Saturday, February 9, 2013

Hearts, Day 9, Whole Lotta Love

Good morning and I know it is early. Dasko woke me up gagging. He needed to go out, so this Saturday started early. I decided to stay up and have coffee, so come on in and lets have a cup and enjoy the quiet time. It is a little early for me, but that's okay. I thought I would share a few hearts today. You have probably seen them before(and more than likely again down the road)lol
These are the hearts that are out all the time. Tomorrow I will share the ones that are homemade by special people. I just love hearts. Always have. Don't care much for stars, but love those hearts.
Well as always I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta LOve.
PS: I hope all of our friends in the storms eye are okay today. These nasty storms frighten me.
PSS: I am so excited. Company coming down the road again. Oh yes, Sandi bought another Nicole is coming with her. What fun lies ahead.


  1. Good early morning Betty, I too am up early. The dreaded Cramp in my bad leg shook me awake so I chose to stay up as well. I so love my quiet early mornings anyway. Mr. P. is sleeping in so peacefully. Love all your hearts. Love the last photo with the hearts on the pottery. Perfect. Enjoy your company. Have a blessed Saturday.

  2. Good morning
    I hope Dasko is feeling better.
    Beautiful hearts. I love them too.
    I found the heart book.
    I do love it.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Hi Betty! Love all the hearts...I'm more of a star girl, but Today I'm gonna go around looking for hearts in MY house! :) Hope Dasko is well. --Jan

  4. Betty, you have some wonderful hearts. I love the stone jug with the heart heart on it.

  5. I am not so much for hearts, but if they are done in the right way, as your beautiful one's are.......they can stay out all year long:) My favorite is the one on the crock. -Steph-

  6. Hi Betty,
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend! I love hearts and your are adorable. People have commented that they are out of style, I don't think that's true when you love something. It's a classic.

  7. you must be ready for a nap! love all your hearts.. its whatever you like and enjoy isnt it!!? we are waiting on the storm up here in mn.. i hope we dont get much more. enough already! enjoy your evening betty!!

  8. I actually slept in this morning...not enough sleep over the past few nights..I feel so for all the folks in the upper east...we have been blessed here with Winter all the hearts! Blessings!

  9. Pretty, pretty hearts. Can't wait to see your next post! Have a great Sunday, Dawn

  10. Love all your hearts! Enjoy your company! I know you will have some adventures! Can't wait to see Sandi's newest treasure!


  11. You know I love hearts too! I am not much on the stars either.
    I hope that Dasko is better.
    Enjoy your Sunday.
    God bless.


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