Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day 13, Whole Lotta Love for Blogland

This is next to the last day for Cindi's Whole Lotta Love. I love so many people and so many things it has been hard to choose fourteen to blog about. As I was making our coffee I was thinking what can todays post be about and it hit me. People I have met through blogging. So grab yourself a cup of coffee,(I have quit waiting on you, as I don't consider you a guest any more) and let me share some of the people I have met in blogland. I have  been so blessed to meet so many people. I never in my wildest dreams expected any of the wonderful people I would meet blogging.  Bloggers are generous with their time, their talents, and their prayers. So many bloggers do RAK's, something I have never done, as I don't create, but they are always doing swaps and just anything to make people smile. I have received so many wonderful things from bloggers. I won a couple of give aways and received some wonderful RAK's. You have all met Mother, from Marchal over at the blog, (which he doesn't often update,)hmmm, 
I was so surprised to get this and I treasure it.
I was blessed to meet Sue Beck,Primsue's Heart and Home.
Angela and Holly have become wonderful friends.(No pictures)  Thru Nana's Window and HollysHolly's Hobbies and Darbee Days.
I  have been blessed to meet Tammy, Country Girl at Home.
This is my friend Sharon, the Speckled Hen and Joy, Tammy's daughter who also has a blog you can link onto on Tammys.
Libby from Rusty Shed Prims, has become a good friend. We have met more than once.
Pam and Frank of Civil Folk.(I can't get the link to come up)
They have visited me and blessed me with some wonderful gifts.
Those are some I have met. I have become friends with so many more. Dawn and I are planning on meeting this spring. We have prayed together and for one anothers family and friends. We have laughed together and commiserated together. So today I have a Whole Lotta Love for our fellow bloggers and what I have learned from each of you. You have added another dimension to my life.
Thank you for allowing me into your lives and for Coming Through My Back Door where life is good and there is  Whole LOtta Love.
PS:My company comes today
PSS: I cannot do this post w/o mentioning the great friends I have met on forums. My blog fairy and not to mention a group who quickly become close friends and who have visited in my home and I in theirs.



  1. Wonderful post Betty! I am constantly amazed at the many friendships that I have been blessed with through blogging. I don't have anyone around here that is into prims and antiques so my blog buddies have become my best friends!! Definitely God bringing us all together =]

    Enjoy your company~

  2. Such a sweet post..
    Blessings for you x

  3. Our lives are so blessed by so many wonderful friends.
    Who grow to feel like family.
    Have a wonderful day dear friend.
    Woolie Love

  4. You are so right Ms Betty! There is a whole lottalove in blogland....I love visiting with you and reading your posts. Enjoy your company! Blessings and Happy Valentine's Day!

  5. Betty, I have only been blessed to meet one blog friend in person and that is you. What a fun time I had visiting with you and shopping at the Hen and Corner Antiques. Would love to make another trip to Tennessee.

  6. AWW!! Sweet

    You will love Dawn...she is so sweet. Have a wonderful get together.

  7. What a special thing to have so many special friends. I can just imagine the fun you are having with your company right now and know there is a lot of love being shared!
    Be blessed,

  8. What a sweet post! I can't wait to meet you IN PERSON! I'm been so lucky to have had so many bloggers stop into the shop and get acquainted. I'm always amazed at the friendships that are established through this computer, and feel so blessed to have made so many new friends. Have a great day, Dawn

  9. Hi Betty--it certainly is special to actually meet our blogging friends---but we treasure the ones that are too far to meet up with too. We are all so lucky to meet online wonderful people that otherwise we wouldn't know about! I think we are all greatly blessed.---Jan


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