Thursday, February 14, 2013

Day 14,Whole Lotta Love, Speckled Hen

Today is the last day of Cindi's Whole Lotta Love. It has been 14 days of thinking about things I love. As I stated first post I love so many people and things it is hard to narrow it down.I have hit on some people and things this last two weeks, but I thought I would end it with my favorite prim shop, the Speckled Hen. It is the best prim shop.
This was before she opened and there are no signs.
This is some of the interior. If you are in Clinton, Tn, drop by my favorite prim shop and tell them I sent you. You won't be disappointed. These are old pictures and she has some beautiful new spring things.
Thank you for coming Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta Love.
PS: My company is here and we stayed up really late last night talking and laughing. Tomorrow night a group of friends are coming for supper and to visit. Should be fun


  1. Thank you Betty, for inviting us over! you are a great hostess!
    Thanks for sharing your favorite prim shop - I'd love to visit!
    Best wishes

  2. Oh My! Out here by me, there are not many prim shops...sigh... have to travel to get to one....
    Enjoy all your wonderful company!!!! Happy Valentine's day! OLM

  3. Can't wait to see Sharon's new shop! MAYBE IN MAY!!! See you soon, Dawn

  4. I hope to one day visit.
    Happy Valentines Day Friend
    Woolie hugs

  5. Loved the visit to the shop! I love the red settee! Sounds like you are having a lot of fun!
    Happy Valentines Day Friend!

  6. Hi Betty, Maybe someday day. Happy Valentine's day friend. Thank you for following me. Blessings. Anna

  7. Betty, you are so lucky to have prim shops to go to. We have nothing like that around here. Not even in the neighboring states that I am aware of. I live vicariously through those who share pictures of shops on thier blog. I love it. Thanks. Happy Valentine's Day. -Steph-

  8. Betty,the Hen is my favorite prim shop too. So glad I got to shop there - love my curtains. Enjoy your company.

  9. Hi Betty,
    I started a comment and lost it...not sure where it is in cyber space but if you see it...DELETE
    So nice to have fun company of such a fun holiday.

  10. Betty, thank you for joining my little chain! You have brought so much love to your posts. Have a fantastic weekend with your company!
    Whole Lotta love to You!!!

  11. Whole lotta love back to you.
    Thanks for sharing your "love" with us.
    What a wonderful Prim Shop.
    Enjoy the visit.

  12. i love the visit to the shop..sound like you are having lots of fun..
    love for you x


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