Sunday, January 8, 2012

How Do You Start Your Day?

I am so glad you stopped by this evening.come on in and have a cup of plain old DD. Yes, you know its decaf, this time of the day. You never have to ask if it is after Get yourself a cup and have a cookie and lets sit by the fireplace and visit. I am so glad to have you Through My Back Door. I was wondering how everyone starts your day. You see, mornings are one of my two favorite times of the day. The other being evenings. Mornings because everything is fresh and new. (Now I know if you go to bed and leave a sink full of dirty dishes, they will be there in the morning. Learned a long time ago, there is no housecleaning fairy) But you know what I mean, it is almost magical, the new day. I am no pollyanna, there have been days I didn't want to get up and face what I knew lay ahead, but I am talking about in general. Anyway, I get up, do the first things first, let Dasko out and Boo in.(Boo won't sleep in at night) Feed them, make my coffee, then do this. My devotions. I sit here.
This is my reading nook. I no longer have the pie safe as I sold it. This is what is here now.

I do my Bible reading and also this book. If you don't have it, I recommend it. It is a wonderful book to go along with your Bible readings. So that is how the day gets started Through My Back Door. After that I have my prayer and I am ready to go. Those of you in blogland know our prayer lists are getting longer and longer. I love mornings!(Did I tell you that)lol
I guess you spied my red ware mug in the picture.Red ware is the one thing I am continuing to buy. Just love it and think every prim home needs some. You got the NEEDS didn't you? I was lucky enough to get two new pieces for Christmas, by Rick Hamelin, The Pied Potter. He is my favorite and most of my pieces are by him.
This plate was a gift from my friend Carol. It is the feather pattern.
The bean pot was from Sharon and it is the squiggle. I love that pattern too. Most of mine is plain and I love it too.Here  are a few more pieces of what I have. When the Speckled Hen reopens, she has some wonderful tumblers by him to sell. I keep saying, "Thou Shalt Not Covet!" Nor buy!
I have several plates and some Christmas ones I'll share later.I guess you see I have several red ware pitchers. I personally think sweet tea tastes better in them.
My next favorite part of the day is evenings. I love it when it starts to get dark outside, the lights come on inside, and you pull your shades and it is all warm and cozy inside. The coffee is smelling good and all is well with the world. You are ready to settle in watch TV, read a book or what ever. I think evening is a favorite because that is when everyone used to be home, dinner was over and we were all together.
This is how I like it to look at night, even though this is an old picture and that table is now in front of the
This is how it looks now. It is night, see the ugly shades pulled!lol
Well, now you know my favorite times of the day. I just realized it is the beginning and the ending.
It is almost time for a heart post! You all know I am a heart person. I have a new one I want to show you. My friend Sandi,Daybreak Place,husband Phil made this one.
Isn't it just prim perfect? I had it on my tree, but wanted it to go on the big German Cupboard key.
I got this little jug a few weeks ago.
Can't wait to share "my heart" with you. Well thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Amanda has her next to the last bad chemo on Wed. Will you continue praying,please? She will have one more of the bad, and then 4 of the not so severe.


  1. Hi there Betty, just love our visits, wish it was for real though! You make everyone feel so at home. I have been praying for Amanda and will continue to do so. She is so strong and beautiful. Take care!

  2. Hi Betty -- it was like I was really with you while reading this post, as I am sitting here with a cup of plain old decaf DD coffee! I enjoy catching up on blogs and my mail each evening after dinner, along with my usual IM chat with my sister.

    Such a nice post.... what a lovely way to start your day. And your home looks so warm and cozy in the evenings. Mornings and evenings are definitely special times.... I, too, love them both...

    I'll continue to pray for Amanda and your family during this very difficult time. I hope she is feeling as well as possible after these bad chemo treatments.

  3. I think I may actually have licked my blog commenting problem! Love your blog and you too, Betty! Prayers continue for Amanda.

    Lisa Morris

  4. Another great post, Betty! I'm not a morning person, but I do enjoy them on weekends. I prefer the evenings. I love the way the house feels when the lamps are on. So cozy. I don't own a single piece of Redware! I didn't know I "needed" it. Oh, no! Something else to add to my shopping list now. :-) I will continue to pray for Amanda, but you know that. Enjoy your week, my friend!

