Saturday, April 6, 2013

So Happy To See Spring

Good morning and come on in. It is going to be another beautiful day here. Yesterday was spectacular. I actually had the doors open and it was just wonderful. Of course the coffee is on and again today it is Cracker Barrel. Curt loves it, so I tried it and I like it too. It is more expensive than DD but you do get a full pound. If there is a CB near you try it. I still love my Kona Help yourself to a piece of Strawberry cake too. It is quite yummy if I have to say so, there is no one else to say it)
This has been a busy week here. We got home late Monday, I had a dermatologist appointment early Tuesday. She removed another suspicious place. (You may remember I have had several removed, even a skin graft on my nose last summer) This was the only place and I felt pretty good when I left there. Had to go get Dasko at doggy camp(an hour each way). Came home and went to the grocery. Had my card group on Wednesday night and went to Dominoes on Thursday. I had missed the last 2/3 weeks because of being gone and I wanted to go.(lost badly)lol I went to a girls night out Thursday night and had friends for dinner Friday night. A wonderful week spent with people I enjoy being with. God has blessed me with so many different friends and I am grateful.Each one has blessed my life. I am home for a while until I go to Sandi's, but the beach is
Today is work day outside here. I have scraped some of the back porch and am going to paint it Monday. I am going to get some flowers planted in some containers to give this place some curb appeal Doesn't it sound like a fun day?
I have done a bit of tweaking after removing my Easter. This, however is still on my table.
I am going to leave it until May.
Mother told me she wanted a bit of color near her.
I have taken most of my boxes out and stored them. I just had to keep one in here.
Don't know if I have ever shared my floors. One of the best FB decorating group, is (in my opinion) Decorating With Antiques. They were asking to see  pictures of floors, so I thought I would share mine. These are just perfect for me and so EASY to take care of. These are through out the house except in the little bedroom. They are a narrower width. I have to admit my rottweilers have done most of the
This is a picture of my old betty lamp. I have had this many years and always forget to show it. I will leave you with just a few of my favorite things.
The Spinner.
Some of my firkins and my dry sink.
Well I am so happy you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS:Please continue your prayers for Tamra. She is doing well and has the most wonderful outlook. Nothing is slowing this girl down. Here is a picture, so you can see who you are praying for.
 It seems to me when these girls lose their hair, they just become more beautiful. BTW her Daddy shaved his too.(He didn't become more beautiful)lol Just kidding Randy.This is her Mother with her. They so appreciate all of your prayers for their family.
PSS: Also some in blogland are experiencing some hard times, too right now. lets remember them.
PSSS: Again remember the Clinton Tn Antique festival the 4th of May. You won't be sorry you came


  1. Love your spinning wheel and the spinner painting.

    You are such a busy lady, have fun.

  2. You are such a social butterfly Betty! I feel lazy reading about all you do ;)
    I kinda love your favorite things too. Such a warmth from your home.
    Prayers to Tamra. She is a beauty :)

  3. Sending Prayers out to Tamera!
    My, you are busy. Sounds like fun times.
    Love all your displays. You have a beautiful home.
    Have a wonderful weekend, Betty.
    Snowed here in Wisconsin last night.

  4. Love your prim home so much!
    Your wood floors are beautiful and cozy.
    Enjoyed reading what's been up with you and family.

  5. You are one busy lady! I love hearing about all of the fun things you do. Sounds like you have a fun day planned. We will spend part of the weekend painting the playhouse. It's almost ready for miss priss to move in. :) Everything in your home looks great and so cozy. Would love to be there and chat. Enjoy your day and weekend.

  6. Aww I love your home so sweet...
    Sending you lots of hugs xxx

  7. Betty, you exhaust me! you go girl! Love the floors. I really need to get back to play on decorating with Antiques, it's my fave! I always love coming through your back door! OLM

  8. Betty,
    Your house is just warm and wonderful! I would absolutely love to visit for real (could we sneak a bit of the Kona?). I love all of your treasures! I see a lot of my favorites too! Rotty-distressed hardwood floors! Love it!

    Praying for Tamara! She is beautiful- what a smile!

    Love and hugs! Thanks for the coffee and cake! It is wonderful!!!!


  9. Beautiful girls, Betty. Will continue to pray for Tamara. She really looks good. Your home sure is pretty, you have a knack for decorating. Have a Blessed day, Trisha

  10. Hi Betty, I am so behind but just had to come in for a quick visit. I just love your home, always feel so welcomed and just enjoy looking around at all of your fun things! Wish it was spring here! Chance of snow on Wednesday again...ICK!!
    Be blessed,

    Still praying for Tamara!

  11. Your home is a beautiful, peaceful, restful haven,...because you are there. Love the table setting.

    Give Sandi a big hug from me. I would love to go up there one day and get back to see you in your neck of the woods.

    Praying for Tamra.


  12. Thank you for posting a picture of sweet Tamra. It is nice to see who we are praying for. I put my BIL picture on my blog today. He really needs prayers too. I am glad that you are getting settled back at home. Also glad that you got good news at the Dr. Have a great week. Hugs, Lura

  13. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and I am following you also. You have such a lovely, warm and inviting home. So many treasures! God Bless Tamra.


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