Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Day 8 H---------Home

Well today is Day 8 letter H. H to me is Home. I love home, I like to travel and admit to always being ready to go, but I admit I am ALWAYS ready to come Home. So since you have come to my home today, have a cup of coffee with some toast and homemade apple butter and lets talk HOME. I am sure if you are visiting my home, you love yours as  much as I do mine.  I read one time that home is where you can go and be yourself and know all is well.
Well as you know I have taken lots of trips in the last few months.
Disney was a wonderful celebration for our family.
The beach two different times with different family.
Williamsburg with Dodd and Renda
St Louis at Christmas time.
 Pennsylvania with Dodd and Renda last month. Oh goodness, what a good time we had.
Not to mention several trips to Illinois and Nashville. I enjoyed every minute of all of these trips. What family fun. But I loved pulling onto my road and seeing
I love parking my car and walking in Through My Back Door, where life is good and I am even happier to have you visit.
PS: I am excited. A blogger you all know well will be coming Through My Back Door this month! No we have never met, but been FB and blogging friends before I started blogging. (I am sorry but I have to tease a little bit.)


  1. I just love coming into your home too! It is such a welcoming place. So glad to say I have been able to visit several times and looking forward to many more! :)

  2. I love coming to your home too :)
    Blessings for you always x

  3. You have such a lovely home and you make everyone who comes in feel at home!
    Be blessed,

  4. Betty,
    Always enjoy traveling too, but there is no place like home! I do love visiting through your back door, maybe someday, I will truly walk through..Enjoy! OLM

  5. It is always nice to visit you and share in your adventures. You have a lovely family and home.


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