Saturday, January 17, 2015

How Do You Decorate?

Hello, it is nice to see you again. This has been such a busy week Through My Back Door. It seems every week is, though, but I am okay with that. Beats sitting alone staring at the Not that I know how that feels either, with the exception of a few years ago and I was snowed in. I went stir crazy! Was so glad for the snow to melt. I am seldom bored and when I am I call someone and ask if they want to do something. I can entertain myself for hours with a  good book and a cup of coffee.Which reminds me, get yourself a cup and an apple muffin and come sit down. I am not much of a TV watcher, although there are some shows I don't like to miss. (only a couple)
After you put your Christmas decorations away, do you ever just sit back, look at your house and say"What do I do now?" I have done that this year and as I look at my decor, I see I decorate in "Threes". A friend told me I was a symmetrical decorator and I knew I was "weird" but never was aware that I have a tendency to decorate in threes, until after Christmas and I got my computer back(completely void of pictures) and I wanted to download some for this blog. So I went about the house snapping pictures here and there, and this is what I discovered. I am going to share some of my vignettes. I was shocked when I looked at them after I
Three pears in a bowl. Three items on the cupboard top.
These are Three angels in a sieve. One is from Trace, one from OLM and one from Amanda and Beth when they were in high school.

Two sheep and a picture
Two candle boxes and a carrier on a cupboard. See what I mean. What is with this?lol
That pewter plate is not dirty, don't know how this
I am so not believing this.
Even this little shelf above my chair in the reading nook has three items. I like this Sebastian because it is The Family Who Reads. Michael carved the little snowmen years ago. They are the only ones I have out.
I think you see what I mean and there is more. I am just choosing not to show you anymore this time. All of my cupboards have three items on top, except the corner cupboard and it has five.
I will show you my mantle. It is in, yes you guessed it, THREE
Can you believe this. Please tell me some of you do quirky things like this too.  Surely I am not the only one.
Today has been a beautiful day and I was blessed to get to go to Chattanooga to Gabes 4th birthday party. Douglas and Anastasia know how to throw a bash. I also got see some of her family I don't get to see anymore and some of their friends.  Had a fun time. Came home and went to Debs for Clays birthday dinner. When I finally got home and relaxed I thought what a wonderful day I have had with my family. I have had time with everyone of my greats today, five of my grands, and 2 of my children.Spent several minutes on the phone with the other one as he drove to DC. It can't get much better than that. I feel that way when you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Olivia left for DC today to begin her internship with Sen Corker. Please say a prayer when you think of it for her.
PSS: I hope you and your families have escaped the flu. We have so far
PSSS: Thanks to all of you who have liked my FB page. I appreciate each of you


  1. I am so happy to see you back blogging! There are so few that do anymore so it gets lonely when you aren't here! I have been banging on your back door! LOL
    I giggled looking at your pictures of threes...I know I read once where it was more pleasing to group things in odd numbers so I do that but they are all different numbers. Glad you had such a great day with family!
    Be blessed,

  2. Morning Betty, your funny, was laughing reading your post. Your home is beautiful and love your decorating, even if in threes. Blessings Francine.

  3. After reading this I have looked around and I guess I tend to cluster things too.. The only difference is...mine is more than three.. I guess we all like vignettes and have a certain amount of things we like to see together.. I love your home.. keep on doing the "3" thing.. Look less cluttered than mine.. Have a great Sunday.. Blessings!

  4. So sorry for the loss of your photos, Betty. I think all your new pics look great. Like Cindi, I have always heard that we should use odd numbers in decorating so you are not weird at all! Love ya!

  5. I was taught in art class to group in threes, fives or makes for a better I do not think you are quirky at all. Love all your pics. Janice

  6. Hi Betty! We made it home tonight safe and sound, the weather was perfect till we go to Michigan and it was snowing.
    Well nothing wrong with 3's, decorators always talk about decorating in the odd numbers...3, 7, 9s etc. Don't worry it all looks great!

  7. I love visiting you and your home.
    Love shines everywhere.
    I like my home to be filled with warmth and love..
    Old and new.
    Warm Woolie hugs

  8. Well Betty , I'm right there with you , on purpose. I always decorate in threes . I don't know why, just always have:) one up ,one down and one in between.i guess I like odd numbers. So glad you got to spend time with the wonderful " Earlene" she is so sweet. She has such great primitive taste! And so do you. I LoVe my morning coffee and visit with you! Have a great week . Hugs Marg.

  9. I decorate a lot like you do, Betty. You have such pretty things! I love the primitive style. :-)

  10. Everything is beautiful. I too think uneven numbers work best when decorating.


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