Thursday, June 27, 2013

Changes Through My Back Door, Today Only

Come on in and find a place to lie down. There is no coffee, but I can offer you some tasty salmon and sweet potato food. If you are lucky, a little bit of mixed vegetables will be thrown in. I guess you know by now, this is Dasko. Here is my favorite spot to lie.
Just in the middle of everything.

 Sometimes, if  the person I own is on the computer I will lie here.
Or here.
I have to keep my eye on her. Anyway she hasn't had much to say lately so I thought I would take over today.
After we lie around and have our treat, I will take you on a walking tour of my kingdom. Oh yes, I am the king of this castle, and don't you forget it.Everyone who comes Through this Back Door, comes to see me, even if they don't know it. It would be ridiculous to think otherwise.
Are you ready for a walk?
Well, I am waiting. Yes or no.
Glad you said yes, because I am anxious to get outdoors.
We'll start here and just wander down around the creek. I cannot believe no one wants to buy this, but I guess I am happy they haven't. I love to run the boundaries I am allowed to.
Sometimes I just like to sit quietly and take it all in. Do you humans ever do that? Sit quietly. The one I own, seldom does. I think she would be much happier if she would just take time to do this. Don't you? Do you?
Well here we are back, to the front door. Can you believe she shut the gate? Oh, just maybe the wind blew it closed.
Well, I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.(Isn't that what she says everytime?)
PS:She has been a poor blogger lately and lost some followers. Glad it isn't my fault.
PSS: I need to tell you, the baby girl is gaining weight. She (my human) seems so excited about that.
PSSS:I think this weight gaining thing is a double standard.(I think that is what it is called) because when I gain, she cuts my food back.


  1. Good Morning Dasko..thank you for taking over for your person today, and you enjoy your Salmon and Potato- I brought my own Dunkin coffee this morning! Please let her know that it is good for her to take a blog break once in awhile, and that I would NEVER stop following her just because she isn't here every day. Sad for the ones that left- it's their loss! I know your person is in the process of trying to sell your home, but I am sure that if she does she will certainly make another place 'home' for both of you as well...however, that creek surely looks like a wonderful place to hand around...hmmm! You have a wonderful day...give my best to your person and if they allow it, give the baby a big kiss for me! Take care...of you AND your person and let her know we are here when she wants to blog!

  2. Good morning Dasko. So good to hear from you. Remember me?? I think we hit it off pretty good when I came to visit. Remember I brought the little red headed human with me that was terrified of you? I really enjoyed my walk with you this morning. Love the creek. You take care of the human in your house. She is a special lady. She has spoiled us with that beautiful smile, encouraging words and words of widsom. Let her know we miss her and are waiting for her return. But until then, you are doing a great job. So proud to hear the baby is growing. Yes, I would love to be small enough for someone to tell me, that I needed to gain weight. Just won't ever happen, will never hear those words directed to me either.You go get a treat. After all entertaining all of us ladies has to wear a gentleman out. Have a blessed day and stay cool

  3. One less follower here too Dasko, but that's ok, just so long as we don't lose our close friends. I too cannot understand why no one wants to buy her house, I would love to live there except it's on the other side of the country from me. Take care, glad you posted for her today, sometimes us humans just get too busy or tired to post.

  4. It was nice to visit with you today Dasko. I love the places you roam. One less follower....their loss, don't you worry about it. Take care of your human, she is a lovely lady and take care of that sweet little baby too.

    You be a good boy now.

  5. Hugs to you and your owner Dasko!

  6. Good morning, Dasko. My, have been such a good boy to blog for your person this morning and I see that you have really been paying attention to how the process works! You have done such a good job with the tour this morning. I, too, love to walk along bubbly creeks and green woods...I love to listen to the sounds of the hear things that probably you hear all the time Dasko, but persons rarely hear because of the roar of the busyness in our lives. Thanks for reminding us all to slow down and visit your world today. You must live a really good life there with your person. We are ALL so lucky to have her in our lives! Have a good day, Dasko and enjoy the treat that is the person who loves you the most. Donna

  7. Hello Dasko,
    So glad to see you on the blog! What a special treat for us humans. I am glad to have met you in person. Remember my visit not too long ago? I was glad to finally meet you! I enjoyed your tour. You have such a sweet human owner. You are one lucky pup!

  8. Great job, Dasko! You should blog more often!

  9. Love your post Betty, from the dog's point of view. So precious. Dasko is one lucky dog. And you are Blessed to have him.
    Have a great day, Trisha

  10. Aww sweet..
    Big hugs for you all x

  11. Thanks would find the fattest picture ever taken of me and post it for the world to see! I have never been one of your favs have I?

  12. Afternoon Dasko,
    I bring you treats and belly scratches.
    Loved following you around today.
    Great news about the baby.
    Woolie Blessings

  13. So nice to take a tour with Dasko today. I'm with you can't believe no one wants to live in that very special home of yours, it truely is Amy

  14. Dear Dasko, my name is Dickens and I'm not very old yet, only 8 months. I would love to come have some treats with you and your property looks perfect for a good run. I need some dog friends and you look like somebody I could look up to! One of these days maybe my human will get a chance to finally get back to Tennessee. Have a good nap! Dickens

  15. Dasko is such a sweet guy! He just looks like he was born to hug. Always love visiting through you back door, Betty! You and your home always brighten my day. Oh, it would be wonderful if we could be neighbors, that would be grand!

  16. Dasko, Knuckles here... I am with you, I am king in my Kingdom, I tried to take down a cat today, human left the gate open, and I feel I own the neighbors yard, and I want to eat their she got away, AGAIN! Now my gate is closed too... So glad to hear Amelia is gaining weight! Stay cool, hard for us black dogs to do in summer heat. Kncukles...for OLM

  17. I've missed you and Miss Betty, Dasko. Great blog post, I always wondered what you were thinking!
    Hope to see you both soon!

  18. Oh Dasko you certainly can tell you are the king, you are so majestic looking. Thanks for the tour it is a beautiful place! Give a nice slobbery kiss to your human for me, she is one special lady!
    Be blessed,

  19. Dasko--I thought about letting Callie Mae write the blog but I am afraid she will tell to many family secrets?

  20. Good morning Dasko...I'm glad your human took a much needed break...she deserves it.
    Thanks for the great tour of your home and running around grounds - what a great place to run free.


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