Sunday, February 3, 2013

Whole Lotta Love,

This is day 3 of Whole Lotta Love, sponsored by Cindi. It has been fun and I have enjoyed introducing you to my children and their families. So, come on in, get your coffee and meet Dodd. Dodd is the youngest and my second son. You have met Debbie and Doug, and I know you feel you know Dodd, but I will tell you a bit more about him.
This is Dodd, Renda, and I at the Opry Land Hotel for her banquet. He is a husband to Renda, a father to Seth and Olivia, a son to me and a brother to Deb and Doug.He is a friend to many people of all ages and doesn't care if they are rich or poor. He is a Christian and has opened the Tn Assembly with prayer at the Capital. He is a teacher at a middle school and loves his profession. He just wants to make a difference in young peoples lives and he has.
He is so much fun to be around.He, like his brother and his sister, has a wonderful sense of humor. He never talks ugly about anyone and tries hard to find the good in a bad situation. He is fair and like his Daddy always sees both sides of any situation.
(His Daddy was always the same way)
He is an exercise Gets up early and goes to the gym before he goes to school He believes housework should be done equally between the husband and wife. At every family function he is always there to help clean up. (Doug will cook but when clean up comes he is out of there)lol Dodd has always been good about helping do things here at home. Here he is putting up my beloved dinner bell.
Dodd was the funniest little kid ever. We still roll in the floor laughing at his antics when he was little. He would go into the ice cream parlor and he always wanted to order. He would say we want 3 banana splits, but hold the banana's on one. One time he planned his own birthday party. That was fine but he neglected to tell us. If a parent hadn't called for the correct time, we would not have known it. We did have cake but Curtis had to hurry out and get party favors and paper while I got ready for the
Here he is installing my progressive Christmas (Remember he gave me the pump 2 years ago and just got it on the stand this past year)
Here he is with Seth and Olivia. Seth is in Chicago working and going to school. He is pursuing an acting career.(He is going to the school where so many Saturday Night Live people came from. Sorry I don't remember the name.) Olivia is studying  living in Canterbury,UK, now until April. From the looks of her pictures she is having a blast.
Renda is the worlds best daughter in law. She is so good to me and never resents the time Dodd gives to help me. When Curtis first went into the nursing home she would take him out to eat by herself. (They were close and he loved sharing his "restoration" secrets with her and Deb.) They live an hour away from me, but only 5 minutes from the NH.
SO there you have my three babies who have become adults while I was busy doing something else. It seems you just turn around and your children are grown with children of their own.Dodd is always smiling and always has. He is no push over and will stand up for what he believes no matter what. I am so proud to be his Mother.
I am proud you take time to come Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta Love.
PS I have to wish my sweet daughter happy birthday today. Love you Debbie and and thank God daily for you.
PSS: Tomorrow I will not bore you with family. I just wanted you to meet those who mean so much to me.(You want your friends to know your family)
PSSS: We had a lot of snow yesterday. Guess who LOVED it!
See the snow on him where he rolled in


  1. Good Sunday morning Betty friend
    You sure are blessed with a beautiful family.
    Isn't it funny how all our children are so different.
    Love your dinner bell and pump.
    Great gifts for sure.
    Woolie hugs

  2. You have a wonderful family Betty. Sounds like Dodda lot of your personality also. Always finding the good in someone and always smiling. You are truly blessed with your children and their famililes. Happy Birthday to Deb. Hope she has a wonderful day. Be careful in the snow. North Ga. got a good bit. We got NOTHING. Have a blessed day.

  3. Hi Betty! It was so nice getting to know Dodd better. Brian is an exercise nut too. Dodd has a beautiful family and sounds like a very honorable man. You SHOULD be proud of him! :) Jan

  4. You have a beautiful family inside and out. God has truly blessed you.

  5. you truly have a very lovely family..
    love for you all x

  6. You are blessed with wonderful sons...Isn't is so funny how God makes each of us so different...that is the way my girls are..Happy Birthday to Debbie. Again, Ms Betty, you have done a wonderful job as a Mother and are truly blessed!

  7. Hi Betty, it was so nice to meet Dodd. What a fun story about his birthday party. You have a wonderful family.

  8. You are a proud Mother with great reason to be. Your children are wonderful adults that love and care for their families and for you. Laughing at the bday party!!!!

  9. Hi Betty, wonderful family.....beautiful post....Francine.


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