Friday, October 12, 2012

A House Filled With Love

You have no idea how happy I am you dropped by. Lets have a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee, in the redware mugs, and we'll visit before we start our ride to Amanda's. The weather has been so pretty this week, you just want to bottle it and put it up for the cold days, we know that are ahead. After you drink your coffee, we'll head to Amanda and Clays. Then you will see why I call it a house filled with love.
Most of you know Amanda and have followed our journey this past year. You have prayed hard for her and we are so grateful. We want to thank you by having you visit. Oh yes, they are coffee drinkers and the Bunn will be ready when we get there. For those of you who are new to my blog, Amanda is my oldest granddaughter, Debs daughter. She has a wonderful husband, Clay,plus Andrew, who is 6 and Mollie, who is 2. They are always doing something funny. Anyway Amanda has invited us out to her house. Okay she invited us, after I asked.Really it was after I ANNOUNCED  we would like to take a field I made the comment she wasn't into antiques, but vintage. Well I tell you she has a house full of antiques! I guess I hadn't paid attention to how She does LOVE vintage and has filled her home with things from her past. She has things from my Mother, her Mother, and her other Grandmother, as well as me. So if you are ready we will begin our tour. This is actually going to be part one and will be the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Next post we will see the bedrooms. You will love the children's rooms.I think you will see why it is a house filled with love.
They too, have a back door house. I find that quite amusing. You enter into the kitchen.
That is the dining room. I will tell you more about the screened pantry, in a minute.
The buffet is at the end of the dining room It is ready for Halloween.
A close up. See the little "monsters." lol
The china in this belonged to her Mamaw Ann.(Michaels mother) The pink depression glass was my Mothers,(her great grandmothers). She uses it all.
She loves Fiesta Ware and has it in every color.
Her house is so bright and cheery. The colors make you smile.
She loves her turquoise Kitchen Aide. She is quite the baker. Makes a mean white chocolate pound cake.These bowls were mine. They were actually a wedding present.
The children's table. This table and chairs were started by Michaels Dad the Christmas he died. He wanted them finished so Michael finished them, and Bud signed his name under neath the table. He had 2 other sets of great grandchildren and they all got a set too. Amanda cherishes this gift.
Is that scary? This gives you an over view of the dining room.

Her Daddy made the big screened pantry. She told him what she wanted. Not only does it hold food, some of her favorite things are in here.
My Mothers Sunbeam mixer from 1951. Her nut grinder. The salt and peppers belonged to my Grandmother, her great-great grandmother.
The You are Special plate they used at my house. A sugar canister that was my  Mother's. Rolling pins from her Mamaw Anne.
Are you beginning to see why I chose this title? She has the things she loves around her. You will see pictures of the children everywhere.
Into the living room. Her Dad and Clay built the wall center. I love the color of her walls in here, as well as her turquoise accents. Would you believe I used the same colors back in the 60's? Mollie says,"pictures or not. My toys are coming out."lol
The window/storage seat her Dad and Clay  built. Mollie loves looking out the window. (The sun was so bright the shade had to be closed)
Another cupboard Michael built. This houses games and toys at the end of the living room.
The candle stand, was mine and one made by my Mr. Whitaker, who was from Cumberland Gap, Tn. The picture on it, is mine and Curtis' prom picture one year.

Before we leave this part of our visit, I will show you the special board in the hall way.
Now it is full of Andrew and Mollie's art work. From last November through the spring it was where she kept all the wonderful cards, notes, and well wishes she was receiving in the mail daily. It would cheer her up to see the notes from people who were praying and to know they cared. I love the fact she left it up and Andrew thinks it is awesome.
She did these silhouettes of the kids.
Well I hope you enjoyed your visit Through Mine and Amanda's Back Door where life is good.
PS: The next visit will be fun filled seeing the children's bedrooms. Andrew is vintage cowboy. Mollie's of course is designed for a princess. You will want to come back for it
PSS:I have cleared things out of my house and I miss them already. I do NOT like  I NEED my
PSSS: Have you remembered to count your fall blessings? One of mine was having a Granddaughter who lets me bring all of my friends to visit. Thought you might like a picture to go with the visit.


