Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What Lights Up My Life

Good morning to all of you and I am so happy to have coffee with you this morning. Life is getting back to normal as much as it can. There is a sadness,but that will last a while, but there is peace in knowing that we will have "joy in the morning."
Today I see my day lillies all getting ready to open. This one was early and the rain was hard on it yesterday, but it is still beautiful.
Day lillies just light up my life. I am not a gardener, and they don't require much care, and I love them.
This old dog lights up my life. He moves when I do. If it is only from chair to chair. Yes, he is an expense and a lot of work, but that is so small in all the joy he brings.
This is Clays sister's children with Mollie and Andrew. I love these kids.(They too call me Mamaw Betty) They certainly light up my life.
Quite the fisherman! This fellow is such a blessing to so many. Love him.
My little beach bums.She doesn't have a boo-boo. (She just accessorizes with Dora bandaides.) lol
Look out ocean, here I come!!!! Love this one.
See, I told you I had some neat pictures to share.lol
Had lunch with these friends yesterday. We have such a good time when we get together. I strongly suggest if there are old friends in your life, (even if you haven't seen them in years) that you miss, call them. Reconnect. It will certainly Light Up Your Life.
I am playing with my mantle again. Trying to summerize it.lol. Sandi told me to leave it alone, but I can't!!!
Thought this would be a change. I am horrible with mantels. Always thought I could really decorate one until I got one!lol Isn't that the way it is?
I told you I bought running shoes and a pearl and leather necklace at the beach. I will spare you the picture of the shoes, but here is the necklace.
I really have enjoyed it. I have it on in the pictures as you can wear it with anything.
Dodd is going to be checking to see if my soles on my shoes are dirty.lol He and Renda are so in to me walking.lol
This was sent to my by Linda Parker, a long time ago. I have looked at it often lately. Linda has a blog Parkers Paradise.
I am trying so hard to do this. Redware lights up my life! Love it.
I know it isn't things that light up our lives. However having things that you love around you makes you happy. I treasure your friendships, and I am thankful for you, because you DO light up my life, Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Amelia has had some bumps, but is doing well. Prayers are being said  because they are felt. They are working. God is SO GOOD.
 All we can say is Thank You.
Just got this in and had to share.My sweet family, Ryan, Beth, and Amelia.
 Amelia had a good enough day for pictures.
PSS: Please continue to pray for Tamra. She is doing great. While you are praying please remember her grandparents, who are suffering right along with her. They are precious people, and I love them.
PSSS: I am so excited. I am having my cousin from Michigan come Monday and spend the night. Catch up on memories is around the corner. Can't wait Carol Sue.


  1. Your family is in my prayers, Betty... and this was such a comforting post... memories are always good, and making new memories is good, too!

  2. Enjoyed your post. Miss Amelia is in my prayers as well as her family. She is a little doll. Precious. Enjoy your time with your company.

  3. Prayers are constant and the Lord is good.
    I know what you mean about your good Furkid no matter what they cost they repay it in love.

  4. Hi Betty..loved seeing all of your great family pics. I keep you and yours in my prayers dear friend of mine!
    Have fun with your cousin.

  5. Betty, your mantle is always beautiful and eye catching. I had a mantle once and honestly, I had a terrible time with it. It never ended up looking like I thought it should.

    I am praying for your beautiful new baby and your family. God will take care of them.


  6. Loved this post friend.
    How wonderful that JOY comes in the morning.
    I am grateful.
    Beautiful family.
    Prayer truly works.
    Blessings :)

  7. You light up my life dear Betty. No wonder you have so many friends. Your little ones are precious. I'm so happy

  8. (Sorry...my iPad froze up). I'm happy for Beth, Ryan and wee Amelia. Prayers for them and Tamra continue, hugs

  9. Hi Betty, Been missing being on your blog, you always bring a smile to my face. My daylilies are also starting to bloom, one of my favorite. Well grandkids just speak for themselves, they are always bring us smiles, and laughs. Oliver is getting to that cute stage now, always into something. So glad the baby is doing good, reminds me of days spent back and forth to the hospital visiting Oliver. Sending prayers for all your loved ones. Have a great week Betty, Hugs Vicky

  10. How wonderful to hear from you.
    Sending prayers and hugs.

  11. Your flowers are so pretty! Love all of the pictures of the beautiful children. Isn't that Linda so special thinking of others. Love your redware plate! What a wonderful time with your friends and so glad little Ameila is going well. hugs, Lecia

  12. Aren't we lucky to have so many blessings to light up our lives? Sorry I haven't left many comments lately, but we have been SOOO busy moving our shop to the old mill in town. I'm closed this week, but LOTS left to do. We'll catch up after the move, Dawn

  13. I always love your posts. Prayers for the sweet baby and family.


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