Friday, February 8, 2013

My Mothers Words of Wisdom, Whole Lotta Love, Day 8

Good morning and come on in. What do you think of more rain? Dasko just doesn't like to go out in it but apparently needed to really bad this morning, because he never flinched. Get your coffee, back to DD this morning, and I am sorry but I sent the cake home with the girls yesterday.
Today I want to share some of my Mothers words of wisdom, because in our family we love them. We are never together that one of the kids doesn't say, "well as Non Non (that is what they called her) would say," and we are off. Laughing and sharing.
My Mother was 89 when she died and still lived alone. She lived next door to me and we had an intercom as well as walkie talkies between the 2 houses. Her communication of choice was the walkie She did not like haughtiness in anyone. Two of her favorite quotes for that was. "Never does a bird fly so high it doesn't have to land." Another,"They better watch who they step on, on their way up, because they will meet them again on their way down."
When people gossiped about you, she would say,"Ah, while they are talking about you, they are letting someone else rest." Or if she over heard them talking about someone she would say,"Well she should be pitied not censored."
Some of her words, I am sorry I cannot put on this blog. LOL She was a mess. If someone was quiet, she would say. "Watch out, still water runs deep."
If we were going somewhere and I made a wrong turn, "her remark would be. That's why they put reverse in cars".
When I got married she told me very calmly, "You have made your bed, now you will have to lie in it."
Another was, "Don't throw more out the back door than he can bring in the front."
As she aged one of her favorites was "well I am too near home to mess up now."
So I love the words of wisdom my Mother shared with me all of my life.I hope you got a chuckle and I love you coming Through My Back Door where life is good and there is a Whole Lotta Love.
PS: after I had posted this Debbie called and said you have to add this. If she was skeptical of someone and what they were saying, she would say,"Betty, I am not buying what they are selling." With the emphasis on "buying".
I am going to scan some pictures of her and put them on one day. She was a saint and loved her grands more than anything. BTW, she thought Deb was perfect.  (imagine that)lol


  1. Hi Betty! Oh my, where would we be without our memories of loved ones? I so enjoyed your "Non Non isms"-----my mom always told me "kids are either raised or dragged up...remember that, Janet!" It has served me well!---Jan

  2. Great post! Dick and I are always talking about little sayings that our folks have used. Love them! Have a great day, Dawn

  3. Love this post. What sweet memories. These saying would be really neat stitched and framed. We are supposed to get a lot more rain here too! Have a happy day.

  4. Hi Betty, Really enjoyed this post. Brought back memories of my grandmother. She had a saying for just about anything. Sure wish I had listened more closely as she said them and the old wives tales and had written them down. Love, " I am too near home to mess up now" Never heard that one but oh so true. Have a wonderful weekend. We are heading your way next Wednesday.

  5. aww sweet post..very happy memories..
    big gaint hug for you dear friend x

  6. Hello Betty! What a very special post...again...from you! I loved your "mom sayings" Really put a smile on my face. Have a good weekend!
    Be blessed,

  7. Your mom sounded like a very wise and interesting woman with alot of character! I loved her words of wisdom! From what I hear, grandparents pretty much think the grandkids are perfect....I'm not there yet, but can't wait. :)


  8. Loved your Mothers words of wisdom.
    She sounds like she was a pistol.
    Woolie hugs

  9. Enjoyed your Mother's words of wisdom. They bring back special memories of my grandmother - she shared many similar sayings with us.

  10. It is always good to come through your back door. That's were company enters at my homestead. I m enjoying your daughters blog. The sayings are much like my Grams. My Lucas would sit on my table. I would tel him just as my Gram did sit on the table you will get married before your able. Blessings! Lara

  11. All my grandmother said was "fraid I'll live, fraid I'll live". Ha ha. I hope to pass down words of wisdom to those children who come through my front door as I age. These upcoming generations need it so badly. Thanks for sharing this with us today. -Steph-


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