Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Random Thoughts From a Blogger

Oh what a beautiful morning we are having here in East Tn. The only thing that would make it better is to have you drop in and have a cup of (CB) coffee and a couple of cookies. I looked outside when I opened the blinds this morning and just was overwhelmed with the beauty of this new day. God is so good and He will comfort and bring peace to those in Boston. Not only to those people and their families who were actually injured or killed, but to the rest of us, as we are victims as well. Boston is supposed to be the peaceful town where so much of our history originates. I am so sorry and it hurts me to think we live in a time where people kill innocents. But today, I am going to enjoy the peace and the beauty that is surrounding me, here, Through My Back Door.
This is what I saw outside my bedroom window.
My mother lived in that double wide and her bedroom was the corner room toward my window. We knew when her shade went up she was okay. Since then there has been two different grandchildren live there. It has been empty for two years. Kind of sad.
This is the lavender outside. It is in full bloom and yesterday there were honey bees all over it. I liked seeing that.
Coffee was here this morning. Love the mustard container, I bought a few summers ago.
Do you see I have renters squatters?lol You know I am afraid of birds, but I will let them stay. However the mocking birds are everywhere. They get mean if you get near their nest. Boo and Dasko have been swarmed at several times. I haven't yet. It was so bad a couple of years ago I would either drive or take an umbrella to the mailbox!!!! Can you believe that?
This battered old aluminum dishpan belonged to my paternal grandparents.(The mirror ones). You know they didn't have fans nor AC so they sat on the porch or in the front yard. There was an old pear tree and a crock with plastic poinsettias, that sat under that tree year round. She also had  this old dish pan with hen and chickens in it. She gave it to me and the hen and chickens lived forever, then they died. Deb still has a starting from them. Anyway I get great joy in seeing this. It reminds me of the good times we cousins had at Nannie and Papaws. There is a picture of the house on my wall of love.
You can see the pear tree. There was a porch swing on the porch and if you swung too high it would flip. Don't ask me how I know.
I found this old "camp" blanket too. It was always on my Maternal grandparents "divan."
Last week Deb bought me a goodie. No reason, just because. I know I am going to love this, especially during the holidays. It is so neat.
It is large enough for me to cook a meal for me and a couple of others. It came with lots of good dip recipes, which I will try soon. I have told you often how wonderful my children are to me. I know I don't deserve it, but I certainly don't take it for granted. God has blessed me in so many ways and I am grateful.
This is where the chair ended up. I just like this chair.
While I am blubbering, randomly thinking, I will share the story of these marbles. Hillary my second rottie destroyed(practically) our house. she ate holes in the carpet. Some I could strategically place something over to hide.However here in what is now my reading nook, it used to be open space.
Well, Hillary ate a big hole right about where the little rug is. Curt and Seth loved it. They would shoot marbles in the hole for hours. They were NOT happy when we replaced the carpet.
That jar holds the marbles they played with. Those red tennis shoes were Curts too. I always loved seeing him in those little high top shoes.
The pair of bulls eye lamps were a gift from my husband. He got into a bidding war at an auction and paid way too much for them. His reason was I had told him NOT to come home with out them. I miss him.
This old tree outside my kitchen window is a beauty. I love the shade it provides. It represents strength and giving. Do you remember the book, The Giving Tree?
Yesterday morning Deb called and invited me to breakfast. She had bought a new waffle maker the day she bought my crock pot.(pots) Anyway Michael was off  and Mollie had spent the night. Amanda was coming too, so of course I went. Mollie wanted me to come play dollhouse. In the dollhouse she has a grey haired doll she calls Mamaw Betty. Is that not just precious? Well anyway we had a good breakfast as well as some family time, that is absolutely priceless. I came home and did nothing much, so today I am,as my Mother would say,"Picking them and setting them down." I have another house showing this week, so I have to get busy. Thank you so much for coming Through My Back Door, where life is good.
PS: I don't even have to remind us to keep praying for Boston and all of the injured and their families
PSS: Remember the Clinton Antique Festival is May the 4th. It is always fun and shops are full, as well as vendors on the street. Also lots of good food.
PSSS: The house will be shown again this week. Should it sell, I have found one I really like, and Lyn Dee, it does have a good back door. It is the same people who came earlier. I am just praying Gods will be done. Will you?