  5. Lol..I am not a morning person..I never have been. That is why I am so extremely happy to be back on night shift. For over 13 years I never had to set an alarm clock...and now...I don't again! I LOVE that!! Sooo..whenever it is that my day does start...whether it's 7 am or 5 pm...I start with a stretch..then a big cup of coffee...and then a little time with my computer..checking email, facebook, and blogs. BUT..I really like your idea of prayer and devotion. I am going to find a little devotion book...and start with that! Katie

  6. Evening Betty, Thanks for the visit and the decaf. coffee wasn't bad at all. The mister and I drink it full strength up until bedtime. So far it doesn't keep either of us awake. I am a morning person also. So many mornings if I wake before the alarm, I will slip away into the great room and just sit. Something so peaceful before the day breaks. The hum of the wood stove going and the golden glow of the little lamps. I have several that burn 24/7. So there is always a little light in each room. As soon as hubby is out the door, I make my coffee and begin my day. I always reflect on the day before me and spend time with my maker, but now I will be reading the wonderful devotion you gifted me with. Am already enjoying it this weekend , and it will become a regular morning devotion. Then I check blogger and sometime reply but most likely I don that later in the morning when I take a break. Evenings are spent on sofa watching t.v. or stitiching as Mr. P watches t.v. A great feeling knowing I have seen another day come to a close. Love your redware. Can't wait to visit the Hen and get another piece myself. I am so enjoying my mug.
    Amanda is always in my prayers. Hoping you have a great week.

  7. Betty,

    I love your redware. I have one 18th century plate and a few repros. I love the mornings, too. Feeding my chickens when the sun is peeping over the trees is a favorite time.

    I also love the dusk, just when the sun is turning the landscape a soft pink hue. I've often thought it would be the perfect time to meet Jesus. (A little later on, of course!)

    We continue to pray for you and for Amanda.

    With love,

  8. Hi Betty, I had tea earlier and it wasn't decaf - that's why I'm up past midnight.

    I love mornings - I start my day with Bible reading and prayer too. I love the quiet time with my Lord before the day gets busy.

    You have a great collection of redware. I don;t have any - may have to do something about that.

    We continue to pray for Amanda and your family.


  9. HI Betty, I am agree with you , love the mornings and I need a coffee to start my day. Your redware collection is beautiful. I have two pieces of Rick The Pied Potter and they are my favorites too. I hope Amanda goes well during the chemo.

  10. Betty ... My favorite time of day is early morning. I like to get up before 5:00 but I don't set a store bought alarm ... I just use my internal one. Sometimes I awaken at 3:00 or 4:00 & that is really a treat : ) I love the peace of the early morning. Also, like you said, it's the beginning of a new day ... who knows what it holds in store : ) I love your redware ... need to get me some of that : ) I especially love that little redware candle holder ... is that from The Speckled Hen? Will continue to pray for Amanda. Blessings, Shirlee

  11. Hi, Betty~ I am a early morning riser~ but I love the evenings~ Love Love sunset~ the feel of it is amazing to me,it is almost like the weather changes a bit~ if windy calms down or if not windy, we get a breeze~ the smell of the mist setting in~ oh, yes evenings~ but not late~ as to I go to bed early to rise up the next day~
    Beautiful red ware~
    Prayers for Amanda~

  12. My day starts with the kids. Tis that season of life. I do enjoy late mornings though when the house is nearly quiet and the sun is pouring through all the front windows. Your Redware is beautiful. You have a good collection going. -Steph-

  13. I enjoyed visiting you this morning, love your collections!

  14. Our days start pretty much the same! After hubby leaves for work, usually around 5:30/6:00 and then my son gets on the bus at 6:30 I can finally get into my chair and spend some time with my Lord and good cup of hot tea! Lovely blog!!!

  15. Hi Betty: One more bad one for Amanda, we will all pray. Hopefully the worst is over and she will be able to tolerate the last 4 easier.
    I agree: I love the mornings and evenings best & love especially when I first turn on the lights and it looks so cozy in here (before I get in there and mess it up!) HA! LOL Love your redware and I can't believe you sold your Pie Safe! Oh if I could have been there! {{HUGS}} Joy

  16. Morning girl..I love the early morning hours just before see a new day come in is so moving for is a time to talk to God and pray and just be thankful to have lived to see another day...I love waking up to a clean house...I have always told my daughters to especially clean the kitchen before going to bed..the reward to their spirit when they wake up and walk into their clean kitchen the next morning will be will worth the effort...I also love the evenings and sitting on the porch watching the sun set and seeing everyone settle in for the night...but early morning hours are just my personal favorite..
    I pray that the chemo goes better than anyone could ever imagine for the precious woman and that God touch her and lift her above the shadows and floods her heart and soul with new found faith and healing...thanks so much for coming by sweetie...hope you have a glorious week..Picket

  17. Morning Friend
    I too love mornings! I get up fix breakfast and lunch for hubby. On the cold mornings I got out ans start his truck.(he is spoiled) I take care of my furry kids ,have devotions and then do my blog.I am a true early morning girl. Up between 4:30 -5:00.
    I love your beautiful cozy home. And your redware is just beautiful.
    Praying for your Dear Amanda everyday!
    Thank you for the wonderful coffee :)
    Love & Joy to you My Friend!


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