Monday, March 11, 2013

Goings On,Through My Back Door

Good rainy evening. It is a slow steady rain, the kind you needed to have your baskets and wood buckets, churns, etc setting out in. I am so excited about the warm days of spring. Are you? I have been looking at pictures of gardens on FB,(not that I am a gardener) but I love seeing the beautiful yards, flowers, yard art, etc. I cannot wait until I can have some geraniums and hanging baskets. This is just a nice spring rain.I need to catch one like this and put my baskets out as well as my cedar churn. Sometimes I put the churn in the shower. It drys out so bad and the bottom comes out. I am so sorry I forgot to get your coffee. You have been visiting so long I feel like you should just help
Amanda took some new pictures of my greats. Andrew and I are going to make Easter cookies. He asked me if I had an Easter egg cookie cutter and I don't. I must find one. I just had to share these.
This little guy is the sweetest little fellow. He just is so good to his little sister and wants everyone happy. He is playing Upward Basketball and loves it.I was so concerned about him starting school. I wanted him to have a teacher who would appreciate his uniqueness. I prayed hard about it(I think I worried more about it than his mama). Well God certainly answered that prayer. He got the most precious teacher and of course he loves Mrs Schumaker.
Today I changed the door box again. I just wasn't happy with it, so I went to the barn and found this, stuck it in there and was so happpy with the simplicity.
With Easter on the horizon I have been thinking a lot about my parents and grandparents. do holidays make you do that? Well as a Christian I love Easter and the ressurection and the fulfillment of the plan of Salvation. However, I get a bit apprehensive around Easter. You see my Mother, Daddy, both grandmothers and my father in law all died at Easter. So you can see why I get that way. I think Easter gives us a renewed look on life. Offers hope. Anyway I thought I would share the last quilt my Mother made.
She loved color. The others were made by she and my grandmother.
I love this one. I have several more in the corner cupboard.
All of these were made by them with the exception of the coverlets. I will say they are a comfort and I have a couple I will use for a throw if it is cold.
I played cards with my card group tonight and we had a good time. We have been playing as you know for 30 years. Tonight we were talking about all we had been through together. Marriages, divorces, babies, grandbabies, sicknesses, deaths of parents, and childrens marriages. We have watched those babies grow up and finish college. There is nothing like good friends and I have truly been blessed in that area. I am thankful.
I thought I would share with you a friends kitchen make over. I just love it. She has the knack of making everything look wonderful. I just realized I don't have before  pictures,just the I love it.
Isn't that stove to die for? I love this and wanted to share this beautiful kitchen.
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Tamra starts her chemo this week, please pray for her and her family.
PSS: No activity on the house. That is fine with me. I just want to be where God wants me.
PSSS: What are you all planning on tweaking for spring in your houses? I need ideas.


  1. Good evening Betty. Darbee and I saw the pictures Amanda had posted on Facebook this morning of Andrew and Mollie. They are both so cute.
    I am so glad Andrew has had a great kindergarten year. I too am hopeful for Darbee Rae. Tomorrow is her registration and I am praying hard she gets a spot. Love the quilts. I know they are so special to you. Have a good night. Take care.

  2. Hi Betty! The pictures of Andrew and Mollie are so cute! You must have been getting the rain that we got on Sunday. Today was cold. I'm ready for that warm up!

  3. hello dear, the photos of andrew and mollie sis o sweet..
    sending you lots of love and hugs x

  4. Pretty quilts, beautiful grandchildren and lovely doorbox, the hope of Easter. We sure are blessed aren't we.


  5. It was so nice to visit this morning! Two of our grandchildren play Upward basketball too! It's a great program. Your quilts are precious keepsakes. There isn't anything like wrapping up in a real quilt on a chilly evening. I'm keeping my spring decorating pretty simple this year, a few bunnies, my carrot collection and some wax goodies. Well, it's off to sew! By the way, Detroit is only about 45-60 minutes from Holly!!!
    Talk soon, Dawn

  6. Oh my!! Mollie and Andrew get more adorable with every pic...and that pose Mollie is striking is just too much!! :) I think most little boys fall in love with their first teacher...I know Craig did!! We were in a store shopping when we ran into Mrs. Emswiller and he about tripped over himself to get over to see her!! I'll never forget that enraptured look on his face! Love the quilts..I don't have any family quilts, but mom made each of the boys a quilt when they were born, even though she was legally blind. I still don't know how she managed...of course they are precious to us. Tamra is still in my prayers....hugs, Jan

  7. Betty, Your great-grandchildren are just the sweetest! Their pictures are adorable. The young ones help to keep us young, don't they? Your friends kitchen is so bright and looks easy to use. I would die for the stove, too.

    Your Tamra is in my prayers, I promise.


  8. hi betty! love your quilt treasures!! and adorable babes! glad you have a wonderful group of friends to share life steps with! enjoy your evening!!

  9. Hi Betty, your greats are so adorable! Will send out a prayer for your friend. Love that kitchen too! Janice

  10. Oh my Friend.
    What beautiful sweeties.
    Always fun visiting you.
    I made some yummy apple butter muffins today.
    I think you would love with a hot cuppa.
    Woolie Hugs & Love
    Ps Love the kitchen. :)

  11. I love the pics of your darling greats. So cute! I will pray for Tamra and wish her the best. Thanks for your prayers for me too. Hugs Lura

  12. Such gorgeous grands!!
    I'm loving that black stove too!
    Those quilts are so pretty. Love them all displayed in your cabinet.

  13. Betty, I think we are kindred spirits! Funny how we have posted about the same thing the last 2 days. LOVE the photos of the children. Love the whole thing as a matter of fact. I do hope to meet you one day so who knows? We may both be at the same place at the same time! Wouldn't that be wild? Beautiful quilts by the way. Will say a prayer for Tamra. Blessings to you and your family...

  14. I keep missing you onmy blog roll. I was thinking I haven't heard from Betty. So, I looked and you were not showing up on my blog roll..fixed it! Will not miss you again. Love the kitchen redo. The quilts made by your Mom are just precious and the children are even more precious. At times all we can do is pray and trust God to do what we are asking. God is so good and takes care of our needs..Pray all goes well with Tamra and that God do what is necessary for your house.. Blessings!


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