Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Have Been On The Road Again

What a beautiful afternoon here in East Tn. It is just perfect to enjoy a cup of coffee and visit. today we are drinking a different coffee. Cracker Barrel. Curt loves CB coffee so when I went to get some for him I got me some too and I love it. Anyway come in, get your cup, and let me share where I have been and some other things. Remember a couple of posts back I said I wanted to share some exciting news? Well look at this.
Beth and Ryan are expecting a little baby girl in August! We are so excited and full of joy. Then he will be finished with his orthopedic residency and they will be moving back home. I know you all are excited for us.
When I started my blog I didn't mean to ever talk "family". That didn't last very long, did it?lol I love sharing in the lives of your families and am just assuming you enjoy mine. Anyway we went to Nashville last Thursday and spent the night with Curt.Linz was working the night shift.(She is an oncology nurse) so we didn't get to see her until the next morning before we left. Then we headed to Springfield, Il to Beth and Ryans. If you recall, they had 19 inches of snow the week before. I couldn't believe we were going up there.lo (It had melted on the way, but piles of it were everywhere in Springfield.)
This is not a big one, but I did get a picture of this. We took the baby crib up and this is how it looked in the car. I told Deb I felt comfortable in my "kennel." She laughed and said they had been good to feed, water, and walk me.lol
I am sitting on the right of this.lol I really had plenty of room,just couldn't see out the window on the left.
We always enjoy our visits with them. Friday night we watched Lincoln. I thought how ironic we are in the town that has so much Lincoln history. I was the only one who had seen it, but I enjoyed seeing it again. Saturday we antiqued and then they took us to this wonderful place for dinner on Saturday night. It is called Donnie's Homespun and the pizza is absolutely wonderful. I also enjoyed the atmosphere.
Here I am with my girls. Love the paved street here.
My guys.
The outside.
There is a glass elevator,(I didn't get a picture) plus lots of things to see.Apparently is was some kind of factory in an earlier life. I got interested in the food and quit with the pictures.lol
We went to church with them on Easter and got home last night. I went to pick Dasko up this morning at doggy camp and he has slept all day.
All of my Easter is put away and I am waiting on spring. It is beautiful here and next week supposed to be in the 70's. I am so ready and so thankful for warmer weather.
BTW I am home until sometime in May when Deb and I are going to visit my friend Sandi, in W. Va. Don't have nearly as many trips this year as last.
Well I just finished reading our Coach Emeritus for the Lady Vols basket ball team, Pat Summit's new book, Sum It Up. I enjoyed it so much. I am a huge Lady Vol fan, but really miss seeing Pat on the side lines.
I want to share a few more pictures from Williamsburg.
This is the toilet in the jail. Look at the bars on the window.
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back door where life is good.
PS: This is a busy week for me. As much as I like going I like coming home. Do you?
PSS: Check out the Speckled Hen's facebook page. She has lots of new things in.
PSSS: The first weekend in May is the festival in Clinton.You need to make plans to attend. I know some of you are trying, right Dawn?lol
I will leave you with a picture of Josh and Dasko. He came by the other night and the first thing Dasko did was run get his ball and take it to him. He doesn't do that with anyone else.


  1. Hi Betty! Sounds like you had another wonderful trip and a lovely Easter! Congratulations on the new baby due in August..... We are expecting our first grandbaby (a boy!) in August, too!! We are so excited!

  2. You've been one busy gal! Thanks for sharing your family with us, I so enjoy the stories. Yup, I'm TRYING to get down there. Talk soon, Dawn

  3. Welcome home ...looks like you had a fun trip.

  4. Betty, You take the best trips and you have the best family! I love hearing about your family...And a new baby girl? Oh how sweet. Next year at this time (on Easter) they will probably have her in the sweetest, little, pink, frilly, dress. Oh, how fun!
    Have a great week and enjoy your weather. It has snowed here today and it is 26 right now. We are way behind for Spring!!!!!!


  5. Welcome back home..:)
    Hugs x

  6. We did have a fun trip! Why didn't you take a picture of your seat on the way back? lol

  7. Glad you had a great time Betty...how could you not...you were with your best friends...FAMILY!!!
    Congratulations on the new upcoming baby - how wonderful.

  8. What a wonderful trip. I'm happy for you. Congrats on the new baby coming. What a blessing. Welcome home again. I'll be coming back through your back door soon. Hugs

  9. No planning on talking about family....now that's no good! :) You are all about family! Congratulations to Beth and Ryan and all of you! This is wonderful news! She looks so cute! Cute couple!

    I want to go to Williamsburg one day! It's on my list of places to go! Joy would LOVE it!

    Glad you were able to go on the trip and I know how it is...always nice to be home!

    Have a great week, my friend!


  10. Congratulations on the forthcoming new addition.Have you started knitting yet? ;)
    Your trip looked like fun as always.:)

  11. Oh joy new little blessing on the way!
    So very happy for your family.
    You are blessed friend.
    And what wonderful trips you have had this year.
    I am really wanting to see that movie too.
    Woolie Blessings and Welcome Home Friend :)

  12. I am so happy for all of you! What exciting news. Looks like a fabulous trip.


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