Monday, April 28, 2014

Oh What A wonderful Weekend

Good Monday morning and come on in Through My Back Door. We have had this discussion before, I know it is Monday and laundry day, but I am NOT doing So grab a cup of coffee and come in. I am embarrassed to say I have gotten so far behind in the AtoZ I am not finishing it. A rare thing for me to do is not follow through, but this is one time. I will think long and hard before I make such a long blogging commitment It was fun and I enjoyed it, until I got behind.Then it was a stress and I just decided to stop. SOOOOOO, last week was beautiful here for the most part. I love eating my lunch outside. Went to Debs for supper one night and we ate outside. It was perfect. Anyway let me tell you about my weekend. As you know Karen,( MY COLONIAL HOME, ) was to visit me 
on Friday. They were on their way to NC. Unfortunately they both got sick on Monday,  and didn't get to come until Saturday. Well my Saturday was filled to the brim so we couldn't make it on Saturday. Saturday I went to a Ladies Luncheon with Deb at her church. It was a quilting theme. Deb is a quilter and they had some beautiful quilts, old and new on display. A fun program and good food.
I always enjoy being with Deb. We can have a good time where ever we are. I am so thankful I have a beautiful daughter who enjoys being with here mama.
Saturday night I went to my High School alumni banquet. SO many people but not many from my class. It was nice and lots of good food.
Saturday afternoon I had a message from Karen and they had decided to go on their trip. They were spending the night in Powell(5 miles from me) and could we meet for breakfast. Karen and I were NOT letting this opportunity pass. I had been asked to Greet at church on Sunday so I had to go. We agreed to meet at 7:30 at Shoneys which was next to their motel and 5 minutes from my church. I am so glad we could make this happen. You know there are people you know from forums, blogs, FB decorating groups, etc, and the minute you are face to face, it seems you have been friends forever. That is the way it was. I enjoyed visiting with them so much. We just didn't have enough time. Their friends had bought tickets for a play in the early afternoon and we both had to go. We did enjoy what time we had together and it will happen again.
Karen got more pictures than I did as I just had my phone. I will tell you this. She looks just as young and perky in person as she does in her pictures. She is just a doll. Karen's blog was the second one I ever read, with Linda Rudmans being the first. After reading theirs for a couple of years I decided to do one too.
I have to admit I have been in a blogging slump and don't think I am very interesting anymore.(if in fact it ever was) However I have made some wonderful friends through the blogging world. I have been touched by many of you and your kindness. Blogging is slowing down a little but it is a great way to share.
Well one more thing on my list. Please pray for my friend Mary. She is in the hospital and has been since Friday. Mary suffered a brain bleed back in 2002 and is a miracle.She is having horrific headaches and diziness. We wre praying they can find the cause and fix it. Someday I will ask her if I can share her story. (You see she was supposed to have been on her way to Portugal and would have been in the middle of the ocean) Anyway, please pray for her. As I said, she is a miracle. BTW she is in my domino group.
Well I am so glad you came Through My Back Door where life is good.
PS: Please pray for some of our blogging buddies.Some are truly going through a difficult time now
PSS: I also am praying for the victims of those horrible tornadoes and their families
PSSS: I will have something exciting to share next post


  1. Betty...if you look at your list, you just did W..Wonderful Weekend and actually only missed U and V, so you could finish your Alphabet with no problem! LOL! Maybe YOU don't think you are interesting..just shows your humility, but out here, we do! Keep on blogging, my friend as long as you want! We all love you! Have a great week! Lynne

  2. Betty, I am so happy that you an Karen were able to meet if only for a short time at breakfast. I will always cherish the time I spent with you and Deb last summer. Karen and I have yet to meet but we will someday I am sure. Have a good week sweet friend!

  3. wow you did have a busy week. Oh and by the way I love to read your blog and you are not boring.

    Glad you had a great time with Karen.

  4. Wow both my sweet friends are sitting together and enjoying..I wish I am there too..
    Sending you both love hugs and blessings xx

  5. Betty, I am a newish reader. I 'bout fell outa my chair when you said where you live. My father and his wife live at the Callahan Rd exit and go to church their (Glenwood Bap.) My mother lives in Maryville. Dad was a long time teacher/ coach in the area. It is really a small world! Blessings, Angela

  6. Glad you sweet ladies got together.
    Blogging is slowing down alot! But still fun.

  7. Praying for your friend Mary. Sometimes blogging slumps happen. I write ahead a week or two just in case and save them to auto-deploy. Then I can write when I'm in the mood!

  8. My dear sweet friend, I love your posts! I know exactly what you mean about when you meet a fellow blogger. You just pick up the conversation. No introductions, just start talking. I think the most interesting part is hearing their voice for the first time. You create a voice in your head as you read their posts. I must saw Christine's and Trace's voice were much more lovely than what I had imagined! Hugs to you! I am in a slump too. Too much teaching on the mind. Love, Heather


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