Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Whole Lotta Love, Day 6, Coffee

What a beautiful day we had yesterday and are supposed to have today, here in East Tn. Of course the coffee is on and that is what we are talking about today. If you have been a friend for a while, you know I LOVE coffee. It is my drink of choice. I do like hot teas too, as well as hot chocolate.(I am still enjoying my Godiva Hot Chocolate Beth gave me) However, it is coffee that pleases my palette. It is what I drink when I am happy, upset, alone, or with friends. My favorite time of the day was morning. Curtis always made the coffee and we would sit and talk a few minutes over our first cups. (Even when we worked) When his mind was taken, we could still enjoy a cup of coffee in the mornings.(The only pleasant part of the day). I wonder how many happy times are started over a cup of coffee. How many problems have been solved, how many hearts broken. Coffee is an ice breaker. However, I  have loved coffee since I was in high school. Kona or DD are my brands of choice. I do like Door County, and I like Fresh Market PumpkinSpice and Christmas Tradition.
Here are two of my favorite appliances.
This old box is where I keep my K cups. Isn't it neat?
These hold Kona right now. I have found these make the best coffee canisters because they are air tight. They are hidden in the cupboard/island and aren't seen. BTW, never refrigerate coffee. It kills the taste.
When I am doing this.
My coffee is here.
It is here I do my morning devotion too.
If I am in the other part of the room reading a book or dreaming of spring with this Tasha Tudor garden book my coffee is here
So now you know where I drink my coffee. All over the house and anytime of the day! It makes me happy and fills me with a Whole Lotta Love when you come Through My Back Door where life is good to enjoy a cup.
PS: Amanda came through her surgery just fine. Thanks for the prayers. It was for part of the reconstruction. Please continue to remember her and all the others in prayer.
PSS: The little candle holder hanging on my coffee box, was made by Sharon's husband Johnny. They sell these at the Speckled Hen in Clinton, Tn. Isn't it awesome?


  1. Thanks for being so welcoming! Love that you take a cup of coffee around the house with you! I do the same with my cup of hot tea!
    God bless
    PS Great to hear Amanda's surgery went well.

  2. Cheers Betty, clink, our coffee cups together......Love coffee to, anytime, anywhere, it is my happy cuppa......Wonderful post, Francine.

  3. Betty I just stumbled onto your blog and so enjoyed it while drinking my coffee! I am from northwest ga so when I saw you are from east Tn I was shocked. Clinton is my favorite place to antique I love the speckled hen and the corner antiques is the greatest!

    1. Glenda, I love Corner too. I help them out sometimes. I tried to contact you but you had no contact available.Our paths may have crossed at either the Hen or Corner

  4. Good morning! Enjoyed your post although I would have to sit and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or a Coke with you. I start my morning with a Coke instead of coffee. I have never been able to acquire the taste for coffee. Maybe if I tried flavored? I don't know. Hope you have a good day and looking forward to visiting the Hen soon!

  5. You should know my coffee cup is never far away and seldom empty. Dunk's is my favorite and Green Mountain is good, too. I hate to admit that I have never tried any of the flavored ones, though. I got a few samples when I bought my Keurig and just haven't any desire to try them...maybe someday...maybe not..I think it may have to do with the fact that I do not use any sweetener and really don't care for any in my coffee. SO happy about Amanda's surgery and will keep her in my thoughts and prayers. Enjoy whatever you are drinking today, my friend...cheers! ♥ Lynne

  6. Hi Betty! I have to say I wasn't a big coffee drinker until my husband bought me the same Kuerig machine that you have! He bought me the French Vanilla and Hazelnut K-cups and now I'm easy to use and so yummy!

  7. I am also a big coffee drinker! I drink it all day! Love visiting you!

  8. Oh how I wished I loved coffee. I love making it for others and smelling it....oh how I love to smell it! Mmmm..... As close as I can get is hot chocolate. I've even tried half hot chocolate and half coffee...and I just can't do it! But I is an ice breaker! :)

    I'm sorry I didn't realize Amanda was having her surgery, but I will pray for her now!

    Have a great day, Betty!


  9. Hi Betty. I have never had coffee, but as a child my grandparents drank it and I associated the smell with them. To this day I love the smell. I do use it for grunging and my girls will associate it with that as they get older. My sister stock piles it in her food storage knowing that later, when the world ends, she will barter with it!!!! Ha ha. -Steph-

  10. Oh Betty, I love your love for coffee, even though I am not much of a coffee drink, I do enjoy the mocha's and such at Caribou, but don't make it for myself... Love my ice tea though... Funny I even worked for Starbucks for almost 5 years until I hurt my back, hardly drank coffee then too... OLM

  11. Good Afternoon Betty
    Oh my I am enjoying a big DD my daughter just bought me. I love coffee. I too drink it during the day.
    My fav is Dunkin :)
    Woolie Hugs

  12. Love my coffee too Betty. Love Saturday mornings when Mr.P is off work and we sit and talk over coffee.noticed you had a comment from Glenda. Sounds like she might be close to us. Could not find a way to contact her. Have a great day. Beautiful here today also.

  13. Okay! Now I know what one of your little surprises is going to be! Have a great day, Dawn

  14. I wish I liked coffee. It seems to bring so much pleasure to those who do. So glad to hear Amanda's surgery went well.

  15. Hi Betty,
    You know I like coffee! You have a Bunn and a Keurig?!! LOL! I am more on board with the Keurig now that I know they make a re-usable cup for the coffee. Did you know that? Less plastic in the landfill.
    Well, I am glad that you have fun times with your lady pals.
    I hope that Amanda is feeling a little better too. I am sorry, I am behind. Nothing new.
    Have a good night.


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