Monday, July 23, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Good morning everyone, it is wonderful to see you. Lets have a cup of coffee and talk about the wedding! Well, I'll talk and you all listen, okay?lol What fun we had going, during, and coming home. Although coming home was a little quieter than going up. Amanda and the children rode up to Cape Girardeau  with us and we had so much fun. They are good travelers and I love being with them, so you can imagine a lot of laughter. Besides it was nice having a back seat buddy on the trip. It is funny we never run out of things to talk about and we do a lot of laughing. The first pre-wedding party was a work out. Now in Tennessee we don't do pre wedding work outs, but with Lindsey's family it is tradition. They don't play around either, it is WORK!!!!!!! No sireee It went on for an HOUR!!!! Lindseys grandmother Ruth and I were NOT going to be out done.
She kept whispering to me, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, Well I don't know about Ruth, but I was really sore on Saturday! I never told told a soul until now, so  shhhhhh! Don't tell. Friday we had a wonderful lunch at a B&B. I had never had chicken salad presented that way. It had melted cheddar and bacon on it. I will have it again, as I loved it. The topper however, was the Key Lime Pie. The best I ever had. I pride myself on knowing GOOD key lime I will tell you this. I met some of the friendliest people ever in Missouri. Instead of being called the Show Me State, I think they should be called the Friendly Sate. Everyone, everywhere was so friendly. The people at the Holiday Inn Express, went out of their way to accommodate us. Everyone one of them The desk clerks, the house keepers, and the breakfast room employees, were exceptional. If you are ever in the Cape Giradeau Area, I suggest you stay there.(I am getting nothing for this plug)lol
The next step was the rehearsal dinner that was held at Buckners  right on the Mississippi River. What a beautiful view. The tributes to the bride and groom made us all cry.(I do NOT look a bit good when I cry).It was a beautiful evening and I felt truly blessed to be able to be there to represent the Grandparents. (You see, this is the first wedding on Michaels side,since his parents passed away with in three years of one another. Curtis wasn't able to attend Beths, but it was still very hard, as he and Curt were so close. Yes, Curt is named after his Co Co.)
The day of the wedding was beautiful. Everything went off just as they wanted it too. It was beautiful and most importantly, Christ centered. If you want to read more about the wedding, hop over to Whitneys blog.Keeping Up With The Bandermann's.
I will show you just a few pictures  taken during the festivities. The girls wore Guava dresses and the design and color flattered all nine of the attendants. Andrew was ring bearer and Ebby Lee, was flower girl and they were perfect. I have no pictures of them, but Whitney may have on her blog. They were adorable.  One more wedding note. Both Clay and Ryan escorted me down the aisle. As a surprise to Deb, Curt escorted her. OF COURSE she cried!
Here are just a few photos. I hope you will indulge me on this one .
Andrew and Mollie near the end of the reception. He had removed the vest, tie, and jacket by this time. Mollie had worn herself out
Curt, the groom, helping his cousin Seth get ready. It was kind of sad for me to see them doing this. They have tons of pictures taken over the years they were growing up, but this was just poignant to me.
The finished product!
son in law(Ryan) helping father in law.
I like this picture!
Seth, Olivia, Renda, and Dodd.
Me with Dodd and Renda.
This is Michaels sister french braiding Mollies hair.BTW, her name is Molly too and they are big buddies. She had just done Anna's and Mollie wanted hers done.She sat very still during the process.
Another shot so you can see her face. That is Mollies daughter Anna who has a beautiful braid.
Aren't they the cutest? Don't know what we would have done without Mollie and Anna during the festivities to help with Mollie. They love her so much, they didn't mind at all, but it was such a help to Amanda and Clay.
Debbie helping get Andrew ready.That is Clay getting his cuff links in. Amanda was a bridesmaid and she was off doing something else.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good, and letting  me share the wedding with you. This was such a happy time for our family in more ways than one. We all were thanking God for healing Amanda and allowing her to be healthy. She was beautiful and she just glowed.
PS:Thank you so much for all the comments on the Sunporch chat with Tammy. Hope you enjoyed reading, as much as I enjoyed answering.
PSS:One more picture. we go through Metropolis, home of Superman. Here is a picture of my super heroes.
ooop! sorry I cut off supermans head. I'll put one more so you can see the whole statue.
PSSS: I still haven't found the kittens a home!


  1. Hi Betty--What a joyful time! Molly was such a good girl sitting so still while she got her hair braided. You have such a beautiful family.So happy Amanda is doing well. Please keep Brian in your prayers--we're holding our breath on a few things right now.--Jan

  2. Oh how wonderful! I'm glad that all went so well. What a beautiful family.....the love shines right through the blog. My favorite picture is the one with you in it. You look so pretty. Your smile is radiant and I love your dress. Thanks for letting us share your wedding smiles. Hugs, Lura

  3. Lovely photos Betty! Thanks for sharing that special time with us : )

  4. Betty~ You sure looked beautiful...LOVE your dress! What a wonderful family you have! You can see the love and feel it in your voice. What wonderful pics! Thanks for the coffee! Always a pleasure to visit!


  5. Such wonderful pictures. It looks like you had a great time !!!
    Have a fantastic day.

  6. Oh Betty you know how I love family gatherings and pics! Your family is beautiful and I can just see the love. Mollie did great sitting there to have her hair done. I know you're a proud grandma. And way to go on the work-out! You're my hero! :)

    Thanks again for a wonderful Sunporch Chat! I thoroughly enjoyed it! (I have another coming sometime in the not-too-far-away future). ;)


  7. Morning!
    Oh what a beautiful Family you have.
    I agree what a turly proud grandma you must be.
    God is soo good.
    What joy you must have felt at the Wedding.
    I so enjoyed my visit as always.

  8. What a wonderful family you have! I enjoyed the pictures.
    Thanks for sharing!


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