a difficult time getting the loan.. It is supposed to be going through...just very slow. I am glad you are back to doing what you want with your house...enjoy it! Blessings!

  4. Love seeing all the photos of your trip and your special time with Amelia!
    So glad you had a chance to visit with Carla too!
    Can't wait to see more of that beautiful home.

  5. Wow a house from a church. I bet its beautiful. The carousel looks so pretty. Glad you had a great time.


    Ps I have a couple of pumpkins out already, does that count.

  6. So happy for you. Looks like a wonderful visit. I wll be looking for more of that amazaing house. You are such a tease. Blessings~Sara

  7. Aww such a sweet house..looking so cute.
    Lovely pictures from your trip.
    Hugs x

  8. Praise God for his blessings!
    I bet Grandpa didn't want to share his new joy!
    Thank you for sharing all your families love with us.
    SO many wonderful treasured memories made.
    Love the new redneck ladder one.
    Happy Fall Decorating..
    Me too
    Woolie Hugs & Love

  9. Angel sitting must be the best job for any Grandfather.They look so "together" in that photo. Your trip looked wonderful and I'm glad you got to see Carla's and Daryl's home before they move.

  10. What a wonderful visit! I love "Angel sitting" !

  11. Hi Betty! It's wonderful to hear how well your little "angel" is doing... and that you got to visit with her. She is precious.
    And how nice that you could also see Carla and Daryl while there... sounds like a great vacation....
    Love the pics of you traveling with the ladder, and of that cute little red-headed fella!! How cute!


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