Saturday, January 21, 2012

Loving Life Through My Back Door

The weather is so dreary and cold outside, but it is warm and cozy Through My Back Door. You know on a day like today the coffee is on and the fireplace too. I love days like this every once in a while. Yesterday was my do nothing day. Wore my pj's all day and cleaned up a frenzy. Even made a cake. My mother made the best carmel icing in the world and every now and again I just want it. So yesterday was the day. I use the same icing on my pumpkin squares. So not only can you have a cup of coffee you can have a piece of cake. Remember I told you we were having pizza a post or two back? Well we had so much fun, and even Mollie got into the making.
She knew exactly what to do! The three guys had no trouble either.
Clay, Andrew, and Michael. Can you guess why Clay buzzed his hair? We also revealed to Amanda where we are going to celebrate her cancer free victory. The whole family is going to Disney this summer. Beth came up with this early on to give her something to look forward to. She knew there was a trip, but didn't know where. We are all so excited. I want to show you one more family picture.
This is Gabe who is a year old now, but was 3 months premature.
You wouldn't know it would you.His daddy is my oldest grandchild.
I have been busy this week and loved every minute of it. Played dominoes one day and cards one night with my card group. Went out to dinner with a couple of friends in my card group one night.Had lunch with Amanda, Deb, and Carol one day. We went out to see the Hens new shop. I will get out there this week and have pictures on my next blog. I know a lot of you are planning a trip this way to go and I promise you won't be disappointed. It looks so good.
I haven't done much decorating this week. Have my hearts out and that is it. The doors look pitiful. I do have a new flag coming. What about you? Have you gotten winter decorations out? I am always at a loss this time of year. I will share a few of my baskets.
I love this old tobacco basket.
You know what? I love cultery trays too. Some of you know that already. Have a few that are favorites. I'll share 3 or 4.
You knew there would be a heart somewhere didn't you? lol
This one is my favorite. I have the candle box to go with it.
This one is a miniature. I think it is cute.
Well this has been great having you Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Wednesday is Amanda's last hard chemo. Then she will have 4 less harsh.Will you pray she doesn't get as sick as she did on the last one? I know you will, and when this is over you can all rejoice with us. Thank you.
PSS: Lots of things are going to be going on Through My Back Door. I just can't wait to share it all with you.


  1. Wonderful to see what you have been up to. Isn't it great to have the family together for some Delicious food and just enjoy??!!Still praying! Have a blessed weekend. ~Sara

  2. Hi Betty! Mollie is such a little doll! I love all of the cutlery boxes. I have a little one, too that I couldn't pass up, just because it was "cute"! Still praying for Amanda. I'm glad this is the last harsh treatment. Disney will be a fun trip!

  3. As always warm and inviting coming in your back door. Holding good thoughts for Amanda, chemo treatments have come a long way in the last few years.

  4. I will hold Amanda in my thoughts--I have been through the same.Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  5. Praying for your dear Amanda. I love your baskets and the pictures of your family. It snowed all day here, but it was rather nice to long as we could stay in!
    Hugs to you and blessings!

  6. Betty I just want to take that little Gabe and snuggle! What an adorable little guy! It looks like the pizza party was a ton of fun! I will most certainly keep Amanda in my thoughts and prayers. Ohhh does the trip sound amazing! Have a wonderful weekend! katie

  7. Betty, you made my mouth water speaking of that carmel icing. One of my favorite but for the life of me I can not make it. I went through 5 lbs. of sugar one year at Christmas trying to get the icing just right and it never happened. So needless to say I haven't tried since. Molly is so cute as well as the guys. I am sure everyone had a great time. Gabe is too cute. He looks like a healthy little guy now. So sweet for the family to go to Disney World for Amanda. She is so blessed to have such a supportive family. Andrew and Molly will have so much fun and I bet Gabe will love it too. Keeping her in my prayers. Love your collections. Wow, you have been busy. Enjoy life!! Can't wait to visit The Hen through your blog. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  8. Enjoyed the cake and coffee. Love your carriers. Looks like you had a grand weekend so far.

  9. Betty, Hi, I;ve just joined your blog. You are a great-grandmother?!?! You must have been married at age 10!!! LOL. Love your cutlery boxes, such pretty grain-painting, and praying for your Amanda to get through her chemo.
    Hugs, Melinda

  10. Thanks for the wonderful visit Friend.
    What wonderful new treasured memories you made.
    I will be praying for Amanda Wed. My aunt has one then too.
    Hugs to you

  11. I love all of your baskets. You have a good looking family! I will keep Amanda in my prayers.


  12. Sounds like you didn't have any of the nasty weather today. I have a glass rolling pin just like the one in your picture. It was a gift from my FIL. Can't wait to take another girls trip and visit the Hen. Excited to see the pictures in your next post! How much fun the Disney trip will be. What a fun place to celebrate such a wonderful victory. Will be thinking of Amanda.

  13. Your day yesterday sounds like it was absolutely heaven! PJs all day ... I would love it : ) Enjoyed the photos of your family. You indeed have a lovely one! Definitely continuing to pray for Amanda. Have a wonderful day my friend! Blessings, Shirlee

  14. Hi, Betty~ Mollie is adorable~ oh, what fond memories she will have with you ~ reminds me of Grandma showing me how to do it~ but never do as good as she did~
    love your baskets~
    prayers for Amanda~

  15. Hoping and praying the next few chemo sessions go well. And what a great place to go and celebrate! I never knew those boxes were called cutlery trays!!! I love them! Hope you had a nice weekend!

  16. Oh I've missed you dear Betty - been a bit remiss in my visits, but have caught up now. Wow - you have an amazing collection of hearts! I LOVE that old damper especially well. And your coverlet hearts are adorable. But, yikes - your redware collection did me in. I know it's wrong to covet, but dang - it's hard not to with beauties like that!! Looks like a fun pizza party. Someday I'm going to tackle a homemade dough/crust....Someday.... You have a great-looking family - no wonder - they come from a long line of beauty.....Wishing you a great week ahead....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  17. And have been, and will continue to, pray for Amanda....Robin

  18. Like all your cutlery trays Betty and little Gabe is adorable. Praying Amanda comes through her treatment with flying colors.


  19. prayers for your Amanda and hugs for all of you.
    Beautiful family you have there.I have read for a while and when I saw you on the gathering room forum I decided to post here.

  20. I am surely praying that Amanda is doing well with her last chemo treatments. What an ordeal to go through... but thank Goodness they are working. That is a blessing.

    Thanks for visiting me....even though you have to come in through my front door (we have to keep the gates locked around the back yard because of the pool)... you are always welcome. I am glad I visited you today... I was hungry for some of your delicious cake...yummy. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  21. nice idea, thanks for sharing...


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