Monday, February 4, 2013

Rottweiler Love, Day 4 Whole Lotta Love

Good morning and come on in. It is always so nice to  see you and have coffee while we visit. It is Kona and I just love the taste, don't you? Some people think it is too strong, but I love it. Anyway I want to share something I have a Whole Lotta Love for on day 4.
This breed of dog. I love Rotties. They are the sweetest, most loyal, loving dogs I have ever had. If you haven't been owned by a rottie, you are missing something. Have you read the Carl books, by Alexandra Day? Those are the sweetest books.
Dasko is my third rottie in the last 30 years. Our first one was Heidi and the grands loved her. She traveled with us in our conversion van and always laid where she could look out the window. She loved chicken livers and could smell when we got close to a  KFC. She was so gentle with the special needs children I worked with and they loved her. She was well trained and would bark on command,  thus solving math problems. My Ben used to say, "Now don't tell Heidi, she is a dog". Unfortunately I have no pictures on my computer.
The second addition was Hillary,aka Hellya. And she was !
This is Hill. She did so much damage to my stuff and was sassy until she died. She  was so sweet, but wild! I won't go into all she did, but lets say she was known for her antics. She ate holes in the living room carpet. Yes holes! Seth and Curt were young and loved to shoot marbles in one particular hole and were quite upset when we replaced the carpet. She ate the ornaments off the Christmas trees for many years. (It was so bad that when I got Dasko a couple of friends sent shiny brites to him)lol. She was a beauty though. Dark mahogany and dark eyes. Just gorgeous and she knew it. She outgrew a lot of it of course but when I think of her to this day I laugh.
Now you know the third one. He is the gentlest, sweetest one I have ever had. BTW, you know the story of how I got him.(The girl who gave him to me, is the one we bought Hillary from. Curtis and I used to look at each other and say,"We paid good money for this".) We loved her though and she us. Dasko. What can I say about him, that you don't already know. Nothing, so I will just show you some pictures. My friend Carol, calls him a clown, because he is so funny.
He had eaten one of my mug mats and I had fussed at him.I call this Guilty Rottweiler
I think this is my favorite. Can you tell I love this dog?
I will share this little story. Before Hillary died  I had her and Dasko, in my van at the gas station. I had gone into pay and some man came in and asked,"Who owns that van with those rottweilers in it?" It scared me and I said, "I do why?" He just shook his head said,"Pardon me mam, but you don't look like a rottwieler person!"
But I am and it makes me so sad that they get such a bad rap.
This little(lol) fella follows every move I make. Room to room, chair to chair. Sometimes he just lays his head on my lap for a few minutes. Sometimes at my feet where I couldn't move if I wanted too. He is always where I am. I have a Whole Lotta Love for him.
Thanks for coming Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta Love for this rottweiler.
PS: My friend Shirley is not a dog lover, and she loves this big boy so much. she will say, "Tell Dasko it's Aunt Shirley," when she is on the phone. lol
PSS: I will give you an update on Tamra after she starts her chemo. Please continue to pray for her


  1. aww sweettttttttttttt
    have a lovely week dear x

  2. What is a home without a dog? Unfortunately,we have a " Hillary here in Ben.He chews everything! I won't give up on him though. You have a darling dog in Dasko.Such a brave boy.

  3. He sure is one Handsome Fella!! Love his big smile in the back of the car!
    Best wishes

  4. Morning Betty, I like my coffee with cream please......Wonderful post on your beautiful Rotties, they are a loving, gentle breed.....My Sister owned two big Rottie boys, they loved their Auntie, me......Would always sit and lean on you, never close enough, so sad they get a bad rap, Blessings Francine.

  5. Very nice, we have never had a Rottie, but a Scottie, American Eskimo, poodle and now Cavilier King Charles and Simease cat and the cat is more difficult than all the dogs put together were!

  6. How sweet. Darbee loves seeing pictures of Dasko on your blog. Will be sure and show her these. He looks so sweet. Have a good day.

  7. Betty, what great stories! Sounds like you had the Marley of Rot's? HEHE... We do love our animals don't we?! I admit I am more of a lab gal, but they are all great breeds! OLM

  8. Love your babies. There's nothing in the world like the companionship of a big old dog! Maybe I'll actually get to meet them one day. Thanks for sharing, Dawn

  9. Betty, I enjoyed your Rottie stories and pictures. Dasko is a sweetie.

  10. Awwww, Poor Dasko. Love the photo of him pouting. Go easier on him next time Betty. After all it was just a mug mat.{hehe} Darbee Rae might like seeing pictures of him on your blog, but I bet if she saw him in person she would be on Holly's shoulders!! {smile}

  11. Good Morning Betty Friend
    Wow you really have ROTTIE love.
    I never realized how much you love the breed. Such beautiful dogs.
    Woolie Hugs to you and Dasko.

    Praying for Tamra

  12. DASKO!! We love rotties here, too!! Bart and Ruby are numbers 5 and 6, and I'm going to "look" at a rescue today!! BOL!!


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