Saturday, July 28, 2012

Back To Normal--------Almost

It is so good to see you this evening. I promise I won't talk about the wedding anymore. For You will be happy to know the coffee is on and you can have either DD or Kona! Yes I have a new Keurig! Can you believe it? I called the company told them my frustrations and they sent me a new one.
It is just like the old one. I don't know if I have ever had such a quick reaction from a company. I was really impressed.
Well this has been a week. I picked Dasko up from doggy camp on Monday, so my day was shot. I did do laundry. Tuesday I cleaned house because it was awful and I was hosting my card group on Wednesday night and my domino group on Thursday. We had so much fun  both times. I love playing games. Wednesday night we had home made bar be que, baked beans, and coleslaw. I made a strawberry cake that would feed both groups. Thursday we had chipped ham sandwiches, chips & dip,  and cantaloupe.The chipped ham sandwiches are what we used to get years ago at a place called Babe Malloys. They were wonderful. I make mine on the George Foreman. You add sweet mustard and pickle relish after they are grilled a bit. I grill my buns too. Yum they are so good. Do you often remember places you ate when you were dating, or newly married. We used to go one place and get Orange Juliuses, NanDentons was the name, on to Babe Malloys for sandwiches, and then on to another place for onion rings. I guess that was a true progressive
Anyway since I was having company I tweaked a little.You all know what a hard time I have with my mantel. I changed it again. I sent my friend Sandi some pictures, we got on the phone and this is what we ended up with. We do this from time to time, helping each other. Our tastes are alike, yet different. Does that make sense?
I then went to the top of the entertainment center and did this.
I had greenery in this old box. I like this better. For a while
A few posts ago I showed my shelves over the sink and asked for ideas. One of the ideas was more crocks on the shelves. So I shopped around the house and found some I could put on them. What do you think?
I want to leave my coffee grinders, lamps and Nantucket Basket up there, as I have no place else to keep them. Any way I am okay with this. I had crocks all the way across the two shelves, but liked this better for me. My small yellowware bowls were my Mothers. She kept leftovers in them. Let me know what you think.
Well this poor fellow has had a hard week too. A vet visit Friday.
He had to have his toenails cut. He is horrible! Usually takes our vet, a tech, and me to do it. This time there was no way he was going to allow her to touch his feet. Even with a muzzle. He was thrashing around and she felt he was going to hurt himself and be traumatized. She has cared for him, even before he came to me. In fact if you remember she found him for me. To make a long story short, he had to be tranquilized. It was very hard for me, but he had to have them clipped. Anyway, while asleep he peed and had blood in his urine. I watch him carefully as he has had urinary tract infections before. Poor baby is now on antibiotics. Don't you feel bad for him? He is fine now and was fine other than the infection. When she called his prescription into Walmart, Michael says, "Oh that is my dog-in-law!"
Other that this my week has been almost back to normal. That and the fact I am home for several weeks is a good thing. Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Guess what is coming up this week? The Worlds Longest Yard Sale! I am so excited. Can't wait to see what goodies await us. I am looking for only one thing. Hopefully I can post a picture next post.
PSS:Today was Christmas in July in Clinton. Never saw so many people. Lots of neat goodies. The Hen looks spectacular decorated. You will have to hurry in and see.
PSSS:When Dasko is finished with his antibiotics, I have to collect a specimen to take to the vet. I did this once before and it was a circus. People were going up the road very slowly to see what I was doing. I do not look forward to entertaining the neighbors again.(Oh dear I hope this isn't too much information)lol


  1. Not too much information, Betty....just funnier that funny!!!!!!!Good luck! Can not wait to see all the things you bring back from the sales!!!

  2. Love your decorating changes! It's always fun to move things around a bit. Glad puppy is feeling better!

  3. Get a large ladle at the thrift store if you can find one or a cheap plastic one at Walmart. I had a Border Collie that I had to follow around with test strips for diabetes, friend said he used a plastic ladle cause his dog would not let him close enough for a test strip. Good Luck. I know what you mean about the toenails, used to have a Walker/Blue Tick Hound, soon as he saw the vet he would howl as loud as any hound barking up a tree at a critter.

