Monday, April 22, 2013

5 O'clock Comes TWICE In A Day?

Good Monday morning and you know by now I am NOT doing laundry. However I always feel the "twinge" of guilt that I should The coffee is on and I am happy to have you visit. There are some cookies too. I love my
I know you are wondering about the title of this post. Yes, he did! He(Dasko) got me up before 5 am this morning.
Can you believe that? I had forgotten 5 o'clock came twice in a day. Now he is back asleep and I am wide awake. In his defense he doesn't do this too often.
Last week was a busy week. My cousin came from Chicago on her way to Nashville and spent the night. She is the daughter of one of my two "city" cousins.(I am the country cousin) as we call ourselves. As children we were like sisters, however they have lived in the Detroit area all of their lives. I was the oldest and I guess I lorded it over them about respecting their elders. I was only a year older than Ver, and now I tell her she can have the year and be the "elder" she won't co-operate.Dayna is Carol Sue's daughter. (Ver and Carol Sue were always co-conspirators in swinging too high in the porch swing.)lol Last weeks post brought back a lot of memories for us.Anyway Dayna hadn't seen our Aunt Annie in years, and really couldn't remember her. I took her to visit.
It was pouring rain on Friday and Aunt Annie was having pajama day. Do you think that is where I get loving my PJ day?She will  93  in September. We were reminiscing about making our stack cakes. You know it isn't Christmas to us without one. My Nannie, Aunt Annies Mother, made them until she couldn't, then Aunt Annie made them for years until she couldn't, and I took over.(Which was a big surprise, since I am not a baker). She is looking forward to another Christmas. I already have the dried apples thanks to my friend Dottie.
I really enjoyed spending time with Dayna. She is young, smart, and funny. We found we have so much in common it is eerie. I am looking forward to her next visit.
I have done no decorating. I am in a rut. Any good jump starting ideas?
This is all I have on my stove board. I am going more and more simple.
This is the one I found on the worlds longest yard sale and it has really been used. See the scars. I love that.
I have had this coverlet for years. We bought it sight unseen and I love it. I didn't show the part of it Hillary chewed on. It was perfect until then.
This is a basket of coverlet pieces. They just speak to me. Do they you?
Another coverlet on the rope bed.
Speaking of coverlets, The speckled Hen has the most beautiful FW coverlet I have ever seen. Yes, I asked her to order me one in queen. The one she has is king. It is gorgeous. You can see it on her FB page.
Well I have drunk a pot of coffee and am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good. Even at 5 o'clock AM.
PS: The Clinton Antique Festival is May 4th. Only 2 weeks away. If you come I hope to see you.
PSS: I, like everyone else in America am happy they caught the Boston bomber. However my heart breaks to see such a smart, good looking young man just throw his life away. Does yours? Not only his victims lives has he destroyed, but his own families too. Did he think he wouldn't get caught?
PSSS:Please remember my friend Sandi's family in your prayers. Her 16 year old nephew died suddenly playing basketball last week.


  1. How funny...we have that too with our baby kitty...she thinks she needs to eat twice...LOL
    Beautiful coverlets. look like your auntie. CUTE!

  2. Good morning Betty. I hope I can forget there is a five o'clock when Mr.P retires. Can you believe I had an Aunt Annie and Uncle Homer. Loved her to death. Glad you had a good visit last week. I saw the coverlet on facebook. Love the color. On our way to Atlanta for an eye appointment for Darbee Rae and some big city shopping. Have a good day and grab a nap later.

  3. Our dogs get us up around 3 am most mornings.Hubby's fault he puts them to bed to early.LoL..Your Aunt looks so good for her age.You must feel so blessed to still have her.I know I feel that way about my grandma.So glad I'm not the only one that also feels bad for the young bomber not that I feel it was in anyway right or Ok but I see him on the news and think he is still a baby and what could have made him hate so much or was he just following his big brother? I think so many young people really just can't differnt reality and concequence any more.I'll stop before I need to step up on the old soap

  4. Hmmmm, 5 o'clock somewhere twice a day, what a thought, LOL. I want a jammie day once a week, pillow and blankie, cup of coffee, book, I'd be happy all day.

  5. Oh no! Five a.m.!!! I didn't know that existed either. Sounds like you need to make a trip to Detroit for a visit and then up to Holly to visit me! I've put off my trip for a few weeks. We've got some surprises in the works and I need a little more time to get everything in place. Talk soon, Dawn

  6. Morning friend
    As you know I am a morning girl.
    I love 5 am :) I get up that time everyday.
    Something wonderful about the quietness in the morning.
    Come 5pm this girl is ready for a nap.
    Wonderful visit you had. What fun and a pj day!
    Loved visiting you as always.
    Yum I sure could go for a heavenly piece of stack cake.
    Woolie blessings!

  7. Your Aunt Annie looks great for 93 and hey she should be allowed to have pj days right? but then so can you. Glad you had fun with your cousin.


  8. How nice to have a fun visit from cousins. I've not seen my cousins for many years. I didn't know 5 came twice a day.... thanks for the news.
    So sorry about Sandi's nephew. How tragic that a 16 year old could die playing ball. It is unthinkable. Prayers going their way.
    Hugs, Lura

  9. I am a night owl, staying up until all hours. LOL Today I slept until noon but that is a rarity. \I love your rope bed and coverlets. I am so anxious for garage sales to begin!

  10. So sorry Dasko got you up so early.. I am sure he had a good reason. I have been sleeping in these days.. busy painting, sanding, mudding walls...You would think I would learn my lesson and settle down. I do believe this is where we will be for a loooonnnng time! I love that your Auntie is comfortable enough to have a pajama day at your home. What a blessings to have her still around to visit. Your home always looks great as usual...Praying someone falls in love with it soon. ALways a pleasure to visit with you. I have missed you! Blessings!

  11. Hi Betty! Awww...Dasko was a hungry boy! Your Auntie Annie looks awfully good for her age! Bless her heart...I hope she has many more years with the family. Love your coverlets..I'm looking forward to getting my first this June at Occoquan Va. Yes, I am SOOO happy they caught the second brother...what a shame...he is so good looking and I think was just swayed by the unhappy older brother.But, he has to pay for his part in it. It's painful to watch his parents defend I'm sure it would be so hard for any of us to fathom OUR children could do anything so horrible. I just can't understand how a person can go so evil so quickly. Prayers for Sandi's family..what a terrible tragedy.---Jan

  12. Sounds like Dasko and my Zipper are on the same page! LOL! He wakes me every morning by pulling my hair in his teeth! If that doesn't do it, then he goes to the bathroom and bangs on the door!
    Glad you enjoyed visiting, that is a good thing!
    I like your coverlets and love that spinning wheel! I am always a day late and a dollar short. I like to decorate, but I guess other things in life are more important.
    It is sad that these people come to our country to harm us, and we give them everything. I am just sick, sick, sick of it all!
    I have to often not watch the news because it gets me so upset. I cannot understand why the rest of America thinks this current President has this nations best interest at heart. He has another agenda. It breaks my heart.
    God bless you Betty.


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