Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh What A Day

It is here in East Tn! The sun is shining so bright and you just feel hope! Another Monday I am NOT doing laundry. However the dishwasher is running,does that count? It always makes me so happy when you come Through My Back Door and today is no different. Get you a cup of coffee, a slice of almond pound cake, and just come sit by the fireplace. I cannot get over what a beautiful day it is. We are supposed to get rain, but for the moment it is glorious. I caught this little fellow in my witch hazel bush yesterday.

He is so fat and the yard has just been full of them. I love spring.
Love this little spring pin keep.
This sampler was done by my friend Carla Herron.
My friend Linda Stinson did this  dream sampler and even though you have seen it before, I love it. It makes me stop and think when I see it, that you are NEVER too old to dream.
Saturday was game day at our church. This was started last year and we love it. We bring food and play the game of your choice for about 4 hours. It is so much fun. We have young people and seniors as well. Just a couple of pictures I took.
It is a lot of fun and you get to know people you don't normally get to visit with. I will show you one more of our pastor. He is so sweet and has a wonderful sense of humor, which I love.
We all look forward to this during the winter months and there is a lot of laughter, Remember a Merry Heart is good for the soul.BTW I do not have any of their permission to show these pictures. I guess I like living life on the That is Carol in the black and white top. She is always taking care of everyone and can she cook!!!!
Don't be mad at me
As you know I am going to Williamsburg this month. One of our youth from church is going to dog/house sit for me. He is such a sweet Christian young man I don't know how I was so blessed to get him.(Actually his mother told me he did this)lol Anyway, he had not met Dasko. So he came yesterday and is coming again a couple of times to get to know him. The minute he walked in the door, Dasko was putty. He loved Josh and Josh just took to him.
See what I mean?  I have not one worry about leaving these two together. My friend Sandi asked me if Josh knew he was about to be blogged. Well NO he didn't and I apologize Josh for not getting permission.This is what happens when you are friends with a blogger no matter how old she is! I don't know if you recall seeing pictures of my grandson Douglas but they have an uncanny resemblance. Even Lisa (josh's mom. as well as Josh saw it). That is not why I think so much of him. As I said he is such a good guy that you have to love him. He is always smiling and always nice to the older people in our church. IMO that speaks volumes.
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door  where life is good on this glorious day.
PS:"This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!" That was the scripture Amanda kept repeating from the car to the school door, on her first day of kindergarten.
PSS: Have heard from some of our blogger friends that are going through some hard times. Please lets lift them up in prayer
PSSS: I have some wonderful pictures of some friends kitchens coming up. You won't want to miss this.


  1. Good morning Betty, The sun is shining brightly here today also, but quite chilly this morning. It is shining through my windows showing me I need to get up and do some dusting. All my furniure could be instant chalkboards, just write in the dust. Oh how we love the wood heat, but the mess,,,, well lets say I am looking forward to Spring and no more fires. My washing machine is humming away and I have some new curtains waiting to be hung in the bath along with a new shower curtain. Just hope I get it all done as I have to cook supper tonight. YUK! I think the older I get the less I like to cook. Love the idea of game day. Looks like everyone is having fun. Glad you got someone to take care of Dasko. Hope he don't start telling Josh "Betty Crow secrets"!!{smile}
    Enjoy your day.

  2. Good morning! It is a beautiful day here as well. My dishwasher is humming away also as I got busy after taking Darbee to school and already have supper in the oven. I love the game day idea. Sounds like a fun time. I know Darbee would have loved it. She is a huge fan of board games and her dominoes. I know Josh and Dasko will get along just fine and have a good time together. Have a good day.

  3. good morning! so glad that you have a touch of spring! always great to see the robins! a sure sign of spring days ahead. glad you have someone you can leave with your fur babe, always a worry.. sounds like you had a fun day yesterday, and a nice spring day today! enjoy!

  4. Good evening was a lovely day here..getting cold so i think we are going towards autumn..
    sound like you had a fun day..
    big hugs x

  5. Well hello dear friend...told you I would make it here eventually, and here I am. Ahhh, but I have missed you! :o) Did I hear Almond Pound Cake??? Oh, yes PAAALEEAAZE!!! And you have a witch hazel bush? How cool is that?! I love witch hazel, but have never seen a bush...they must not grow in Nod. :o Wishing you a wonderful upcoming journey....and what a load off your shoulders to know you have someone so competent, caring, and trustworthy to take care of your best companion. But you know, Dasko will be missing the dickens out of you in any event. Well, better scoot - gotta get my own dishwasher up and humming...well, "up," I don't hum, and that's all we gots for a dishwasher in these parts!! ;o) We're bracing for another blast form Old Man Winter - hope we have enough vehicles to survive this one!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  6. Dasko must not be a mean Rotty. He looks so happy.


  7. Pretty Spring decorations!Love Dasko,he seems to a big ole teddy bear.Hugs,Jen

  8. Hi Betty! Was that a robin?? I haven't seen any here yet but have been on the lookout for them. You are way ahead of us as I think I spied daffodils about to open in the robin pic. It looks like Josh and Dasko are going to have a good time's good for the guys to have macho time !! ;) ---Jan

  9. Hi Betty, haven't been through your door in awhile...too much baby things going on. I do love a chance to come and catch up with a good friend though. What a blessing to have Josh, I am sure it makes it a little easier to leave! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,


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