Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What A Differene A Day Makes

24 little hours. Does anyone remember that old Dinah Washington song? It was one of my favorites and still is today. It is SO Good to see you on this rainy, dreary Tuesday here in East Tn. Get your coffee, (if you are tired of coffee have some hot tea, or there is some of the Godiva hot chocolate Beth gave me) I just want you to be happy and comfortable. The difference in today and yesterday is astounding. Yesterday was so sunny and beautiful. I am almost ashamed to tell you, but I find beauty in rainy days too. Without sounding like a pollyanna,( which I am sooooo not) if we didn't have the rain  we wouldn't appreciate the sunshine. As I was thinking about the difference in yesterday and today, and when that song came to my mind, I couldn't help but reflect how true those words are.  24 hours can change our lives completely. Today all is fine, then we get devastating news. 24 hours. Anyway it makes you think doesn't it?  24 little hours. How our lives can change for the good and the bad. Some of us are going through some difficult times, thinking job changes, moving, worried about children, health issues, but one day we get good news. 24 little hours make such a difference.  As I started this post, I had no idea what I was going to say. do you all do that? I just start to blog and it all comes together. (Haphazzardly sometimes).But I think I have been thinking of all the changes in my own life the last few years. Some sad, some happy, some mundane. But changes. Do you go with the flow or do you fight it? Do you let go and let God or do you fight Him? I do a bit of all of this, but I am so going to try to make my 24 hours count. Will you join me.
I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures. Indulge me as I know you have seen them all before. These are just a few things that make me smile.
going to visit my friend Carol at Christmas. Her home just invites you in and there is always coffee and something sweet.(On a sad note, both of her fur babies have died since this picture)
This old mirror from my grandparents home

This old mirror that has who it is to go on the back. I wonder why they didn't get it. Did they think it was too old and ugly? Well I love it.
Walking along this creek bank with Dasko.
This lamp from my great Aunt Chlora who always made me cinnamon rolls and red velvet cake when I went to visit.
This old flat iron from my maternal great grandmother, given to me by great Aunt Hazel.
Sitting here drinking iced tea or coffee.
These are all some of the things that make me smile. Of course my family and friends are the source of most of my smiles. As well as you who come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: I pray that those of you having hard times right now, will have a glorious 24 hours
PSS: BTW I have that CD in my car and listen to it often.
PSSS: Lets enjoy the last few (we hope) winter days and think spring.Some of you have been pelted with snow week after week. I hope  you soon have sunny days.


  1. That's funny that you posted this as Stacy and I were having a late night chat about this very same thing last night. We were talking about how you can go to bed at night after a wonderful day and wake up to something terrible the next day. It's amazing and sometimes scary. I too am like you and tend to do all of the trying and fighting sometimes and then realize I just need to step back and let God have it. I have a hard time with that sometimes. Thanks for a sweet post. Love all of your treasures. Have a good rainy day. We are supposed to get it tonight. :)

  2. Good morning, Betty. You are SO right on the differences that can happen practically overnight. Today we are enjoying some lovely sunshine even though it is COLD, but tomorrow and perhaps through Friday morning? Gulp...another snowstorm- intensity as yet undetermined! Last Winter was much too dry, so we will be happy for the extra moisture later, but we sure have been hit hard these past few weeks. We folks who do love our homes and hunkering down don't mind as much and as long as everyone we love is safe...let it snow! Spring is 15 days away and life is GOOD!! Enjoy your day! Lynne ♥

  3. have a lovely week deary..
    big hugs x

  4. Things do change quickly! Especially when you are open to the work of God... and yes, the rainy days can be a blessing just as the sunny ones can. I love your outlook. Enjoy your day...we have rain here too. Snow possibly tonight..talk about change.. we went from sunshiny days to snowy days to rain and snow again...I am sooo ready for SPring! Blessings!

  5. Hi Betty, This was such a fun post! I love hearing where all your old pieces came from and what they mean to you.I think you are one of the brightests spots on the internet!!!!!


  6. That flat iron is so cool. It's even better because it's and heirloom too. Sometimes, for some of us 24 hours can seem like an eternity. Like when you have the stomach flu, or your child is up all night sick, or one of your parents is dying, etc. What's amazing though, that we have such a wonderful God who was wise enough to know that we need opposition in all things to be able to enjoy life. -Steph-

  7. Praying for a glorious 24 hours for so many.
    Wonderful post.
    Woolie Hugs to you Friend

  8. Love all your pretties, Betty! Yes, 24 hours can really make a change in one's life so we just pray for a good day all the time. And thank the Lord when that happens.
    Love the new look of your blog...do you do that yourself??? How clever can you be??LOL House sold yet?
    Hugs, Joy

  9. Betty,

    a most wonderful post! yes what a difference sometimes 24 hours does make.. I have had so many wonderful one, and some awful lows... just like everyone in the circle of life... sigh... Lets make it a great 24!!!
    Today here... 7+ inches of snow.... OLM

  10. When I opened blogger, I saw the pic of your friend Carol's house and thought yours had sold and you had bought that one. Marshel

  11. Oh my yes, what a difference 24 hours can make! I struggle at times too but I always recieve reminders on how important it is. There are always blessings to be had out of the low days, and happiness for the bright ones! I always enjoy looking at your pics, I love how you decorate! Sending hugs your way!!! Dolly

  12. That is an interesting article Mr Betty. I in fact, liked reading it. Yes, I agree with that time makes a big difference in life. Thank you for writing.

    Kopi Luwak

  13. I love this post and it is so timely for me,as my husband is going through some serious health issues all of a sudden! I love the pics!

  14. Morning Betty, I think we were on the same wave lengths yesterday or something. Thank You for stopping by. I always enjoy your blog. Have a wonderful day...

  15. What a wonderful post. Yes, 24 hours can sure make a difference in our lives. Your friend's home is beautiful, I can see why you enjoy it so much. Have a great weekend and I hope you get some sunshine too, Dawn


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