Friday, March 22, 2013

Home Again, Home Again

What a wonderful time I had in Williamsburg. I have been many times before but this time I saw more and fell in love all over again, with Colonial decor. It is Friday morning and a cold one. The coffee is on and I am so glad to see you. I just have to share some of what I saw.
These two are fun to travel with and we hit every antique shop that was open. One shop outside of Wytheville, Va had gorgeous antiques.  Some of the best pieces I have seen in a while.
This was taken at the Tucker House. They were so nice to us and we had a nice visit with the docents. One of whom loved the Grand Ole Opry.
I am telling you the people were so nice and friendly. We just enjoyed no crowds, and I was surprised they encouraged us to take pictures inside the homes. I am just going to share some of my favorites. Not so much homes, but doors, windows, etc.
I have wanted one of these forever. Now even
We could drink our coffee and visit here very comfortably.
Can you believe this green?
This was where the slave to the women slept. They slept where they worked.
I just love the hardware.
The cage bar at the coffee house, where they gave us a drink of our choice. I had the  chocolate and it was wonderful.
Love these rosehead nails. I  enjoyed the cabinet shop so much and admired all the craftsmanship.
This is what the car looked like coming home. The trunk was full. As you know Renda and Dodd are redoing their home and just got new furniture. She looked for lighting on this trip and did she ever find She got a 3 legged floor lamp, and two sets of cast iron table lamps. Two had arms and three legged and the other pair didn't have arms. She bought a lot of goodies for their home. Dodd got my candy containers I had as a child and we have all added to it over the years. He got 4 or 5 of them including another pistol. I only bought 2
I found these two little glasses to go with my onion bottle.
And this redware plate from Turtle Creek Pottery.(David T. Smith)
This is what we looked like inside the car, coming
There was no room for anything else.
I am so glad you have come Through My Back Door this morning where life is good.
PS: It is fun to go, but always exciting to get back home
PSS:Please remember to continue praying for Tamra as she is now taking her chemo
PSSS: It was snowing in Williamburg when we left yesterday. It flurried on us several times coming home and it was so cold. I will be happy when spring comes and stays.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip! You bought some awesome goodies!
    Prayers to Tamara
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  2. Hi Betty! Wow! I love the decor! So pretty!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  3. Betty you had a great time and got great pics! Love the redware!
    Welcome home~~

  4. Hi Betty! Sounds like you had a great time. Love all the pics...I have a fascination with doors too. I especially love the one with all the rosehead nails in it. Beautiful! I'll bet Dasko was happy to have his mom back!! :) ---Jan

  5. Oh,I would love to visit there some day. Thanks for sharing your trip with us. I love the redware plate you brought home with you,and the message it shares :) Blessings

  6. Hi Betty, Glad you had a nice trip, isn't it just great there, we took the kids up when they were in grade school, it really helped them see the history there and how real it was to them after that, helped them in school. We have been several times over the years, really wanting to take Oliver when he gets a little older so he can appreciate the history of Williamsburg. Love your goodies, never have antiqued shopped there, wasn't really into primitives then, so wanting to go back just for that. Take care, Vicky

  7. Hi Betty, Thanks for taking me on this great trip with you. Your pictures are full of things to die for!!!! Like that corner cupboard....isn't it beautiful! That is one thing I have always wanted. I love the things you picked up..especially those little pedestal glasses. Lovely.

    Hope you have a grand weekend and where the heck is spring???? It is snowing here today in NY and we have gotten a couple of inches over night. BaaHumbug! LOL!


  8. What a wonderful trip.
    So fun. LOVE those DOORS!
    Thanks for taking us along.
    Woolie hugs and hot coffee it's freezing here tooo :)

  9. Williamsburg is soooooo inspiring! I am so glad you three had fun!

  10. Hi Betty! Sounds like you had a wonderful trip!! I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself and got some goodies to bring home! Your pics are beautiful.... I love visiting Williamsburg, but it's been a long time since I've been there.... I think the last time was when my dh and I chaperoned my daughter's 8th grade class trip... and she is now 26!!
    I'm with you.... I need spring to come and stay around!! Have a great weekend!

  11. Sounds like a great time! So glad that you were able to visit and be inspired. Blessings~Sara

  12. Glad you had fun! We missed you!

  13. Wow glad you had so much fun..
    Big hugs x

  14. Who could ever not get excited about Williamsburg and with 2 wonderful people...and hitting the antique Fun time.
    Great pictures.

  15. Williamsburg is a wonderful place to visit no matter how many times you have been! Great finds at the antique shops and yes my car looks often looks like I am moving

  16. Betty,

    Thanks so much for sharing so many wonderful pictures from your trip! Love them all!
    It's always great to get away, but coming home to one's bed is the best! OLM

  17. wow Betty! i think Williamsburg would be a great place to visit! looks and sounds like you had a nice time and found lots of goodies to look at and a few to buy! always nice to come home tho. enjoy your evening Betty!

  18. I'm glad you could get away and ya'll had a great time. Always good to be back home though.


  19. This is a trip I so want to take. Maybe this Summer? I love all the widows and doors. Yes, I can imagine you sitting around that bug fireplace. So glad you had a great trip. Its great to have that kind of relationship with your son and daughter-in-law. Is Spring ever gonna make it? I am beginning to I am so tired of cold and dark days. Of course, being sick for the past week made it easier to lay around with the weather being cold...Blessings to you Ms Betty! Praying special blessings upon Tamra's life during this time too.

  20. My spinning house needs a door so I am building one like the red one you photographed. See what a blessing you continue to be! Marshel

  21. Hi Betty,
    Sounds like a wonderful trip.
    Love the treasures you found.
    Prayers going up for Tamara.

  22. What a wonderful trip. It sounds like you saw many nice things and had a great time. We just got home from a trip too... and like you... while it was great to be gone, it is nice to be home again. It was cold for us in Utah and we are glad to be back in warm CA again. I hope that spring will find its way to you soon. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  23. p.s. Tamra will be in my prayers.... I'm sending best wishes her way.


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