Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Good afternoon and welcome Through My Back Door. I have Neglected to get this post done. I went to a cook out for the newlyweds, MaryKate and Alex last night then spent the night with Deb and Michael. It was late this morning when I got home. Usually I have these done a couple of days ahead, so I was being neglectful. Get your coffee and let me explain what I mean. I don't mean people, children, (not that children aren't people) or pets being neglected, I am referring to the things I NEGLECT to do. Like saying please and thank you. I was taught to use those words and certainly expected my children to do so. But even more I am thinking I Neglect to do nice things for people. I mean to do it. I have every intention to do things, but lots of time I Neglect to follow through. I neglect to say I love you, I neglect to brag on something someone has done, I neglect to say I am proud of you, I neglect to visit, oh my, I neglect to say, "I appreciate you,  I neglect often times take up for someone who isn't being treated kindly. I neglect to tell someone I care. One Neglect I hope I never have is Neglecting to thank my God for all He does for me. I challenge each of you as well as myself, let's erase the word NEGLECT from our vocabulary. Let us let people we know and care about, as well as those we just cross paths with, know that we care. One thing I hope you never NEGLECT and that is to continue to come Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Many of us know Lori Triplett,AKA Black Crow. Hr son was seriously injured in an accident last Fri night. He and Lori needs our prayers. I know bloggers are prayers, so please, please, pray for them.


  1. Hey Betty
    What a wonderful post.
    Praying her for Lori and her son.

  2. I think many of us neglect to do many things we should do. Your PS is a reminder of that. We should all be sure we tell our loved ones we love them while we can.

  3. such a wonderful post.
    Praying her for Lori and her son..
    big hugs for you all
    love cucki x

  4. Hi Betty, sending prayers for Lori and Son, Hugs Francine.

  5. A good reminder for us all, Betty.....
    Prayers for Lori and her son... saw this on fb...hope he is doing better.

  6. More excellent admonition Betty. Thank you

  7. Sometimes I neglect to comment and let you know how much I enjoy your posts and cherish your friendship. Keep posting, Betty!


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