Friday, January 13, 2012

Bits N" Pieces Through My Back Door

Goodness, don't stand outside, come on in, get your coffee and warm up. It is cold outside this morning. We even have a dusting of snow. I won't complain because our winter has been so mild, until now. But, forget the weather come on in, sit down and lets just visit. Don't you love chit chatting with friends on a day like this? I do, so you have warmed my day by coming Through My Back Door. Sorry, but the coffee is plain DD this morning. (You know I only like flavored in the afternoon and evening.) Lots of things have been going on here. Not anything exciting just busy stuff. Today I am going to "just be". You know that is one of my favorite things to do. Laundry is caught up, vacuum was run yesterday, so today is "just be" day. I was supposed to go to a luncheon, at Church, but it was canceled due to the weather.Tuesday, Deb, Margaret,(my sister in law) and I took Amanda to lunch. We went to Lulu's in Powell. She was so sweet and put us upstairs in the "Pink"room, where Amanda didn't have to be around other people. Wasn't that sweet? If you are ever in the area, eat lunch there. The food is delicious and the servers are so gracious. I am going to dig in my library and read a Gladys Taber book. I just finished The Help. Then saw the movie. I loved them both, although it hurt me seeing how the Help was treated in some households. I think it was the younger women who were the rudest. So today is read, drink coffee, and just be. I do have to make pizza dough for Clay's birthday. We love home made pizza and I always make the dough. I do it from scratch and I have to admit it is good. Everyone makes the pizza they like. Andrew gets to make his own too. We have a good time and get full of the best pizza ever. We have made it when there would be 12 or 14 of us.
Wednesday I kept the kids while Amanda had her next to last aggressive chemo. When I got home there was a box on my porch. Now it excites me so, I just tear into them, not taking the pictures most of you do. Anyway it was from Pam and Frank, Civil Folks. They know I love hearts so this is what was in my box.
A heart shaped bandbox, in my favorite color. I LOVE it. These were in the box too.
Those are heart shaped tart melts. I won't melt them, I'll put them in a bowl because they smell so good.
This little celluloid doll was in it too. She is like the ones that were in my doll house, growing up.
Frank and Pam are the most generous people I have ever known. They are always doing for someone.
Do you remember my post about Domino the stray cat? Remember we thought she was a she, and when she was taken to be spayed, found out he was a HE and had already been neutered? Well he was so pitiful when he came. I kept him for a few months, then my friend Janie took him, and look at him now.
He weighs 16 pounds and is wearing his satin "Royalty" cape. They love him and he is beautiful.
It almost made me cry. I remembered how he looked, so thin and no fur from his neck back. He is happy now.
I never know how to decorate this time of the year. I guess I'll put out a few heart things. Some are out all year long. Here are a few.
I love hearts and my favorite heart is the old stove damper that says,"Heart of the Home".
Well speaking of hearts. I bought some beautiful red and white coverlet hearts from Linda Stinson, back in August. I CANNOT find them any where. I have looked every where. Deb said at least I could remember buying them! I took NO comfort in  A few more hearts.
This crockery bowl has hearts all around the bottom of the bowl. A 20.00 Ohio yard sale find.
Here is a close up. Well it is apparent, I love hearts. My friend Sandi and I laugh all the time, she doesn't like hearts and I don't do stars. We have to aggravate one another about it.
To me what makes decorating so much fun is the ideas you get from one another. Granted a lot of people don't like my style. That is okay with me, I do. We are all different and that includes our decorating styles.However most of us bloggers are into almost the same things.We may not decorate the exact way, but we love the same things.Does that make sense? I love visiting your blogs and seeing what you have tweaked. I get most of my ideas from you. On a forum I belong to this question was asked. How do you respond to people who call your prim home, Country?Cute? and the list goes on. How do you respond? As for me I only want things around me I just love, and you know that includes people. Life is too short. Decorate the way you love. Instead of worrying about what people call it, I am just glad they come to visit. I love company Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: Please keep the prayers going for Amanda. she is having a rough time after this last chemo.One more of the aggressive, and then 4 more of the not so strong. We are almost halfway there. Your prayers have been felt. A big "Hearty" thank you


  1. Continuing to pray for Amanda. Loved seeing all your hearts. I'm not much of a heart person either, just like your friend Sandi, but then I'm not a star person either ... lol! I guess I'm a snow person/winter person. If it's winter related, bring it on : ) I agree that you should make your home comfortable & happy for you & not worry about what others think. By the way, I do remember those celluloid dolls. Brings back memories : ) Beautiful cat! Have a nice "be" day : ) Blessings, Shirlee

  2. Enjoy your day. Praying for Amanda.

  3. HI Betty...What a delightful blog! Thank you for inviting us in to share your morning. Love your sentiments 'bout the loved ones in our lives! Your hearts are wonderful..a perfect symbol for you to collect as you have such a BIG heart...very evident in your candid words of wisdom written here! Will add Amanda to my prayers...God Bless! Hugs from Montana...Heidi

