Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Heart of the Matter and The New Speckled Hen

Wow! Isn't it a beautiful Sunday afternoon? It is here in E. Tn anyway. Cool but sunny, just the perfect time to drop in and have a cup of coffee. There is no cake. Why, you ask? Well DON"T ask. Okay, I ATE it! The WHOLE thing! From Friday until Tuesday I ate a whole cake with the exception of one piece! Let me tell you it was good. What, you say, you have never done that! Well life is short and I believe we should eat dessert first. What kind of person would I be not to practice what I preach? Well, anyway we are having a new coffee today. Seattles Best cinnamon. It is delicious, don't you agree? I am happy I have found a new coffee. You know coffee is one of lifes pleasures for me.
I know you can't wait to see the pictures of the Hen. It is so pretty and my pictures doesn't do it justice. My battery died before I got them taken, but there will be more.
This next one is my favorite.
Can you see the tumblers? Oh my I see them all right. I want them!lol These are all by Rick Hamelin. There are two little mini plates that are not his. If you are in the Clinton area go by and say hi to Sharon. She would love for you to come visit. This last one is the outside. Sharon will kill me for posting this one, but I like living on the edge.(I let my son in law fill my prescriptions for petes sake) I have no idea what she is looking down at.
You had to see the outside didn't you? How would you know where to go if I didn't show you? lol
Now for the heart of the matter. I will share a few more hearts with you. Just as pineapples are the sign of hospitality, hearts are the symbol of love. We all love our homes and we all have different collectibles. I don't keep hearts out all year, with the exception of the one on my wall of love. remember my wall of love?
All of these have a special meaning to me. I shared this many blogs ago. Do you know what hearts mean the most to me? The heart that beats inside of those I love. So many people have what we call hearts of gold. They are so full of love for others, you just feel it when you are near them. They are happy and generous and caring. Do you know what I have discovered? That some of those with the biggest hearts have had some of the biggest heart aches in life. Is that what makes them the way they are? I am asking myself what kind of heart do I have. Have you asked yourself that question?
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door today where life is good.
PS: I am excited! Two of my best friends from high school are coming to my house for lunch on Wednesday. We haven't been together in years and I can't wait. Of course the coffee will be on! Need you ask?
PSS: Amanda had her last "harsh", (they are all harsh) chemo this past Wednesday. We are half way finished. She had two hard days, but is feeling better today. I hope you don't think I am being redundant asking and thanking you for your prayers, but I just have too.
She is still wearing this smile


  1. Love love love the pictures of the Hen. So can't wait to visit the new store VERY soon! Love your hearts. I've never thought about hearts in the way you described. Makes me stand back and take a look at my own heart and review it. Love the picture of Amanda and her family. She is such a beautiful lady. Keeping her and the family in my prayers.

  2. Betty, the Hen looks wonderful. I look forward to visiting the new location. So glad Amanda is feeling better today - we are continuing to keep her in our prayers.

  3. Wonderful pics!
    I am glad Amanda is halfway through!
    And yes- dessert first- always!!

  4. Love visiting you, and seeing your photos. Still praying, glad she was doing better!

  5. And what a beautiful smile that is! I'm glad she's feeling better. The Hen looks great! Can't wait to visit the new shop. Have a great time on Wednesday!

  6. Hi Betty. So glad to hear that Amanda is feeling better after this last treatment. I have been thinking of her every day.
    The Hen looks like a fun placae to visit, sure hope I can one day with you as my tour guide!

  7. Great pictures as always, the Hen looks like a great place to shop. Loved your home pictures too. Good to hear Amanda is half way done, she's in my thoughts and prayers!

  8. Love the post about hearts, it is so true. I love that red checked settee at the Hen. Everything looks so nice.

    Never hesitate to ask for prayer, remember the woman who had the issue of blood? She spent all her money and made one last lunge and received her healing.

    We will be praying for Amanda.

  9. Betty I drank a whole two liter pepsi by myself today so don't feel guilty about a little cake. Marshel ( Bamaplanter) in Alabama

  10. Hi Betty, Yes I am guilty of eating the whole sweet potato pie by myself, well it was speaking to me everytime I walked by. LOL, well its my favorite, eat it cold right out of the fridge in the mornings with a cup of coffee. Your new coffee sounds really good. Great shop, lots of prim goodies in there. Glad Amanda is feeling better, she does have a beautiful smile, will be keeping her in my thoughts. Hugs Vicky

  11. Betty, I love this post. I also love that you ate a whole cake. It makes me laugh because that is exactly something I would do. Just take a few days and eat the whole thing:) I never thought about the people who have the biggest hearts have developed them from having the biggest trials, but I think you are right. All those I know with the biggest hearts have had them. Starts to get me thinking differently about trials. Are having trials the only way to develop a big heart? -Steph-

  12. Good day Betty, You have me worried. Maybe I should NOT make my cake. Woozers, you know I do NOT need to eat much cake. (ha) The pictures of the Hen look great. Oh, I so want some more of the redware. Love my mug. I know I would want a tumbler also. Looks like from Holly's reply we might just see a visit soon. I strive daily to have a heart of gold. I want to be the best wife, Mama, Nana, and friend anyone could ask for. With God's love in my heart I strive daily to be that person. There is always room for improvement. Enjoy your lunch on Wednesday. I will be traveling to see my far away best friend. It's been almost a year since we have seen each other. So much catching up and shopping to do. Have a great week.

  13. Betty,

    Oh, what flavor cake did you make ? I am hungry for cake.. trying to stay away from it though..

    Love the store ! too bad it is too far away !


  14. Betty,
    I made a cake too, and I am the only one eating it! I am kind of naughty, I made a yellow cake, I already knew they wouldn't eat it! Not that I need it, but I make plenty that I don't even get to try! LOL!
    I enjoyed seeing the new store, it's beautiful for sure.
    I hope that you have a great week. I love the hearts too!

  15. The Hen looks great!
    I LOVE cake and yes I've ate a whole cake myself.

    Continued prayers for Amanda.


  16. Replies
    1. I love this post Betty! and all those wonderful pictures :) hope you are having a great lunch with your highschool friends today, I am sure you have lots of catching up to do! Have a fabulous day :)

      hugs, Trish

  17. Betty,
    Wish I had of been there to eat the cake with you! I just know it was yummy! AND the coffee you mentioned....I am a big coffee lover and adore trying new flavors. Love this post...Glad Amanda is feeling better...Blessings to all of you and have a great day with the girls coming!


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