Monday, April 14, 2014


                                                                                                                                                    Good Monday morning and come on in Through My Back Door, get a cup of coffee and lets go out on the porch.            
                                                                                                                                                  It is so pretty this morning. Not sunny, but a beautiful morning. Life. We take it so for granted. That is until someone we love faces a situation where they could lose theirs. LIFE is precious, it is a gift from God. We are not here by some fluke thing, God created us and this world and I don't appreciate it like I should. However if you have been following me any length of time, you remember when Amanda was diagnosed with breast cancer. That is the moment I quit taking LIFE for granted.
This was during her chemo. We had gone to Lulu's Tea Room for lunch. Lulu let us go upstairs so she wouldn't have to be with people. During these times I KNEW life wasn't forever and was a gift. I also have said repeatedly my faith in God grew during this time. I now enjoy a closer walk with Him. I now enjoy every day of LIFE.
Amanda is healed now. She is living LIFE. She has given her testimony to church groups, on blogs, wherever she may witness about God and LIFE. She doesn't take anything for granted and sees only good in everyday. She knows she is a miracle and doesn't take it for granted. She loves LIFE and I love her. I am sorry she had to suffer to teach her Grandma a lesson, but I learned so much about LIFE during this. As all who knows her did.
My prayer and challenge for everyone who visits my blog, that you will LIVE LIFE to the best and to the fullest. Do not let little aggravations get you down. Ignore petty remarks, ignore inconveniences, and live and enjoy LIFE.  It is a Gift from God. Also REMEMBER the greatest gift of LIFE ever given was when Jesus died on that cross for you and me.
If you have time living your life please continue to come Through My Back Door where LIFE is good.


  1. I remember when we were all praying for Amanda. She is a miracle.

  2. Beautiful post and testimony. Hugs

  3. Afternoon Betty, lovely post, and yes, will live life to the fullest, or try, Hugs Francine.

  4. What a precious post and such a good reminder of what I take for granted every day.

  5. Amanda is beautiful. You're right--nothing reminds you how important every moment is than something like this.

  6. Great advice Betty. Lovely post. Thank God for His healing touch.


  7. Hi Betty! You may be having a hard time but you sire come with beautiful posts! Love ya!
    Be blessed,

  8. So glad that your beautiful Amanda is healed and sharing with others! Yes, i too have learned the hard way how wonderful life is and take life day by day and make the best of it! Enjoy your day Betty!

  9. Wonderful post! I have struggles to take care of things this past year... But I so believe we only get one chance to go around in this life and to make it the best we can! AND, I am getting back to focusing on my family and enjoy life!!! OLM


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