Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh Spring! Wherefore Art Thou?

Good morning and can you believe all the places getting snow? WE got it too.  I am glad you came Through My Back Door this morning. Please help yourself to the coffee and come sit by the fire. Can you believe it is snowing? I couldn't. It is really coming down and laying. Looks good sitting in here but it is cold and I am looking for spring. Lots of you all are too, but I guess we take what we
This was taken earlier and it is still snowing. I am waiting for this.
I know most of you all are too, because I have read your blogs, saw it on FB, or heard you in person. It will be here. I am trying to learn to just enjoy the "Now."
Since Easter is next week I thought I would share a bit of my Easter "gifts." We are all aware of the best gift ever, God gave his son, Jesus to die on the cross, that we may have the GIFT of Eternal Life. It brings tears to my eyes when I think of the brutality He suffered for me.
 Today I will share a few gifts from some friends.
Cross stitch from my friend Carla Herron. She gave this to me the first time we met. Deb made the bunny and the egg is from Russia, a gift from my friend Carol.
I always hate to put it away after Easter.
Another Deb bunny. Eggs from my friend Linda Young.
Sharon (the Speckled Hen) made and gave me this lamb. I love him.
Pewter looking bunnies in the Corner cupboard.
Love this little metal bunny on the mantle.
My friend Carol Brown gave me this bunny years ago, but he is still a favorite. I try to keep him out all year. I love his face.
Carol Brown also gave me the wax bunny on the right. Another egg from Carol and an antique pewter egg cup from Dottie. I bought the little  chalkware bunny for a nickle at a yard sale, years ago.
These two are my favorite "bunnies".lol
Thought I would share where my onion bottle and glasses ended up. I am not a drinker, but this is Colonial. lol

Well, it was so nice having you come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I wish each of you a wonderful and blessed Easter 
PSS:My daughter Deb just lacks one follower to have 50. Why don't you jump over there and visit?Keeping My Heart In Home
PSSS: Next visit I have some WONDERFUL news to share. (No, I haven't sold the house. )


  1. The two snuggle bunnies are the very best kind of bunnies! Yours are so cute!

  2. Good morning! It is really cold here this morning and VERY windy. Looking forward to warm weather here too. Darbee is so ready to be outside and play! Hope you have a good week.

  3. Good Morning!
    I am patiently awaiting Spring as we got more snow last night!
    I wanted to invite you over to my blog for my Spring Auction Sale going on now! Help me clear out some stuff! If you share my sale on your blog or facebook page I will give you 10% off!
    Have a wonderful week Betty!
    Michelle / Simple Pleasures

  4. Hi Betty! Your yard looks like Spring compared to here. Sigh...we got 3 more inches last night...luckily the storm mostly fizzled before it got here. Al is out shoveling now...AGAIN! I would tell you how my crocus are, but they are buried in that white stuff.I have two Ukrainian Easter eggs, but I use them on my Christmas tree. I bought them years ago from a very famous egg decorator that is local. Mollie and Andrew are so sweet...and I think I know who thinks they are each somebunny special! ;) ---Jan

  5. Love all your Easter pics with the bunnies. We have about 3-4 inches of snow here. Soon, when God wants it to will be spring. Until then I try to be patient.


  6. Well no snow here, just lots of wind and very cold. I am ready to get out in my flower beds, my iris's have buds on them already. Well since I can't be outside will enjoy adding spring touches inside. Love your collection of bunnies, especially the two on the bench, they are so cute. Enjoy your day Betty. Vicky

  7. Love all your spring decor Betty. Sure wish we were pulling into your drive to sit and chat the snowy day away. But instead will get out the door for a day of shopping when we get Darbee Rae from school. We are surprising
    her with lunch at Chuck E Cheese. Have a great week

  8. What a great visit this morning! Loved seeing your bunnies and the beautiful lamb from Sharon. Do you think the snow will ever end??? It is supposed to get to the high 40's by this weekend, I'll take anything we can get! Have a great week, Dawn

  9. Your bunnies are all just beautiful and such sweet memories with each. That makes them even more special. Yes, we have snow and wind and coooolllldd here too. I am so tired of this weather but what can we do....just enjoy it! I just knew you had sold your house...Can't wait to hear your news. Enjoy this beautiful weather...:) and Yes, Oh, the Wonderful Love of Jesus! Blessings!

  10. Hi Betty, I just adore all of your wonderfuyl bunnies. What a nice array of different ones!

    Yes, Jesus is my gift for Easter, too. I also cry thinking about him on the crossand it all happened because of sins. Amazing!God is great!

    I thought I became a follower of Deb's but I will skip over and make sure.

    You have a fabulous week. It is a sacred week and we need to be happy.


  11. Hi Betty,
    What darling bunny gatherings. And snow you say...yes, here too off and on for how many days now I can't count. We will get through it though and take the prize waiting when it's over...SPRING!
    Happy Easter,

  12. Betty, if Spring comes home to you, PLEASE ask it to come home here too! sigh.... love all your bunnies, but really has my heart is your lantern! I love it! I saw a couple at the arthur shows, and had sticker SHOCK! But I am in love!!! OLM

  13. Thanks for sharing all of your sweet bunnies! It is amazing what Jesus went through for us isn't it? I have been watching The Bible on the history channel and it is amazing!
    Have a wonderful week Betty!
    Be blessed,

  14. Good Morning Betty Friend
    How blessed we are when I think about all our Savior endured. What utter love!
    I love your sweet bunnies.
    And I agree. Oh Spring where art thou??
    Woolie Hugs and Snowballs in Spring

  15. I always love to see your wonderful home and all of your nice collections! I just love the bunnies, especially those last ones.They are adorable. Grandchildren are wonderful. I can only imagine what great grands will be like.I will be wishing for some sprig weather for you. Easter is early this year, and that is not helping. Blessings~Sara


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