Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Life Is Good and I Am Blessed

I am so glad you stopped in tonight. There has been a lot going on Through My Back Door, and I love sharing it with my friends.(or as Dodd used to say when he was in first grade, my buddy pals) That is a blog in itself, and I will share one day. Tonight I want to tell you about my fun week. But, grab yourself a cup and choose the flavor you want. The Keurig is out, as  the Bunn has been unplugged. Sorry there are no sweets, but I have been gone. Next time.
This girl was one of nine teachers in the state of Tennessee honored at a banquet in Nashville last night. Being the kind of daughter in law she is, she took her mother in law  and sister in law with her, along with Dodd of course. We had so much fun and was so proud of her. More about that later.
Well Deb decided she and I would go a day early and visit Curt and Lindsay at their new home. I was so excited, because I had not seen it. It is so cute! They are so happy, it just makes you happy being around them. I am going to show you a few pix inside. Again her decorating style is different from mine, Debs, or Amanda's. More like Beths. I am so pleased she likes to decorate, because she doesn't have a lot of time. Curt is still in Pharmacy school and she is an RN. Anyway here are few pictures. Didn't expect a field trip did you?
We were waiting on the soup to heat. Deb brought Curt his favorite home made chicken noodle soup.
Now isn't this cute?(I ask you not to pay any attention to Curts foot, but wanted you to see the other side of the livingroom, and I don't know how to edit!lol) Don't you agree their apartment is darling? Her mother sure raised her right, as she treated us so well. We do love her. BTW, her Dad is doing great , and she appreciated all of your prayers for him.
Tuesday morning before we were to meet Dodd and Renda at the Opryland Hotel, Deb told me we were going to the Country Music Hall of Fame. I grew up loving country music and still love the old songs today. I like a lot of the new entertainers, but my love is with the old ones. I felt like a kid going to get a new I have been wanting to go here for a long time, but we just hadn't been able to work it in, when we were in or passing through Nashville.
Here we are on the balcony ready to go. What fun we had. I enjoyed every minute of it. Have I told you, I love this girl? We always have a good time, where ever we are and this was no exception. I enjoyed seeing the Patsy Cline exhibit, as well as all the other stars who are no longer with us. It brought back so many wonderful memories, for both of us. I thought of my own Daddy so much because he was quite the musician and had even played with Roy Acuff before he became known. It was a blessed day for me. We left there and went to meet Dodd and Renda. We didn't have a lot of down time because we were to be down stairs at 5:15.
Here they are all dressed and ready.Renda, Dodd, and Deb.
Renda, Dodd, and me. I wish I could remember what was so
For the second time in 4 years, Renda was one of the top nine teachers in the state of Tennessee. Last time she was nominated for Middle School teacher, where she taught English. This time it was in the High School category, where she teaches theatre. To be chosen two different times in two categories, is quite an honor in my opinion. She did not win Teacher of the Year, but she was voted East Tennessee teacher of the year. There was a winner for all three districts. East Tn, Middle Tn, and West Tn. We are quite proud of her and rightly so, I think.
So that is what has been going on this week. Do you see why I think life is good and I am blessed? There is nothing like family, and mine is so good to me, I don't feel deserving, but I do feel grateful.
Well I have been making more changes. I am trying to open up the  great room to show its size. My sofa is so big, I decided to move it over to the highest point.
Again, pay no attention to the flowers. They are fall colors anyway. Dasko was pretty tired of me moving furniture around by this time.
Lots of changes Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Thanks to each of you who read along with me and leave comments. I feel we are friends and have to share our lives with one another and I love sharing my family and hearing about yours.
PSS: I want to give a shout out to Carol, from Indiana who came by the Hen one day and left her e-mail address for me. Help me pray for her daughter Lynn, too will you?
PSSS:Hey Tammy, A Primitive Place ~ Tammy,
Opry Mills is back open and better than ever, I hear. We didn't have time to go this time, however we did antique a bit in Lebanon though. Didn't buy a thing.Deb did find a bed she loved, but at 6500.00 she left it


  1. You and Deb remind me so much of my mom and I. Looks like you had a great time on your trip! Congrats to Renda. What an accomplishment!

  2. Congratulations to Renda! That is quite an honor. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing. You have a beautiful family!

  3. What an honor for Renda and an honor to take you all along! You are blessed, Betty! You have a wonderful family and the love shines! :)


  4. Betty, you are so sweet and very proud of your family...and well you should be. I am very glad your daughter in law won the award, I'm sure it mean so much to her. You are so lucky to have Deb. You two could be me and my Mom ( I wish she was still here). Have fun and enjoy every single minute with each other. I wish I could!

    Have a lovely day tomorrow and God bless you and your family,

  5. It looks like you have been having a wonderful time! I love those red heels...but would definately break something if I ever tried to wear something like them! I always joke I can't walk with my feet flat on the floor so certainly don't put anything under them, wether it be heels, skates, or skis!!!! Katie

  6. congratulations to renda..loved the pictures..thank you for sharing..
    big hugs cucki xxx

  7. Good Morning Betty Friend
    Welcome home. How wonderful for Renda.
    What a beautiful Family you have.
    And so fun to make new memories together.
    Have a wonderful day
    Praying for Lynn

  8. Good morning Betty, You are one busy lady on the go. What a fun happy trip. Congrats. to Kendra. What an honor, Don't you just love Nashville and all its heritage? Does our heart good to see our children/grandchildren happy doesn't it? Glad Curt and his wife are a happy couple. They have so much to look forward to. Hoping you have a great weekend

  9. Betty, you are so blessed. What a wonderful
    family you have. How nice that you could
    share such an event together. What a great
    time to be together with family, get to see
    their home and all.I always enjoy what you
    are doing with your own home as well. Thank
    you for sharing with us.

  10. Betty thank you for sharing everything. Someday I too would love to go to Nashville, I am a huge country music fan and love the oldies too! Congrats to Renda, what an awesome honor! All teachers need to be recognized for all they do!
    Be blessed,

  11. Hi Betty
    Sounds like you had a great time
    Congratulations to Renda
    Thanks for letting me know about the mall
    Can't wait to go back so glad to hear it back up and going

  12. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.
    Congrats to Renda.



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