Saturday, October 27, 2012

One Year Ago and What I Have Learned

Hey everyone, hope you are having a wonderful Saturday. It is cool here in East Tn, but beautiful. Come on in and have a cup of Pumpkin Spice coffee and a bowl of banana pudding. I love Pumpkin Spice coffee in the fall. I hope you aren't tired of it, but in case you are soon we'll have some mulled cider. Yum. I just want to do a short blog to comment on what a special day today is. You see it was one year ago today my precious granddaughter was diagnosed with breast cancer. I have to say it was the darkest day of my life. Even when Curtis had to go into the nursing home, it didn't hurt as much as hearing her diagnosis. (I am not making light of his illness,no way, it about killed me, but she was so young and had 2 small children).However I have learned so much in one year. First I want to share with you what she said herself. she walked in the Susan Komen race for the cure today.

 Deb, Andrew, her mother in law Dawn and sister in law Maleia walked with her. I was supposed to but wasn't able to make it.

This is what she posted on FB after she got home.

"Guess What?!! One year ago, on this very day I was diagnosed with cancer. On that day, I couldn't even think about October 27th 2012. I couldn't imagine my future that far ahead. But I put my trust in God and begged for more time with my kids and He has answered that prayer and given me 365 more days with my family. I have been grateful for everyone of those days and I believe He has healed me. And today, on October 27th 2012, I was healthy enough to walk for the cure! Thank you for praying for me! God has been so good to me and I just want to praise Him all of the time for that!!"
This past year has been a learning experience for me. I have learned what being humbled really means.  I have learned what real strength is. Not mine, but Amanda's. I have learned the meaning of true love. That being when you are are so sick you can't hold your eyes open and are in so much pain you think you can't stand another minute, but you still want your five year old talking to you and your one year old lying in bed with you. You don't want your Mother and Grandmother telling them to be quiet,Mommy is sleeping, or tired. You put everyone first but yourself. I have learned that a young husband wants to do all the caregiving himself, doing the things she needs done himself, even with a doctor in the house.I  have learned that a sister cares so much she will drive a 10 hour trip each way,(several times) to stay 2 or 3 days to be with her sister when she needs her. I have learned  you find strength through prayer and you have friends you don't even know, praying hard for your family. I have learned that God never leaves our side. He is always there, even if we are having a hard time seeing Him. I have learned He uses a beautiful 29 year old to teach me and others strength, faith, and hope. Amanda witnessed to everyone she came in contact with. She shares her faith with all who will listen and continues to be an inspiration to all who know and love her. Amanda through you I have learned what faith really is. You, have taught your grandmother so much.
Amanda,Panda, You are my hero. If I could ever be half the person, half the Christian you are I would be a whole lot better than I am today.Love you and thank you for letting me do this post.
And thank each of you for your prayers and for coming Through My Back Door where life is good. Betty
PS:This is not meant to be a sad post, just the opposite. God is Good. Let us all smile and enjoy each day.


  1. I write this comment with tears streaming down my face. What a blessing. I remember my mom telling me about Amanda's diagnosis before I started following your blog and it broke my heart. Someone so young. Someone my age. Wow. It really hit home and made me realize how blessed we are to have each day to spend with those we love. She sure has come a long way in a year and I am so happy for her as well as your family. You all are a very strong family and a wonderful example to others. I have enjoyed getting to know and meet you and following along with this journey.

  2. Beautiful tribute to Amanda! <3

  3. Such a beautiful post about such a lovely and gracious young woman.Brought tears to my eyes not of sadness but joy knowing that her faith and hope got her through.Thank you for letting us pray in the hard times but more so for showing us what faith can do.Big Hugs!~Amy

  4. Thanks mom, I love you! And thanks for all of the many prayers I got through your blog!

  5. Five months ago this afternoon I lost my dear little sister to cancer.(not breast cancer). I am so glad you are here to celebrate this day with your granddaughter!

  6. Great pictures, so glad she was able to participate and with family.

  7. I am so happy that Amanda got another 365 days and I hope she gets many, many more "365 days" too;so many,she loses count.

  8. Betty, Such a wonderful post and so well written. I remember meeting you for the first time at the Hen the day after Amanda's surgery. And also the night after the robbery at your home. Despite all that you were so upbeat and amazingly happy. Only the love of God and faith in him could give you that glow. God is good and has preformed a miracle for your family. Although we were all saddened by Amanda's sickness, the strenght and positive attitude all of you showed was felt through out blogland, Thank you for letting us be a part of that. Have a blessed Sunday.

  9. What a wonderful post, wow what a wonderful testament to the power of prayer and faith.

    God Bless!!!


  10. Betty, we remember that day, too. It was when we first met you and I just felt like it was a reunion that God had set up. We started to pray and haven't stopped, yet. Great blog post.


  11. What a beautiful post Betty. Amanda is a beautiful woman. What a wonderful day to be able to do the walk! I love the little guys Momma on his back! And by the way....I think we all know who helped to teach Amanda to be the amazing woman she is!

  12. what a sweet post..
    hugs and love cucki xx

  13. What a story! Am thankful for Amanda's health and her positive attitude with dealing with her health issues (and her husband).

    She has set the bar high for others!

  14. Beautiful touching story and tribute! What a strong woman Amanda is! I am in awe.

  15. What a beautiful post Betty. I've said it before & I'll say it again, you are blessed with such an amazing family!

  16. You are both such incredible women!! Blessed to know you both and continuing to pray for AManda!

  17. Betty,

    I praise God for answered prayers for Amanda. You have an amazing family!


  18. What a beautiful testimony of God's faithfulness and answered prayers. You are a true Hero to me too Amanda!
    You keep on shining.Love to you Amanda.
    Love to you also Grandma Betty.

  19. Oh, Betty I know how much this milestone means to Amanda.
    Heaven will have to wait a long time for this angel because this sweet girl has much to do right here on earth. I feel such a kinship and love to you and Amanda and Deb.


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