Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Good morning and welcome Through My Back Door. It has been a stormy day and night here. I don't like storms. I am not afraid but I have lots of big trees around and that causes me some concern.It is supposed to stormy tonight, then cool off for a couple of days. Oh well it is good to see you again. Lets have a cup of DD and visit. This post is just what it says Tid bits. One of the first things I want to share, is last year one of my facebook friends, Renee Hubiak shared a picture of her son celebrating his 24th birthday in Afghanistan. Many of you are FB friends with Renee. But there he was in uniform and it broke my heart. I know he is one of many and I tell you it makes me want to cry.Over the years I have had family members serve. My first cousin lost his son in Iraq, but thankfully I have no family serving now. I have grandsons his age and it could have been them, but it wasn't, it was Ryan. Well I made it my mission to pray harder for him. To make matters worse,lol before he went to serve us, he had a hard time getting his Great Dane Zeus from Washington State to New Jersey. (Renee posted about it on FB long before I saw the birthday picture.So I knew she had a son going and promised to pray for him.)Anyway, I kept up with Ryan and Zeus, and am happy to say he and Zeus have since been reunited. Zeus' Grandma and Grandpa drove him from New Jersey to Washington State so they could be reunited.( I think they really wanted to see Ryan too.)lol Here is a picture of the reunion. Renee sweetly consented to allowing me to share this on my blog.
 Now if this doesn't make you tear up nothing will. We think of all the families who have to suffer while their loved one is fighting for us, but I never really considered the pets. Some pets aren't as blessed as Zeus, to have someone drive cross country for them, and are never reunited with their owners. I am so happy this was a happy reunion, aren't you.Can you believe Zeus is taller than Ryan!Can you see the blur of the wagging tail?lol Thank you Renee Grish Hubiak, Ryan and Zeus, for allowing me the privilege to share this. And lets remember to continue to pray for our young people who are giving up so much for us.
This flag is in Ryan and Zeus' honor. Welcome home Ryan.
Today I recieved a surprise package in the mail. It was from another FB and blogging friend Marie MacDonald, aka OLM. She sent me Cadbury Caramel eggs!!!! Yes she did and I am soooo happy.
She is truly a giving person. I have some of her little hand made goodies in my house. Her blog is
 primitives by olde lady morgan. Go check her out. She has a selling blog too.
I had looked everywhere for Cadbury Caramel eggs and could only find the Creme. Now I have Caramel to eat one egg a day. Well maybe two. Thank you Marie. You are the best
Kathy Webb who lives in North Carolina and follows my blog had told me she was having some windsor chairs made by a gentleman near her, who makes these just like the would in Colonial Days. I wanted to see pictures and she graciously sent me some. These chairs are exquisite. Her husband built and finished the table. It is a cherry top and I thought you all would enjoy seeing it. Kathy has a gorgeous home as I have seen some other pictures. Thanks Kathy for allowing me to share.
Can you imagine making eight of these chairs? Aren't they wonderful?
Love the brace backs.
Something else I want to say. I had my visit with the dermatologist  today. She found a place in my head. I never think of checking my head, do you? Well do it now. She also removed a place on my nose. No wonder the kids are always saying they are happy they "got" their daddy's nose!
Well yet another tid bit Through My Back Door. You know our Tennessee State bird is Mocking Bird. If you have followed my blog very long, you know I am afraid of birds or anything with feathers. TERRIFIED!!! Well, apparently, Mocking Birds love where I live. They are everywhere this year. If you go out the door they swarm at you. This has happened before, and it got so bad I either had to take an umbrella to the mail box or drive!!! The truth. Poor Dasko last spring couldn't go out without being swooped. Well they are back. This year however one has fallen in love with my car. I can't get to the car for it. Besides it is keeping my car dirty.  I guess I need to get a rubber snake to lay on my car. Well that is what is going here and it is always a good going on when you come Through My Back Door where life is good
PS: My friend Mary is out of the hospital. Diagnosed with vertigo.
PSS: I will still share my exciting news
PSSS: Lets pray for the storm victims and our fellow bloggers.



  1. Zues story is so touching. Thank goodness they are united again. Sorry about the birds.... And I thought they were sweet... They had me fooled. Hugs

  2. Such a touching post Betty.Thank you so much for sharing the story.My thanks to Ryan and all the others that are giving up so much for us.It was heartwarming seeing the pics of Zeus and Ryan.So kind of OLM to send you the eggs.She is so generous.Lovely chairs ,would not mind having them.Wink. Stay safe tonight from the storms.Blessings,Jen

  3. Aww...such a sweet post and so touching ..
    Big hugs x

  4. Wonderful, interesting post, Betty! Yes, let us pray for the storm victims........

  5. Interesting tid bits especially the Zeus story.

  6. How special of a picture is that? That is love I tell you!
    Thanks for sharing. Good luck getting rid of the mocking bird!
    Be blessed,


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