Monday, October 15, 2012

The House Built of Love, part 2

What a beautiful fall afternoon for you to drop in. Dasko and I are so glad to see you and can't wait for you to have a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee. I love it when you visit and I hope you enjoy coming Through My Back Door. It was wonderful reading all the comments after visiting Amanda and Clay's home. I am so glad you enjoyed yourself. Are you ready to see the rest of their house? Even we prim lovers enjoy seeing other decor, don't we? Well, lets get on with the visit. The children are waiting for us. Before we tour the house I want to show you where the House of Love began. I am posting this by special request. My friend Sandi,(Daybreak Place) has been to Amanda's house and saw this portrait.She says it is the most beautiful wedding picture she has ever seen and that I needed to show it.
So this is where it all began. I will share this with you. They were married on Deb and Michaels wedding anniversary, by the same minister who married them. 23 years later. (Our family likes to say Jim(Dr. James Robertson) marries us and buries
On to the house tour. We will visit the children's rooms as promised.
Guess who is behind this door?lol Yes, it is Andrew's room. Done in vintage cowboy, right down to the sign. The chest was a gift from Deb and Michael for his nursery. They knew it could grow with him.
This is his bed. It is an 1835 handmade bed from Greene County, Tn. I don't know why I didn't take pictures of the side rails. They are about 2 in thick. Yes, it used to be in my house. It is a wonderful bed and he loves it. The pillow with his name was made by a friend of his Daddy, who passed away this summer.
Another angle of the bed. The chair was his Mama's and the seat was woven by his  Coco,(Curtis) for her, when she was younger than he is now.
Andrew loves to read, which makes me a happy Mamaw.His Mother and I have always shared this bond, and I am happy he and Mollie love books too. I have to say all of my grands love books and reading. Makes me smile when they give me the credit for that.
More books. Of course Michael made both the book cases.
The clock and watch were Curtis'. The watch was his when he was a little boy. The clock is a reproduction.
His closet doors. See the red tricycle? That was from Deb and Michael, his first Christmas. He was 3 months old!!!lol
Well I hope you have enjoyed your stay in Andrews room. He has quite a lot of stuff for his young years, don't you think?lol I will show you one last picture. The alphabet for life.

On down the hall is the master. Amanda likes color, you have already discovered that. This room isn't as bright as this shows. It is actually a beautiful blue.
Love that picture of Mollie at the beach. This is more the shade of the room.
Can you see the picture over the bed? It was taken this summer at the beach. didn't I tell you this was house built of love? She has pictures of the children all over the house.
She uses jewelry as art. It is so her.
This was her Mamaw and Papaw Jenkins.(Michael's Mom and dad)
The clock was theirs too. Isn't she blessed to have so many family things?
She thinks she is and they certainly do appreciate them. I just had to sneak this one in here. lol
Now we will go back toward the living room to Mollies room.
Looking in the door. Yes, she has a princess room, because she is our princess. The bed was a gift from Deb and Michael.It is a beautiful walnut Victorian bed.(fit for a princess)lol The bedding was the same decor and print as her crib. Again Amanda loves color and it shows through out the house.It is always cheerful. did you note the crystal chandelier?
Her little house of shelves. Can you see the vintage framed paper dolls?
These shoes were Amanda's when she was a little girl.
The little punch bowl set was Amanda's too. There is also one put up for Beth.
The  fiesta tea set is because of Amanda's love for fiesta. The Sebastian figurine of a Mother rocking a baby was a gift from Deb and me when we found out she was pregnant. We both have a collection of Sebastians.
I just love this picture.
Another angle.
This little tea cart filled with toys was also Amanda's when she was a little girl. Mollie loves to push it around.
Her wardrobe with handmade quilts on top.
This quilt was made by my Mother for Debbie when she was a newborn. Deb has followed my Mom and made a quilt for both Mollie and Andrew.Michael's Mother was also a quilter. She made each of her grands quilts too.
This sign pretty much says it all!lol To us, she is.
 Amanda just loves this vintage doily made by my Mother. A close up.

He is such a good big brother. She adores him and thinks he is so cool.
I hope you have enjoyed visiting this beautiful vintage home. Most of you feel you knew Amanda and now you know her even better. Thanks for coming Through Our Back Doors, where life is good.
PS: I want to thank Amanda and Clay for allowing us to visit. They really are private Thanks guys, I love you
PSS: I have made some changes here. I will share next post. I know you can hardly wait!lol (just kiddin')  about you not being able to wait!
PSSS: I will share an Andrew story. He thinks his Granddad(Michael) is pretty special, BUT  the other day he was naming to Amanda, all the super heroes named Michael.He had named all he could think of and Amanda said, "I think you have left out the most special super hero, named Michael". He looked at her and said "who?" She replied,"Granddad." To which he said with utmost authority, "He is NO superhero, he fell off the barn!" lol (remember he did fall off the barn last summer and about killed himself)


  1. I really enjoyed seeing the bedrooms. They each suit their occupant well. Tell Michael he needs to learn to fly! :-) He will be heart broken when he finds out Andrew doesn't consider him a Super Hero. Thanks for sharing more of Amanda's home.

  2. I adore the kids rooms,how special.but ohhhhhthe superhero story! I'm still giggling!

  3. I really enjoyed our visit to their beautiful home. You can tell it is filled with lots of love. Darbee really enjoyed seeing Mollie and Andrew's rooms. She wants her closet doors painted like Andrew's. Ha! Thanks for sharing. The superhero story gave me a good chuckle. The things that come out of the mouths of babes. Hehe..Have a good week.

  4. Aww super hero story is so sweet..very lovely post with lots of love in it.
    Love for you xxx

  5. Truly the Home that Love Built.
    Each room is painted and filled with such love.
    I pray for Amanda and her beautiful family all the time.
    God is soo good.
    Blessings & Hugs to you Grandma.


  6. Just wonderful, thanks so much for sharing with us Amanda. You have a great mix of old and new with exciting twists on it all!

  7. I am so in love with those barn doors in Michael's room!!! I'm telling ya, my hubby would take Micheal's room and I'll take Mollie's room!! I've always wanted a chandelier!! Thank you so much for the tour!!

  8. Amanda, love your home and thanks for sharing it with us.

    Betty, I can see that you are the inspiration for all of her decor, really. It doesn't have to be prim to suit me. I love living in my home, surrounded by what I love and the people who make this life bearable.


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  10. Thanks so much for posting these and tell Amanda how fun it was to see the pictures! Can't wait to see you all soon...Ryan and I are coming to the Mizzou Tennessee game with Lindsey and Curt and my parents and I think we are planning on staying at Debs house!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

  11. Thanks for sharing Amanda & Clays home with it, it is as beautiful as your entire family is.
    The kids rooms sure do fit their personalities.

    Made me laugh when read Andrew's comment about Super heros. But he alway's cracks me up with what he says.

  12. Betty, What a delightful post. The wedding photo is just beautiful.Loved it all and Thank You for sharing with all of us. The Cowboy boots are too cute!


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