  1. Wow! Thank you Amanda for allowing everyone to invade your beautiful house. Betty thank YOU for letting us tag along. I loved everything and yes it is so filled with love. So glad to see Amanda's smiling face!
    Be blessed,

  2. Enjoyed your post! Definitely saw the love there. I also love to have precious things from my grandma and great too. I love to have them out to see every day and be reminded of my heritage. Happy Fall ~Jen (would love to have you as a follower too)

  3. Loved the coffee and the tour, very talented men in your family that can build beautiful furniture. The kids table set is priceless.

  4. Amanda reminds me of her grandmother. Her home is lovely just like yours. I'm glad that she is doing well. Have a good week. Hugs, Lura

  5. aww thank you dear for such a lovely post..i love the house and i can feel the love is truly there :)
    hugs xxx

  6. Such a lovely home indeed! The children's table and high back chairs are darling. I love, love the pantry and Pyrex....I have a good size collection myself. Thank you both for the inspiration.

  7. What a wonderful home !! Great pictures.
    Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on my pie. It's not the same as a buttermilk or chess pie. We don't use separate pie shells and no milk or buttermilk is used. It is a wonderful, sweet, buttery pie. We all love it here. Certainly something to trie ; )
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Awww, it is a cheery home! It makes you feel the love of family and relatives through the things she carefully placed! Ahhh! Oh, could I have my coffee with cream and a little bit of sugar? You are too kind!


  9. Hi Betty! Love Amanda's home... and it was wonderful of her to let us all in!! Definitely a home full of love....beautiful treasures throughout to remind her of her heritage.... and of course all those cute new treasures.... of and from her children...truly a house bursting with love!!

  10. Amanda's house is adorable! I love all of her vintage decor and the fact that it belonged to family makes it even more special! It really is a house full of love! Thank you, Amanda for letting us visit.

  11. Hi Betty~

    Thank you for the tour of Amanda's home. It is lovely.

    Have a beautiful weekend~Becky

  12. WOW!! I am in love with each and every space! I love that she has so much that belonged to her family!
    I am so excited to see the bedrooms. My hubby was a coyboy when he was little. ;)

  13. Betty & Amanda, Thanks for the wonderful visit!!! I love your home & all the neat details, especially your pantry. Can't wait to see more. :-)


  14. Oh thank you so much Betty for sharing Amanda's home with us...she is such a beautiful young lady and her home reflects her perfectly.
    What beautiful heirlooms handed down and such gorgeous pieces made specially for her home.

  15. Hi Betty,
    I feel like I know Amanda already since I followed her journey right along as I was taking my own. I know you were such a comfort to her and the rest of the family. And believe me I cherish every good thought and prayer you sent my way too.
    Her house is wonderful and does reflect so much love.
    Thanks for sharing.

  16. What a difference a year makes!! Thank all of you who follow Mom's blog for the prayers you have said for our sweet Amanda! God answered them with so much GRACE!! I cannot tell you how thankful I am this Fall for Amanda's health and that she feels like company again!

  17. Thank you Betty for a lovely tour of Amanda's home and thank you Amanda for inviting us inside. It is such a beautiful home. Love all the treasures from those that are special or have been special in her life. And those two little ones are precious. Love the bullentin board. Such a neat idea. It is evident the house is filled with God, family, and Love. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Hi Betty, maybe this will help ??
    I hope you can make the pie with this conversion ???
    Have a wonderful day.

  19. Thanks Betty and Amanda. You have a beautiful home, love all the personal touches and family pieces!


  20. Oh thank you Amanda for having us over! Your house is truly decorated with love! I see it everywhere! Love your screened pantry door! I have something like that saved in a folder for the future. :) Love that blue cupboard that houses the games and toys too! Your vintage decor and antiques are beautiful. Of course, you have beautiful children too!

    Betty, thank you for taking us over to Amanda's and for being such a great blogger and host! I love my visits here!

    Looking forward to the rest of the pics!


  21. Love the homes, Thanks for Shari g!

  22. Good Morning
    Thank you for taking me along.
    Oh my what love.
    Her home just scream loves.

  23. Thanks for the tour of such a lovely home filled with love. Isn't it fun how each individual can totally have a different way to decorate, but it all is so lovely? -Steph-


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