Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Good morning and come on in Through My Back Door and lets drink coffee and talk Memories. We all have wonderful as well as not so wonderful memories, that we can fall back on. I think we take Memories for granted. I know I did, until I saw Curtis lose his a bit at a time. He had no memories of us, but we had so many of him. When you are making memories you don't think of it as such. When Beth was little her favorite thing to do was come to my house and do "something 'pecial". Usually that meant make cookies. Curtis said one day," You are not just making cookies, you are making memories." I didn't realize it at the time, but not only were they memories for Beth but for me too.
Some of us are dealing with our beloved family members today, who are losing their memories. It is one of the hardest things we have to deal with. When Curtis' mind went bad, I made the comment to several people, there were things worse than death. Some of them unfortunately, have come to understand that statement.
The strangest thing about memories is you never know what will bring one back. It may be a song, a picture, sometimes with me a smell. I was raised on gospel music, so an old gospel song my Mom and Dad's quartet used to sing, will reduce me to tears. Memories can make you smile, cry like I do sometimes, or make you laugh out loud. So many people have filled me with wonderful memories. I wonder what memories I am leaving? Lets all strive to make beautiful memories every day, especially with those we love so much. I hope each of my grands have special memories.
So think today about the MEMORIES you are making. Make good ones, they don't have to be earth shaking, just a simple doing something "pecial"
You might even make someone a memory jar like my family did me.  I have enjoyed every note and reliving every memory.
I hope you take good memories when you leave Through My Back Door where life is good.


  1. Yes, when we're making memories, we aren't aware of it at the time. That's so true! My neighbor across the street is suffering from dementia and it is tough to watch. It's really tough on his wife, as well. I hope someday they find a way to cure both Alzheimer's and dementia.

  2. Wonderful post Betty, enjoying all the A to Z posts, blessings Francine.

  3. Memories, you do have so many wonderful memories, I so hope they help with the not so good. I do understand some things are worse then death... I have said, cancer really sucks... bluntly I say... but to watch a love one lose their memories, is like a slow death everyday, over and over again... hugs!!!! OLM

  4. I agree with you Ms Betty.. when someone is robbed of thier memory it is a terrible thing... so sad. Making memories that last with our families is not always easy but well worth the thought and time.. I love the idea of the memory jar.. I am definitely going to do that... We just celebrated my inlaws 70th wedding anniversary.. all of us took time to write memories.. it was wonderful. Have a great week.. Blessings!

  5. Memories are so special. It must have been terrible for the family when Curtis began to lose his. I'm glad that you have such good memories to keep you company and warm your heart. I've missed you dropping by my blog. I hope you are feeling OK. Hugs, Lura

  6. Morning Betty - such a beautiful post.
    We too know someone who doesn't have all of his memory - but it was from a brain tumor. It is our pastor! He's home with his family but he doesn't/didn't know them as his family - this must have been horrible.
    The reason I tell you about him is because that's all they have to try and relate to him is MEMORIES....they talk about things from their past and present to perk his memory...so sad.
    So this post touched my heart...thank you.
    Blessings and Happy Easter...
    See you in less than 2 weeks???

  7. Love the idea of the memory jar. Lovely post Betty.

  8. Love the post! I am constantly making memories with my Grands! I feel so blessed to have them each one is unique!


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