Friday, March 1, 2013

Bits and Pieces Through My Back Door

Good evening you all and welcome Through My Back Door. The coffee is on (DD) and there are some cinnamon rolls to go with them. It is so cold out to night and drizzling rain, so hurry in, sit by the fireplace and lets chat. There is no place like home when it is cold outside. Today Carol and I went to Clinton and hit the shops. I didn't buy anything, but she did. She treated me to lunch and we had a good visit. We haven't spent a lot of time together lately because she has been gone. After she left I cleaned. What fun!lol  I am trying hard to keep the house clean with it being on the market, but that is not my favorite thing to do. I finally came up with something for my table.
This is it for now. I just cannot come up with anything I  just LOVE.
It is simple and I find I am more into simple. I almost said I am more simple and that is probably a true
Yesterday was my granddaughter Olivia's 21st birthday. She is pitiful, poor thing. She celebrated it in Paris!lol The city of her dreams.
She is quite the diva! can you tell? As you know she is in England studying this semester. Happy Birthday Olivia. (It is actually the 29th, but she celebrates the 28th) This was taken in May on my birthday.
I will share a few room shots of the house now. I have done a bit of changing.
It won't be long until I can sit outside. I am looking forward to those days.
I have spent a lot of time at Debs lately as Beth has been home. We all have so much fun and will be glad when Ryan's residency is finished so they can move back.
There is just not much going on but I am so glad you came to share bits and pieces Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Andrew is selling for his first fund raiser at school. He informed us he had to sell 16 things to get to ride in the "limbo" to Mac Donalds.(It is about 5 blocks or so)lol Yes, he has surpassed his quota.
PSS:Please continue to pray for Tamra. Her chemo is starting, she has cut her hair and is ready
PSSS: I am getting excited for my trip to Williamsburg, I have been home since November. Although I have enjoyed it, I am ready for a
*****I have had several e-mails that you can't leave comments. I have no idea what is going on. Anyone?*****


  1. Everything looks so nice and cozy. I would love to be there again and sit and chat a while. Happy birthday to Olivia. I know she had a wonderful birthday. Congrats to Andrew for selling enough! What a neat prize to ride in a "limbo." Nice to visit with you tonight. Have a good weekend.

  2. Your house is so pretty and cozy Betty. I love the table display, so elegant...just like you.


  3. Betty, Once again, your home is beautiful and filled with all the things I love.
    The table centerpiece is so classic and lovely. Just perfect. Your "diva" granddaughter is a cutie. And yes, I will pray for Tamara.

    All my best,

  4. Your table centerpiece looks beautiful! And the house so cozy:)

  5. I love your prim home!
    The table is perfect and I thenk I will copy it cause I like it so much :0)
    Have fun!

  6. Hi Betty! Love the table display... just the perfect touch of spring! You always do such a nice job decorating your home for all the seasons/holidays... it is always a pleasure stopping by for a visit!
    Enjoy the weekend,

  7. I love your home so much..
    So pretty..
    Lots of love for you
    Hugs ❤

  8. Everything looks so cozy. Love your table display - looks almost like mine, except my bowl is empty.

  9. I always love to visit you Betty. Your home is always so inviting. Your table looks so simple and perfect. I love tulips for spring.You always sound so happy and have so many fiends to visit and shop with. You are blessed.Have a great weekend. ~Sara
    ps~ Your granddaughter is beautiful. So nice that she can study in England.

  10. Oh how lucky to be in love my visits and catching up with you.I'm ready for some porch sitting to.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  11. Your home is simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing!


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