Monday, February 11, 2013

Boxes, Whole Lotta Love, Day 11

Day 11, already. We sure have shared a Whole Lotta Love the last few days. It has been fun and not hard as there are so many things I love. Well I have this love of old boxes. Especially cultery boxes. So today while you have a cup of Kona(I like to switch it out) I'll share a few of the boxes I love.
One of my very favorites from an Ohio estate.
My spice and knife box I found on the worlds longest yard sale.
Well that is a few, this post will be continued tomorrow. See, I told you I love boxes! Some of my friends just shake their heads, but I know you all "get" it!lol I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta Love.
PS: It is rainy here today but I won't complain. Still concerned for my NE friends.
PSS:I am getting more excited about my company coming. Don't you love having friends visit?
PSSS:This week is Valentine. We associate it with love. Tell those around you, that you love them and if you would, reconnect with an old friend or someone you haven't seen in a while. If there is someone who you feel has touched your life in a positive way, let them know. Life is short eat dessert first.


  1. Oh those sillys who shake their heads...they don't know the beauty of these treasures you have...maybe they do and wish they had them too! I know I see a few I could walk away with.
    Love them all Betty.


  2. Morning
    Oh I love those awesome boxes.
    So many cool ones and so many uses.
    Have a great day.
    Woolie hugs

  3. Those are beautiful, Betty. I have very few boxes, but I do love them as well. It is snowing once again this morning here in NH. Later, it's supposed to change to rain (maybe sleet), so we appreciate any and all prayers for safety for those who have to be out in the weather.. Also, for the many folks who are still without power. It was quite the storm, but I saw pics of MS where they were hit by tornadoes, so I am not complaining either. Enjoy your day and your company! ♥ Lynne

  4. Oh Betty!!!! You love boxes too....only mine are all cardboard Ha ha ha. The first is my favorite by far. The color and the patina is to die for. You are truly a collecter of the most beautiful things. -Steph-

  5. i too love love boxes! an you have some wonderful boxes to enjoy!

  6. I just love those old boxes and have a few myself! None I think as lovely as your spice box and knife box! I look forward to seeing more of your collection. And ...lots of love to you too!! Enjoy your friends. Joan

  7. I love boxes too! You have a beautiful collection. As for this being Valentine's week, I'd like to let you know that you have touched my life and I can't wait to meet you in person. Have a "lovely" week, Dawn

  8. I would NEVER shake my head... I go ohhh... ahhhh... me likey!!! Love old boxes too! Valentines marks 26 years for the hubby and I... How will I spend it? at the doctor with dad... Just needs to be done :)... Enjoy! OLM

  9. Love your boxes...would love to hear each one's stories! Love you too!
    Be blessed,

  10. Oh girl, I have a fondness for wooden boxes too, especially with little drawers. When I'm out antiquing, they are seriously the first things my eyes see. I love your collection and the way you have them displayed!

    Sweet words to close out your post Betty! You are special to me along with all my blogging friends! It still amazes me how I can have such wonderful relationships with people that I have never met in person. Isn't God grand for blessing us like that? =]


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