Saturday, October 20, 2012

Making Your Bed

Good evening friends and I am as usual very happy to see you. How about a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee? Guess what! We have homemade brownies too. Not from a mix They are Susan Branch's recipe, from this cookbook. You make them in one pan,(not a mixing bowl) then pour them into a square pan and bake them. So easy. I don't bake a lot and when I do, I want easy. Michael says to tell people looking at the house, when we are discussing the appliances, that the stove is like new. Only been used 6 times in three  NOT TRUE!!!!!!lol
 Anyway I am glad you came by. Tennessee is playing football but we are getting beat  and I just couldn't watch it. It isn't that I am a fair weather fan I am just too tired to watch a game that isn't exciting. I decided to visit with you all instead. Now for the title of my post. I am not talking about making this kind of bed.
Nor this old rope bed
I am talking about the decisions you make in life. My Mother always told me when I made a decision I didn't like, "Well you have made your bed, you will just have to lie in it." Did you all ever hear this? I don't know about you but I have made my bed lots of't always like lying in it either) When we were at the beach, we were talking about my Mother. (Debs grandmother, and Beths great grandmother.) Michael loved my Mother too.She was not only a wonderful Mother, but a fantastic Grandmother. She loved her family more than life itself. She was one of the funniest people ever, and she had a saying for everything. Anyway the kids said you need to post some of them on your blog. I said some of them weren't Anyway, back to the bed. I have been clearing out things to make the realtor happy. With all this stuff, I sure have made my bed! What am I going  to do with it all? Why do I have all of it to begin with? Well I made my bed years ago. when I was 12 years old, (and that was YEARS ago) I got my first antique. It was my maternal grandparents pitcher and wash bowl and I carried it on my lap all the way from Coshocton,Ohio, to Knoxville. That was a long way pre interstates.
So, the collecting bug bit and my bed was made.Now I am lying in it! It has been eye opening for me. I removed a couple of tables and I miss them. You laugh, but you know I firmly believe in having things you love around you, so it has been hard for me, but I will continue to do it. Here is my poor living room with out its
Looks kind of pitiful doesn't it? I did put that particular table over where the round table and chairs were.
It isn't as big as the other set was. I am getting it ready for the agent to list, as you can tell. I have made my bed  and now I will have to lie in it. (telling her I would pack away some stuff)
Oh well enough of that. It is beautiful here in East Tenn right now.
This is looking off my front porch.
The tree at the end of the lower driveway.
Just some of the "Fall" around my house. As you are aware I love fall. We have counted our fall blessings one post and I know most of you feel the way I do about this wonderful season.
I love this picture of my fall visitors.
Well I am so happy you dropped by tonight Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I hope each of you will look around and see what kind of bed you have made. I pray it is one that makes you happy and you enjoy lying in.
PSS: My daughter in law, Renda, is a candidate for the Tennessee teacher of the year. The 9 candidates will be honored at a banquet in Nashville this next week. I am so proud of her, whether she wins or not.
PSSS: Thanks for all of the wonderful comments about Amanda and Clay's vintage home. They enjoyed reading them. We will take another field trip soon. We have got to go see Carols fall.


  1. Hello there dear Betty, You are such a great prim /colonial it must be terrible to remove something that you love. Your home always looks just the way I want mine to look someday. I try. My husband and I have been collecting early Amer./country type furniture since before we were married. At that time I refinished a beautiful old sugar bucket (firkin) and took the sand paper and the steel wool and practically sanded off the name- Pillsbury -and the year that was stamped on the bucket! My mother stopped me just in time. I was young and I didn't know. Anyways, Betty, good luck with listing your home......and good luck to your daughter-in-law.


  2. Good morning Betty, I tried removing some of my keepsakes a few years back. We redid our wood floors and I decided to give the great room a more open look and did not bring things back in. Didn't last long. Did not seem cozy, you could almost hear an echo. Must really be hard for you. But just think,,, only temporary.When you sell and move to your next home,,, you can once again decorate as you please. One thing for sure, you can keep all the love and memories right there with you within the walls of your home. Love the view from your porch. Missing those mountains this time of the year. Have a blessed Sunday

  3. hello deary, your home is so beautiful..i love it so much from my heart..
    sending you lots of love and hugs cucki x

  4. Hi Betty,
    Grew up hearing that too. Do ya think that is a southern thing. LOL!
    I too have had too lay in the crappy bed way more times than I wish.
    I think your home looks wonderful now and before.
    But I wouldn't let the agent dictate too much. You have fabulous taste and any potential buyer will see that. :) just my opinion. And you know my quickly souring feelings on having to deal with potential buyers. LOL.

    Hubby and I want to retire to TN. I wish it was time for that because I'd love to come buy your wonderful home.

    Congratulations to your daughter in law!
    That is quite an honor.

    Thanks for the coffee. ;)
    Enjoy your weekend.
    My sister and nieces are home today, so getting ready to head off and spend some time with them.

  5. I heard it alot and like you didn't always enjoy the lieing part.We learn from our mistakes and move on though sometimes they make us better,sometimes you just remember to choose better next time.I'm like you want to be nested in the middle of all the things I love.If it's packed away you can't enjoy it.Just remember this to shall Blessings!~Amy

  6. I understand how hard it is to go through things and decide what to keep and what to put away. I hope you always continue to lay in the bed of lots of primitives...your home would not be the same without them. The most comfortable beds are those that have adjusted to our, Ms Betty you go right ahead and enjoy the bed you have made for yourself...Blessings!

  7. Betty,
    I agree with everyone else. They are the way we "feather" our nest. They are memories. That is what makes people feel at home because they see us. I would see your house and love it because of its cozy feeling! It is you!!!! I would buy it because of the way it looks! :) It would inspire me in my own decor that I put in that home. Just like how we all prowl around each others' blogs gleaning ideas from and enjoying each others' homes! I don't know about streamlining the house. If it is meant to go to a special person, they will love it the way it is.

    People think my house is cluttered, to each their own. I am a visual person. The items remind me of people and places. They can't do that in a box or closet. I have been getting rid of things that aren't special. That way the treasures don't have to compete with the "non-special clutter". Your items are special, and it shows!!!!

    Thank you kindly for the coffee! I had a pumpkin latte yesterday! Are you proud of me? I would have shared, but alas, I drank it!

    Blessings, Friend!!!!

  8. Dear Betty,
    I did not know that you were putting your beautiful home on the market. how can you move from such a lovely place? will your back door still be open to us? We Mormons don't get to drink your coffee but I love dropping by for a chat and a goodie. I will be sad if you move away my friend. Have a good week. Hugs

  9. Betty ... Your home & the surrounding land are so beautiful. I don't know why someone hasn't snatched it up by now! I always heard that bed saying too. I have made way too many of those beds in my lifetime & not all of them are/have been pleasant to lie in but such is life. I'll try to make better beds in the future : )

  10. Hi Betty. I would love to lie in any of your beds:) Your home is lovely. I am sorry you have to clear some things out in order for selling. It's always best to fill our lives with the things we love and that matter most. When something goes missing, like your table, it leaves and empty spot that is hard to replace and get used to. Now, I have a big bed I have to lie in. I have taken way to much "me" time lately and have to play catch up with the housekeeping. Ugh. Have a great day. Lovely post. -Steph-

  11. You have such a beautiful place, Betty! Love your porch and the view...and your fall visitors! Beautiful bedrooms too! I know putting away stuff is hard....I'm the same way! Things around me I love are just comforting. :)



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