  1. Loved your musings today, Betty. Living about an hour from Boston and having a husband who makes the trip into the city about 5-6 a month, yesterday was a real bad day hereabouts. In fact, he was supposed to help with some of the fencing at the race site. I truly thank God he was home instead. We all have to pray for the victims and also hug our loved ones tightly whenever we get the chance. This senselessness can occur at anytime or place, and although we cannot dwell and be afraid at every turn, we should all make sure we are right with God, ourselves, friends and families.
    I am happy for you about the 2nd house showing. It sounds promising, and the fact that you have found something you like as well is even more wonderful news.what with a 'back door' and all,(lol)! I hope you have a wonderful day...with the Sun shining and flowers starting to bloom. Take care..God bless ♥

  2. Hi Betty,

    Love your new cooking goody! I'd love to have one of those. I think that will really come in handy for you!

    I will pray the Lord's will about the house selling. His timing is the hardest thing to wait on. Believe me, I know! lol!

    Everything looks so beautiful and peaceful at your house. Are those burlap curtains on your window? Love those!


  3. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that you are afraid of bird too! I don't mind them outside so much, I just can't stand to be inside where someone has a bird out of a cage! I'll bet your house will go soon, who wouldn't want to live there??? I used to read "The Giving Tree" to my kids all the time, it is one of my favorites. Lots to sew today, talk soon, Dawn

  4. Aww everything is so beautiful and very pretty....
    Have a sweet day x

  5. What a beautiful post Betty...I know life must go on and we also need to go on for the victims...we can not let this individual(s) take the freedom that we feel when we go outside - I will not let that happen. We do live in a fearful world lately but like you we need to see the beauty that surrounds us and thank God for it everyday.
    Thanks so much for your random thoughts.
    Oh I love the story of your mother in the trailer...just beautiful

  6. Thank you for your homey post Betty. You have a way with words that I do not. Love your pics.


  7. Good afternoon Betty! Enjoyed your post today. I noticed your dinner bell outside. I love it. This past weekend, hubby's brother gave us one. I can't wait to get it put up. I love your new crockpots. Those would be very handy! Hope you have a great day.

  8. every day is a gift, it passes too quickly, our hearts yearn for home..,, but until the day we leave this life, we must pray, be grateful, and press on. praying for all involved, and for you, I hope the sell goes through for you. i love seeing your posts, the photos are always beautiful and the posts inspiring. Bless you, Betty. You bring joy to many.

  9. Enjoyed visiting with you Betty.
    Best wishes and prayers on the house showing.
    Gods will be done.
    We had a showing last week.
    Their realtor called and said they were going to be making an offer.
    But as of today, we still haven't heard or recieved anything, so who knows.
    We have found a house we are interested in also.
    I know, I said we weren't going to do that this time around.
    But in our defense, we sort of stumbled upon it.
    Who knows what will end up happening with it, if anything.
    I'm just going to keep carrying on day by day.
    Living. And let God be God.
    Wish me luck! ;)
    I struggle quite often with trying to control what is out of my control.
    Sorry to be babbling on.
    Have a wonderful week, sweetheart.
    Hugs and prayers,

  10. Oh Betty you always give my heart a great big smile! Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts and memories. Praying for your house!
    Love and hugs,
    Be blessed,

  11. I loved visiting today. I always do though.
    You have a way of lifting the spirits and helping to put things in perspective. The story of caring for your Mom touched my heart. My Mom has been gone for 15 years now. She has been on my mind a lot lately. Funny how those thoughts come to mind sometimes.
    Praying God's will for you and your new home.
    Having thoughtful children sure is a blessing, I know mine sure are to me. They are always checking on me and bringing me surprises
    Blessings~ Sara

  12. God Bless you Betty, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I have tears in my eyes. You have such beautiful memories. Have a Blessed day.

  13. Afternoon Friend
    As quick as they got me back online yesterday I lost my signal. :(
    Praying they fixed it today after five hours and four trucks.
    Loved visiting you today. What a sweet duaghter you have.
    I love that crockpot. Also the Mamaw Betty doll, but my fav part is hearing the sweet story of your pup eating your floor and your boys shooting marbles in it.
    Too fun.
    How blessed we are with our treasured memories.
    Woolie Blessings
    Still praying for HIS WILL!

  14. Good luck with the house. I hope it will sell and you can get the new home you want. However I think it will be hard for you to leave your precious house...but then home is where ever you hang your heart so you new house will soon become home.


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