  4. Morning Betty, Thanks for the visit and the DD coffee. I sure miss my coffee maker here in the room. We have one, but not what I am use to. Thank goodness there is a Cracker Barrel close by. Love their coffee. A snow day to "just be" sounds wonderful. It is very cold and windy here in SC this morning. I want to go roaming but hate to get out in the cold. Lulu's Sounds like a nice place to visit. Maybe next time we visit, we will have more time and can check it out. I will be so thankful for all of you when these treatments for Amanda are a thing of the past. Love all your heart items. I don't do much decorating for Valentne's. Don't have many prim items to put out. Great picture of you and the kitty. Wow, you can tell he is loved. A great gift from Pam and Frank. Loved visiting their blog and reading about the gumdrop tree. That was neat. Enjoy your day and stay warm.

  5. I enjoy visiting with you sooo much! Seems we do have several things in common. I too only drink flavored coffee in the afternoon and I love Gladys Taber books! I also love
    "just be" days.

  6. Domino looks a lot like Chum, but he only weighs 13-14 lbs. I love black cats and I am so glad that Domino has a home, where he is loved! Wonderful gifts, you received and I love that brown bowl with the hearts on it. Stay warm....

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  7. I love hearts and stars too.;) and i love your collection of hearts..and I love getting inspiration from other blogs on decorating..and that Domino is just beautiful and loved;) have a wonderful weekend..I too loved the movie the help and it painged me to know that this really went on..I love "just be days" to sit and watch tv with a nice fire going and the babys are taking their naps..and all is right with the world.:)

  8. I think you said it just right about how we all get ideas from each other and everyone's style is different. I am happy for your fun package and how loved that must make you feel. -Steph-

  9. Most certainly will include Amanda in my prayers. I have a friend I work with who was diagnosed with breast ca 6 years ago. She is doing wonderful and cancer free. Her sister was just recently diagnosed too. She had the genetic testing done..and supposedly her's was not genetic. Yet out of four girls in her family...three have now had it. She shared a lot about breast ca with me the other night at work. Maybe I'm a nurse, but I know absolutely nothing. It really was very interesting.

    I know not everyone likes "our" style. But heck..I think modern is BUTT ugly, lol!! My family all loves my style. Including my brother and brother in law. My brother in law owns a lumber company. He's many times said I should go decorate this person or that persons house! He's also asked my opinion more than once. My brother loves my apartment and honestly commented numerous times about stopping over here one night when I had all my candles going etc and how warm and cozy it was.

    I think what's important is that we love our homes..that's all that matters!!! Katie

  10. Hi My Friend: Yes, still praying for Amanda for this nightmare to be over. She WILL get through it! God doesn't fail!
    Yes, I also love "just be" days but I usually find myself getting up to tweak something here or there! Especially if I am reading Primitive Place, Country Sampler or Judy's books! Always an idea in sight. I, too, do my own style and I don't think some people understand it, but I like it. Funny tho, I used to decorate for "looks" and now I am seeming to be going for "comfort!" Must be these old bones. =) Lucky you to get such a fun package with hearts! I also love hearts but I throw in a few stars here and there...LOL {{HUGS}} Joy

  11. Praying for her, love your hearts!

  12. I so enjoy stopping by your blog for a visit. I just started to decorate in a more prim style...though I'm still fairly eclectic. Since buying a reproduction cape this year, I finally have a wonderful backdrop for adding the fun pieces. Like you, I enjoy visiting the homes of other bloggers. Sometimes it's just nice to share with people who delight in the same things that we do. I'm keeping your dear daughter in my prayers.
    Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Good Morning Betty. I got my coffee this morning and read your blog. It's cold in Alabama too ( in the 20's) ...not normal for here. If it keeps getting this cold, I'll have to move farther south. Marshel

  14. Betty~ always enjoy a visit with you~ Domino looks wonderful,so happy for him~ Homemade pizza sounds delicious, haven't made it in years, I am stuck on a local pizza shop!!So sweet for LuLu's to put you all in the pink room, I say that is good old fashioned customer service!!!Pretty hearts~ I agree even is we all don't decorate the same, seems we all have things in common, for me I want my home to feel like a home when you walk in~ to want to kick you shoes off and relax~
    Prayers ~
    hugs to you~

  15. Ohhh..send some of that snow down to Georgia! How fun. Love your decoarting advice. My house is a mix of all styles. It is what I like. I have to live there no one else does, so it represents me. Hoping Amanda is feeling better soon. I think of her often.

  16. OMGosh Betty! I can't BELIEVE that cat! I was down there right before they got him and he looked so pitiful! It's awesome to see he has a very loving home and someone to take great care of him.

    Love all your hearts but that stove damper is just awesome!
    Hugs Libs


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