Friday, April 12, 2013

Oh What A Beautiful Day

Good afternoon and come on in. I  am so happy you dropped by to visit. It is such a gorgeous day here after storms last night. Of course the coffee is on and oh yes we are still on Cracker Barrel,lol, plus we have some fresh baked chunky chocolate chip cookies. Andrew was selling cookie dough a few weeks ago and we all HAD to buy two.(his insistence,not the teacher) I thought what will I do with two big containers of cookie dough! WELL!! We will eat them. So that is what we are doing. I have been busy since my last trip. Monday I painted my porch. I like it so much better, as do many others. Deb is the only one who liked it better grey.

 The  grey always looked dirty to me. I do love geraniums.
I have been doing some cleaning and changing a few things. I changed my mantle again.
Removed the crocks and replaced them with my pewter for the warmer weather. This wonderful coffee serving set was given to me by a dear friend. It makes me happy when I look at it.
I found a goodie this week. I never buy anything because I have no room, but this chair "spoke" to me.
It is mustard and is pegged. The bottom rung is so worn. It said,"take me home with you", so I did. It was in my friends, Clay and Barbie Goods booth at Corner Antiques.
Don't you agree? It is a wonderful old chair.
You all know I am afraid of feathers. (Oh how I hate to admit that, but I am). I want a quill, but, (feather)so Pam and Frank sent me this paper one a few years ago. I found this old apothecary bottle in Kim Waggoner's booth at Corner and it makes a perfect ink well.
If  you make it to the festival the Speckled Hen and Corner Antiques is a MUST visit. (My clay pipe came from there a long while ago too.)
Today was a beautiful day for another reason. Amanda had been asked to give her testimony to the LAF (Life after fifty) group at my church. I have never been so proud of anybody as I was her today. She gave God the glory for every bit of it. My church was very supportive and prayerful for her during her illness. The prayer shawl group made her a prayer shawl and there were people who prayed for her daily. So she compared it to being on the mission field and reporting back about her mission. My granddaughter is a natural speaker. She had us laughing, crying, and rejoicing. It was a day I will always remember. I took my camera and forgot to take any pictures. Anyway this is one of Clay and her I posted on facebook. What I didn't realize until after I had chosen this one was, it was taken exactly one week to the day before her diagnosis!
I am so thankful for all the support she had today, as it was the first time she had done this publicly.
Another erie thing about this is, Tamra's grandparents had prayed hard for her.Never thinking it would be their granddaughter we were all praying for one year later. SO again, thank all of you for your prayers for Amanda and prayers for Tamra.
Next week is busy too. I am having company from Michigan and there is another house showing. These people have seen it once,well one of them has, the other wants to see it now. It is in Gods hands but I have to clean!!!!!
It was so good having you let me babble as you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: My granddaughter Olivia is having a hard time poor thing. NOT!!!! She has been to France(Paris) Scotland, Ireland, and has just this past week been in Spain!!! How will she ever come home and be content, now that she has seen the world!!!(or at least part of it)lol
PSS: Please continue to pray for Tamra and all of our blogland friends
PSSS: Have I told you how blessed I feel to have each of you in my life? If not I am telling you now.


  1. Good evening Betty, Oh I love the porch painted red. It brings it to life!! Love the chair. I get so excited to find something that just calls my name. Don't have to be anything special, but gives me a good feeling inside. Something special just to me. Amanda is doing a great work giving her testimony. God has so richly blessed her and it is wonderful that she share that with others. I know you were so proud and thankful today. Hope all goes well with the showing of your home. You have such a great outlook about the future, so I know God's will will be done here as well. Enjoy your company. Have a great weekend

  2. Good luck on the house, hard to live in a house and keep it ready for potential buyers. Take care.

  3. Knowing you has blessed my life too. Amanda is such a sweetheart . I wish I could have heard her talk today. Prayers are going for Tamra. Hugs

  4. Oh, Betty, you must have been so proud of your granddaughter!!!! I'm sure it took a lot of courage for her to tell the story again, too.

    I love your chair. It certainly has that old-timey feel. I have one hanging up in the basement. I should bring it up and use it.

    Yes, only God knows what will happen with your house. He will work everything out.

    Thanks for the coffee. It was delightful.


  5. Hi Betty! Love your new chair and the mantel arrangement. I would love to have heard Amanda speak today. She is amazing and she always had that beautiful smile in her pictures through her trials. Enjoy your company!

  6. Hi Betty! I love the red porch...of course I love everything red! Love that wee chair too---I've been eyeing one at our local antique store...very similar. Amanda is an amazing young wonder you are all so proud of her. Still praying for Tamra...thank you for always being there for Brian. :) And poor Olivia...having to traipse all of the world....poor thing! LOL! Lucky, lucky girl!!---Jan

  7. You are a blessing also. It is a warm welcome feeling come through you back door. The door friends always use. Glad you like your fresh painted porch. Very cheerful. Good luck with your showing. You have a beautiful home. Yes the chair was a must have. An extra seat for a friend you now have. It is always good to hear answered prayer praise. Blessings! Lara

  8. OH OH OH, I LOVE the deck red!!! You are the busiest most social person I have ever (not) met! ;) After reading your blog posts, I alaways feel I need to clean, organize or go visit someone! You are a real inspiration!
    Speaking of...that granddaughter of your is one as well! I do believe her positive energy and radiance are major factors! Wish one of my familt members would be the same way. They have been very negative during their illness and I really feel it contributes to their non-healing.
    Anyway, good luck on your showing! Positive vibes to you! :)

  9. WOW! Ms. Betty, again another busy week for you! Love the red porch!!! OH MY!!! Yes, much better I think too!!!
    I can feel how proud you are of your granddaughter, sounds like she did a amazing well with her speaking, no easy task. I am so glad she is doing so well and is a role model for everyone forced to face difficult illness. hugs my friend! OLM

  10. Afternoon Betty.
    I love Red you know that and I think having Red Geraniums in pots on that Red porch will be awesome.
    Congratulations to Amanda...she has gone through one door and out the other...and all because of HIM and Prayers and also Faith.
    Now a feather fear...hmmmm - I won't ask
    I hope by having this couple come back a second time is a good omen...I do believe it is going to sell now. I will pray on this.

  11. I love the color on your porch, thank God for His healing, and the testimony thereof, continuing to pray for the others as well. ps. love the quill!

  12. Oh, I'm so sorry about the storm, but thank goodness it didn't ruin your home! And it's good to hear that you found time to paint your porch. I must say that you picked the right color that matched the color of your siding!

    Kylee Groves

  13. The deck looks nice! Although I’m also partial to gray, I think this color works too, especially since it matches the doors and frames. Looks like your sidings need some TLC too. A good scrub or power washing will probably give it a nice clean shine again.



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