Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Day 7 G----------GRANDS

Day 7 of A to Z is G. I bet you knew what I would choose for this letter! Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door, grab a cup of coffee and let me tell you about my grands. As well as my GREATS and my Grands In Law.You see I am so blessed,  and do not deserve it. I was young when I became a Grandma the first time. There to be seven more follow. As an only child I wanted lots of  kids. I had three, two of them had three and one two, so that gave me eight blessings. When Douglas,(the first one came) everyone asked what I wanted to be called. I didn't care as long as he called me something. Well for a long time he called me Betty,(like Curtis do) quote unquote.lol Later he called me several names before he settled on the southern, Mamaw and Curtis Granddad. That was perfectly fine with me as he was so cute and filled my life with joy. Next came Amanda and she is named after me. Have you ever thought what an honor it is to have a child named for you? She was so cute and danced to her own drummer from the get go. So, she being her own person and not following someone(still is and doesn't) called me Mom, and Curtis, Co Co. Needless to say when their siblings came along Dustin and Lindsay, Beth and Curt they proceeded to call us by the names they heard. Seth and Olivia not to be outdone came up with Mamaw Betty and CoCo. Try remembering this when sending and signing cards and presents.lol To this day these are the names I go by. Beth and Amanda, since having children of their own, found it confusing so they have changed a bit. Amanda calling me Mamaw Betty and Beth Grandmom, in front of their children. My grands are all different. Some I see more often than others, but I love them all and am very proud of them.

Amanda and Beth. Amanda's hair is really long now.
Douglas, #1 and Gabe, his son.
Curt and Lindsey.
Douglas and Dustin.
Curt and Dustin
Lindsay and me
Curt helping Seth get dressed for Curts wedding.(should have been the other way round)
Olivia. You all have seen this before. It is one of my favorites as it just SHOWS her personality.
 Here she is at the state capitol where she is doing an internship.(Dodd was visiting her on parents day)
There you are, all of my grands. Each of them is special and I must admit they all are blessings.
These are my greats.
Andrew and Mollie
Remember this picture?"Safe in Daddy's hands"
The last great, Little Taylor Grace.(I love her name)
Now, I have four great grands in law.
Anastasia, Douglas' wife and Gabes mother. Also a beautiful jewelry designer.So sweet and w wonderful Mother
Ryan, Michael and me
Linz dancing with Andrew at the wedding
So now you have all the reasons I love the letter G and Gee I am glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.



  1. So sweet..
    Blessings and hugs x

  2. Oh Betty what a blessing...what a lot of blessings you have! I love it reading the love you have surrounding you! Thanks for sharing!
    Be blessed,

  3. Hi Betty, such a touching post, you are very blessed in your beautiful family, Hugs Francine.

  4. Of course the letter "G" would be for Grands...You are truly blessed.. how do you keep it all straight....I especially love seeing Amanda..hair so long, dark and pretty. Amelia...so big now.. what a blessings.. I know they are all special but those two have special stories....thanks for sharing your legacy of love with us.. Blessings!

  5. I love my grands, too. My hubby and I are going to have another grandchild this summer in August. My 47 year old son and his darling wife (41) are expecting a baby boy. Betty, our youngest grandchild is 15......so I just can not wait. God blesses us in different ways!

  6. You are blessed with beautiful grands and greats and they are blessed to have you. Wonderful family. I can feel the love through your pictures. Hugs, Lura

  7. oh my. So many wonderful grands & greats! I am not close to having one yet...but so looking forward to it! OLM


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