Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Little Child Shall Lead Them

Good afternoon you all. Come on in and have a glass of tea. I want to share my wonderful morning with you. I know I only posted yesterday, but Easter is right around the corner and I am going to be busy, so I am posting again today. You all know that there is a certain little boy and girl who light up my life. Well Andrew wanted to come and make Easter cookies. We did this for Christmas and for some reason we didn't this past year. He reminds me of it ever so often, too. Anyway we decided today would be the day.
He loves doing this and so do I. I am thrilled he wants to spend time with his great grandmother, to tell you the truth.
This is how he got the baking sheet to not roll up.lol (note the candles)
Icing. I didn't get any of him rolling and cutting.
He actually added the food coloring of choice.
The finished product. The shapes were bunny, chick, and egg.(just in case you can't tell.)
Having a glass of ice tea and watching TV. Baking cookies are hard.
flour on the cupboard door.(This is where the sprinkles were)
Flour on the couch. Have no idea how that got there. I swept the floor before I thought I should have taken a picture. Mollie cut out one cookie but said she didn't want to get her hands dirty.lol
While they are here I put Dasko on the porch, as Mollie is terrified of him.(I think it is because he is so big and she is so little,at least that is the way Andrew explained it to me when he was little) anyway Dasko barked and Mollie said," Who said that." I thought that was so funny.
I always say, Andrew saved my sanity. He was born in September before Curtis had to go into the nursing home the following June. Having that little boy in my life helped get me through those rough days. He has always loved me and wants he and I to do special things. I have always tried to comply. Mollie was the answer to a prayer as we wanted a little girl in the family so bad. You know I have another great, Gabe, but I don't get to see him often. Andrew told me today he hadn't seen me in so long. (It had been about 10 days).lol As I said this little child lead me through some dark times.
So glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good and letting me brag on my grandchildren.
PS:Deb has her 50 followers thanks to you all.
PSS: Happy Easter to each of you.
PSSS: We had snow again here today, but it has melted. Supposed to be in the 60's later this week. YEAH!!!!!!


  1. Sweet photos.Sweet memories.:)

  2. What a sweet post, Betty! Your grands are just adorable, and I love that Andrew wants to make cookies with you!! So funny that Mollie doesn't want to get her hands dirty.... it reminds me of my nephew many years ago that couldn't stand a drop of water on him!! They are so cute, and it's wonderful that they get to spend time with you, sharing activities and making memories. :) What a blessing!

  3. Such a sweet post Betty. Glad you had a good morning with those two precious children. And those cookies look yummy. God always knows what we need and meets our needs at just the right time. Darbee Rae was born just a few months after we had to put Mother in the nursing home too. I always said that she was just what I needed and I still thank God daily for meeting all our needs Have a wonderful Easter too.

  4. Grands are wonderful. I cannot imagine how wonderful it is to have Great Grands. Looks like they had a blast. Those special days will always be precious memories for them. Happy Easter to you too! Blessings!

  5. Such sweet memories..
    Love for you x

  6. What a fun time! I know those were the best cookies ever. They both are just adorable. My mom has always said Darbee Rae was born just at the right time. She was born just after my grandmother had to be put in the nursing home. God's timing is amazing. Just proves He knows what's best huh? We saw a few flurries here today too. You had to look hard, but they were there. :)

  7. Betty you are such a dear! I love reading your posts. The cookies are even sweeter because of how they were made I am sure. What a special relationship. Love the picture of them watching TV Mollie is all the way over on her stool to be close to big brother. Thank you for sharing. Happy Easter to you too!
    Be blessed,

  8. Hi Betty! Such a sweet loving post. My Craig was much like Andrew...always wanted to help me no matter if it was baking or planting the garden . (Brian , on the other hand, was always off finding mud to sit in). Andrew seems to be such a sweet boy and very loved by his little sister.---love that pic!---Jan

  9. Hi Betty, Isn't it wonderful how the little ones want to be with us? I just love it. My grandchildren are 13 and 14 now but the granddaughter and I make pineapple upside down cake a few times during the year. so fun! The messes are not as bad as they used to be!!!She does a lot of the cleaning up now.

    Your great grandchildren are so sweet and adorable. I miss little ones around here.

    I hope you and your wonderful family have a glorious Easter. God bless you all.


  10. Each child blesses us with a gift & each one is not the same but helps mold us into the person we are just as we do them as we give our love to them. Wonderful you all spent time having fun. I have started to make sweet tea in my mason jars. Blessings! Lara

  11. What sweet fun! Thanks for sending me some followers!

  12. Isn't that the truth? These children have such a way of touching our hearts and helping us count our blessings. Looks like you had a grand time together!

  13. Oh how wonderful..sweet joy are our Granny's!
    Wishing you a very blessed love filled Easter.
    Woolie Love :)

  14. Great memories you are having with those grands! I hope that you have a wonderful Easter with your family!
    God bless you.

  15. Oh how your greats must love you. What a good great grandma you are. Grandchildren are so special. I'm glad that you have Mollie and Andrew close by to enjoy. All of my grands are far away from us except Mindy's 3 children. I did a post today about her little Austin. He is to me like Andrew is to you.... we have a special bond.

    I'm sure that you had a great Easter with your family. I'm starting a blog challenge today. Come visit me when you can. You may want to do it too.

    Have a great week. Hugs, Lura


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