  4. I'd love to watch you trying to get that specimen! I am just LOL picturing it! I wish I was going to the longest yard sale, too. I saw that it was next weekend. We have a class reunion next weekend. Maybe next year. Hope you find what you are looking for and don't have to ride on the top of the car this time. :-) Have fun! BTW, I love the shelf with the crocks. Much better!

  5. Hope your Dog is feeling better! Love the changes you made with your displays. Good Luck with the yard sales. can't wait to see what goodies you find.

  6. Love the mantel and the shelves. Poor Dasko. We all want a video of the Specimen Hunt!

    Hope you are well, we are doing pretty good, in a rut it seems.

  7. Glad your doggie is doing better.
    I'm going to the Endless Yardsale this coming week here in Ohio. It will take us about 45 minutes to get over to 127. I'm excited...this is the first time I've ever gone. Can't wait to see what goodies I can find.

  8. Seems that your weeks are all go! I like the mantel with the crocks. Looks great! Joan

  9. Loved the pictures of the house, glad you had such good luck with Keurig and Poor Dasko!!

  10. Hi, Betty~
    enjoyed reading your re-cap of your week~the strawberry cake caught my sweet tooth~Hope Dasko is feeling better poor pup~ nail trim & infection, yuk~pretty tweaking love the shelve with the crocks & goodies, looks so prim perfect~
    have a great day~

  11. Yea.......good luck with that! I love the shelves! Also the mAntel. Lucy had her big surgery two weeks ago. I always thought it was suppose to calm them down! She was NEVER hyper...until NOW! OMG...she's turned into devil dog! She usually sleeps with one of us. Now two nights in a row Sophie has. She was almost trained..not anymore! And.....she barks! Which she barely ever did. I wantmy sweet puppy back! I think the vet secretly switched her,lol!

  12. Oops....AND I forgot,to tell you...ourmDairy Queen hasmOrange Julius' now! I remember getting those with soft pretzels when I dated Kadens Dad in high school!

  13. I wasn't tiring of the wedding talk.It sure is nice to know that you are enjoying life.Your tweaking around your home is looking nice. The crocks go well on the shelves together.
    Poor little Dasko, such a week for him. I sure bet he is glad to be home with you though.Have a great week. Blessings ~Sara

  14. Isn't it refreshing when a company makes good on their product?

    Hope Dasko has recovered from his nail clipping experience and the meds are helping him to feel better. They are not just pets--they are part of our family and our lives! I am thankful for every day Callie Mae Calico shares with me.

  15. Such wonderful pictures !! I love your home decorations !!
    You have such a sweet dog. Our dog, Charlie, is old and has to have her toes clipped too. I hope your dog will be feeling better soon.

  16. Morning Friend
    How cool to call your friend ans she helps you decorate. I love it. And of course your warm prim home.
    Oh poor Dasko so hard when our furry kids feel bad and scared. Hope he is better soon. He is such a handsome boy!

  17. That sandwich sounds delicious! So glad you got your new coffee maker. They do seem like an awesome company to deal with. Much better customer service than many these days. Hope Dasko keeps improving! I've been to the longest yard sale once and it was so fun! Hope you find what you're looking for! Have a great day.

  18. Hi Betty, love all the tweaking you did, it looks wonderful!
    Glad you hot your new coffee maker so quickly! I don't know what we would do without ours, my hubby will never drink instant coffee again and he isn't so thrilled on regular brewed coffee now that he is spoiled from our keurig, lol. Aww, poor Dasko, glad he is better now. You have reminded me that I need to trim our dogs nails, my beagle cut the top of my foot the other night running over it, lol, she does not like her feet touched, even just to wipe them off when they are wet :( Have fun shopping and get lots of pics!
    have a wonderful week,
    hugs, Trish

  19. Your home is always a pleasure to see! Poor Dasko! I'm sure he is happy to be spending quiet time at home with you--hope his infection clears up quickly. I've always wanted to go to the huge yard sale, but this time of year doesn't allow me much free time. We are into our biggest shows of the year and they will continue until November. When you said about Dasko not liking his nails clipped--Brian's cat,Stryker,flips onto his back in Brian's arms to get his nails done! He loves it! Strange cat.:) --Jan

  20. Poor Dasko,

    I know how some of them can hate having their feet messed with. But I guess it's good he was at the vet and you discovered the urinary tract infection.

    Glad he's better now!

    Love every single pic you share of your prim decorating!



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